Ear Surgery or Otoplasty in Dubai Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

People born with big ears or ear-related flaws feel uncomfortable and less confident in public gatherings. If you are unhappy with the look of your ears and want to correct or enhance them, then you can consider Ear Surgery or Otoplasty in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Perfect Candidates:

If you want to undergo the Ear Surgery or Otoplasty Treatment? then it’s important to make sure whether you are a good candidate or not:

  • If your ears are either very small or large.
  • If some wound has affected the shape of your ears.
  • If you have realistic anticipations about the results of Ear Reshaping Surgery.
  • If your ears are swollen, bulging or sticking out far from your head.
  • If your ears are disproportionate to your head.
  • If you aren’t a chain smoker.
  • If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the look of your ears.
  • If your ears are positioned incorrectly.
  • If you are mentally and physically healthy.

What are the Goals?

Following are the aims of Ear Surgery or Otoplasty:

  • It will help you in enhancing the position of your protruding or bulging ears.
  • It will help you in improving the symmetry of your ears.
  • It will help you in decreasing the size of your excessively large ears.
  • It will help you in increasing the size of your very small ears.

Procedure is Performed?

Following are the operative steps involved in the procedure of Ear Surgery or Otoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

  1. First of all, the surgeon will properly clean your ears to get rid of any dirt and germs.
  2. Then he will administer local or general anesthesia to your ears, to make the procedure painless and comfortable.
  3. The surgeon will make the incisions on your ears, according to your preferred or desired results.
  4. Then he will make the alterations or changes that consists of; size reduction, positioning or shape augmentation of your ears.
  5. In the end, the surgeon will close all the incisions with the help of sutures to complete the procedure.

How many Benefits of Otoplasty are there?

Following are the various benefits of undergoing Ear Surgery or Otoplasty:

  1. It will boost up your confidence and self-esteem level.
  2. It’s suitable for children as well.
  3. It has long lasting results and natural results.
  4. It will enhance your aesthetic look by improving the shape, size and position of your ears.
  5. It requires minimum downtime.
  6. It can correct wide range of small ear flaws too.
  7. It will improve the quality of your life.
  8. It’s an absolutely safe procedure and doesn’t cause any kind of side effects, skin allergies or post-operative complications.
  9. It will make your personality more beautiful and friendly.
  10. It has fast healing and recovery process.


If you want to correct or enhance your ears at an affordable cost with safe and permanent results, then you can consult the Dynamic Clinic to consider Ear Surgery or Otoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.