Best Hair Specialist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Are you struggling with hair fall or scalp disorders? A doctor excelling in clinical trichology can help!

What Does a Hair Specialist Do?

A Hair Specialist is a doctor who specializes in conditions related to hair and scalp. He can diagnose and treat more than 25,000 hair problems. These problems include hair loss, grey hair, hair damage, androgenetic alopecia, greasy hair, Tinea Capitis, Dandruff, among many others.

Skills and Qualities Of a Good Hair Specialist:

The Best Hair Specialist in Dubai UAE can get to the root of the problem and give you a customized treatment regimen accordingly. However, choosing the right hair specialist can be challenging. It’s a personal decision based on several important factors. Asking for references from friends, family, and co-o-workers is a great way to start, but the final decision on “which hair specialist you pick is yours alone.

Hair specialists need far more than degrees to shine in their field. Here are the five most essential skills to consider when you are choosing a hair specialist.

  1. BEGIN WITH THE LIST OF CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS. Talk with multiple practitioners and choose the specialist who has passed special training and participated in numerous educational courses.
  2. FIND A HAIR SPECIALIST WHO YOU CAN TRUST. Before receiving any hair treatment, make sure that the practitioner you are choosing understands your hair concerns, goals, desires, and wishes.
  3. DO PREFER PROBLEM-SOLVERS. Cosmetic procedures can lead to complications, so choose a surgeon who can cope with them.
  4. CHECK PERSONAL ABILITIES. It is necessary for doctors, particularly hair specialists, to have good communication skills. They should listen to their patients and understand their emotional problems.
  5. CHECK COMPATIBILITY. Make sure that your doctor’s working hours are compatible with yours.

At dynamic clinic, we help patients like you get the exceptional hair services that best fit their requirements and values! If you are ready to catch up with one of our hair experts, contact us.


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Why Dynamic Clinic?

Whether you are undergoing a highly invasive procedure like hair transplant or receiving a simple, non-invasive hair treatment like laser therapy, you need to see the Best Hair Specialist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dynamic clinic is equipped to address hair and scalp conditions ranging from simplest to the most complex. Our certified and highly qualified hair specialists ensure exceptional patient care. They strive hard to treat each patient with utmost priority, diligence, and attentiveness.

At dynamic clinic, you will find inclusive and personalized care for hair including,

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and management of scalp problems
  2. A range of hair services such as keratin, smoothing treatment, wigs, extensions, etc.

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya – Best Hair Specialist in Dubai:

For nearly three decades, Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya has been one of the leading names in hair treatments. Hard work, education, and extensive research are his three core values. He got a start in career in Canada but left to pursue expertise in the UAE. He offers a large number of hair procedures, including DHI, FUE, FUT, PRP, IPL, and more. So, if you are dealing with hair problems, then you have to consult Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya as soon as possible. He can help because he has a specialization in this field. You can book an appointment with him by using the “book an appointment” button or by calling at +971588230420.

If you are seeking information about any of the conditions and services listed above, you should schedule a free consultation at Dynamic Clinic to contact a hair expert.