Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai

Essential Highlights:

  • Discounted costs start from 549 AED.
  • Treatment takes only 1 to 2 hours.
  • Target dark skin pigments and melasma production.
  • Long-lasting and permanent results.
  • Safest skin whitening approach.
  • Instant visibility of results.
  • Suitable for both males and females.
  • 100% successful and safest results.

Pamper Your Skin First Before Putting Make-Up On!

In today’s world,  everyone admires bright complexion and no one is forcibly encouraged to esteem their actual skin color.

If you are getting frustrated with your pesky dull skin, adopt our powerful Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai to achieve a dreamy white complexion. Our treatments will make you fall in love with your skin, and the best part is that they are FDA-approved and safe to use on all skin types. Scroll down to find out more about these procedures and bring a dramatic change in your skin tone. 

Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai:

Skin whitening treatments are intended to whiten skin tone and naturally lighten melanin pigments. It is now very convenient to brighten up your complexion because skin whitening therapies are available in certain forms. They range from topical treatments to injectables, peeling, and laser procedures. The type of treatment depends on the patient’s comfort level and desired results. Injectable procedures target the whole body by lightening up internal pigments while topical; invasive procedures are intended for specific regions.

How Much is for Skin Whitening in Dubai?

The Average Cost of Skin Whitening Treatment typically ranges from 599 AED to 649 AED for a single session.  Please consult us directly for further inquiries related to prices and affordable packages. The fluctuation in cost is based on factors like:

  • Type of chosen procedure
  • Number of sessions
  • Skills of doctor
  • Location of clinic
TreatmentCost of 1 sessionCost of 3 sessions
Glutathione Injection599 AED1499 AED
Chemical peel649 AED1699 AED
Laser599 AED1599 AED

Concerns Treated:

 In addition to lightening the skin, our treatments address the following concerns:

  • Overall dull skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne scars
  • Sun Burns
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Rosacea.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Sunburns.

Our Range of Skin Whitening Treatments:

You will find many skin whitening options at our clinic and our experts will assist you in choosing the best treatment strategy according to your specific concerns. Our range of therapies are:

Skin Whitening Injections:

Injectables are the most popular source of skin whitening and the major component in these injections is glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that is also naturally produced in the body. When this antioxidant is injected, it naturally reduces the level of melanin and leads to lighter skin tones. 

Chemical Peels:

They work on the top layer of your skin with a unique mixture of compounds. The Chemical peel is applied for a certain period exfoliates the upper layer and inhibits the deformation of melanin. The three common categories of peels are light, medium, and deep. 

Laser Skin Whitening:

A device resurfaces the skin through concentrated beams. It helps shrink the enlarged pores and removes dull spots even after a single session. Experts usually recommend having 3-4 sessions.


Microdermabrasion is an advanced exfoliation method in which the expert utilizes a device containing tiny needles made up of crystals. Those needles break up dead skin cells and reveal a fresher surface. 


Dermabrasion works in the same way as microdermabrasion. But you can consider it pretty harsher and more painful. Experts use wire brushes to remove the upper damaged layer, exposing lighter, clearer skin.

Topical Treatments:

A long list of chemical-based lightning ointments is available on the market. They contain bleaching properties that might lighten up your skin but they deliver results after a long period and require consistency. Topical treatments include serums, creams, lotions, and capsules. 

Targeted Areas:

If you ever wanted to tackle your dark skin color for your good and messed up trying home remedies, surely you could be a candidate for Skin Whitening.  Typical spots to whiten one’s skin include:

  • Face: A lot of people concentrate on treating conditions like excessive pigmentation, dark marks, or uneven facial appearance.
  • Hands: Pigmented skin and dark patches on the back of the hands can be treated using skin-whitening procedures.
  • Shoulders and Arms: The arms and wrists that have been subject to the sun may be the focus of skin whitening.
  • Underarms: The procedures address hyperpigmentation or darkness in that particular location.
  • Legs: Darker pigmentation on the knees and elbows, which can be caused by several circumstances.
  • Bikini Areas: People occasionally seek skin whitening procedures for their private areas.
  • Whole Body: For a more even appearance, some people choose to undergo full-body skin-lightening procedures.

How do we monitor our Clients?

Initial Assessment:

  • Your journey starts with an initial consultation with the dermatologist. They will listen to your goals, address your skin type, and then guide you about the most suitable treatment option. 
  • Depending on your type of treatment they will provide crucial precautionary measures. These measures will prevent the chances of any associated complications.
  • Our experts will guide you about your treatment sessions and their costs so that you can make an informed choice accordingly.

Procedure Day:

  • Our experts will schedule your day of treatment. 
  • On this day, they will again monitor your skin and carefully perform the selected treatment. 
  • Our staff will carefully observe your skin after the treatment to prevent any complications.

Ongoing Support:

  • Aftercare appointments are scheduled after a few days of the treatment to monitor its working. 
  • Our staff will provide continuous support with crucial instructions regarding your skin care products. 
  • They will monitor your progress and schedule maintenance meetings on time. 

Expected Outcomes:

At the end of the treatment, you will achieve beautiful, lighter, clearer, glowing, and fairer skin. More results will become visible after completing sessions. Your skin tone will fit conveniently with each passing day. The timeline of results is presented below:

InjectionsTake three treatment sessions for outstanding results
Chemical peelsProvides appreciative results if the right peel is used
LaserBrighter and flawless skin after a single session. 
MicrodermabrasionProvides instant results but requires maintenance sessions.
Dermabrasion You need to attend multiple sessions to cherish optimal results.
Topical treatmentsTopical; therapies demand a long-term period. 


Best Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai UAE Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE Skin Whitening Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

Positive Outlooks:

The amount of healing time associated with each Skin Lightening differs. Usually, 2-3 weeks are enough to notice a prominent change in your skin that is deprived of redness, and flaking bruised skin. You don’t need to take off from work for any of the procedures. Following are the benefits you can reap after skin whitening treatments.

  • Clear and Brilliant skin
  • Outstanding up-gradation in skin texture
  • No adverse reactions

Is Skin Whitening Safe?

Our skin whitening treatments are FDA-approved so you won’t experience any negative reaction that incorporates your existing routine. Each treatment is safe even for extremely sensitive surfaces. Sometimes itchiness or redness will appear but only for a single day. 

Myths and Facts about Skin Whitening:

Consuming milk makes you fairGenetics recreates a critical role
Using lemon juice whitens the complexionIn-office treatments work.
Intaking papaya makes you fairSun exposure darkens the skin.
Local fairness creams workCertain medical conditions affect complexion.
Tanning makes you appealingOveruse of topical products is harmful

Lighten up your skin and Transform your life:

Skin Whitening treatments are worthy of your attention. Your skin tone isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s your decision to follow the beauty trend of fair color or perhaps live with skin as it is. At Dynamic Clinic Dubai, we can help you eliminate dark skin color with a bundle of procedures. Let our team know your query so they can assist you better.

Be Our Happy Clients!

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No, these treatments are not intended for children because their skin is in the developing stage.

The dermatologist determines the skin color by the absence or presence of melanin. 

No, the treatments deliver different results on different body areas.

Chemical peels instantly brighten up the skin.