E-Max Crowns in dubai

What is an E-max Crown?

In orthodontics, crowns have been in use for a long time. Usually, the crowns that dentists employ are known as zirconium crowns. However, E-max crowns have recently been introduced in orthodontics, and are more popularly used because of their toughness and durability. E-max Dental crowns are made up of lithium disilicate ceramic that is less likely to get chipped or grated. E-max crowns have the edge over the other types of crowns for aesthetic reasons as they appear just like natural teeth. Although an E-max crown is more expensive than regular crowns, the price is worth it.

Benefits of E-max Crowns:

The popularity of E-max crowns lies in the countless benefits that they have.

  • They add to the attractiveness.
  • E-crowns are of the same color as your teeth. Due to this, they look natural and genuine. They are the best option for the teeth present on the front.
  • They can fix a damaged tooth.
  • E-max can fix discolored and stained teeth.
  • Dentists may recommend E-max crowns for crooked teeth.
  • E-max crowns help teeth that have been fractured or injured.
  • E-max crowns are the most durable type of crowns available as yet.
  • They help retain the natural structure of teeth. This is because they do not require the removal of your natural teeth structure.

Are You a Candidate for E-max Crowns?

While an E-max crown is the best option available in Orthodontics, some standards will decide whether you qualify for having E-max crowns or not. Following are some of the crucial points that make you an ideal candidate for getting E-max crowns.

  • Individuals with a decayed tooth.
  • People whose teeth have suffered some injury.
  • If you have fractured teeth.
  • The individual who has natural tooth structure remains to a certain extent.
  • If you have had a filling present beforehand, it should not be deeper than the gum line.
  • A person with a healthy gum.
  • Individuals who can take good care of their oral hygiene.
  • The individuals who have minimal to no toothwear.
  • A person who is not a bruxer.


E-max crowns can be quickly and conveniently prepared in a dentist’s office. You can get an E-max crown in a day if you ask your dentist. The procedure is not very complex and will require only one to two hours to complete. The process includes the following steps:

  1. For the placement of E-max crowns, a minimal part of your natural tooth structure is removed to make a place for the crown.
  2. Your dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth which can be done within a few minutes. The impression is seen in the computer, which provides data for the milling procedure.
  3. The color of your natural teeth is taken into consideration so that the natural color of your teeth can be matched.
  4. The milling machine then prepares a crown according to the shape of your teeth from the desired substances.
  5. In the last step, your doctor adjusts the crown over the tooth, rearranges it, if need be, and finally glues it in the required position.

All this can be done within one session.

Cost of E-max Crowns:

A durable and natural-looking tooth will not come at a low cost. Therefore, E-max crowns in Dubai are relatively more expensive than regular crowns. E-max crown price in Dubai, at our clinic, starts from AED 1200. However, you need to consult your doctor to know the exact E-max crown cost in Dubai, as the price may vary according to the dentist you have chosen. Other factors such as the location of the clinic may also play some part. 


The results are evidence of why E-max crowns are rapidly replacing regular crowns. The feedback that we have attained from our patients shows that they are delighted with the results. More and more individuals are coming to our clinic at the recommendation of their relatives who got this treatment from the dentist at our clinic. The reason for their satisfaction is their durability and natural appearance. We continue to offer this treatment because more and more people are opting for E-max Crowns in Dubai.

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