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Filler injection is the most common product for treating aging signs. However, in general, patients receive multiple injections at one visit to combat a particular skin condition. These shots contain hyaluronic acid, collagen, and calcium hydroxylapatite as their basic elements. By having this injectable, you can reduce depression, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. without experiencing difficult times. It is the most effective treatment for skin flaws and produces better results than over-the-counter medications, and many other skin rejuvenation treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc.

If you have tried skin rejuvenation products for many weeks but they haven’t helped in improving the skin texture and tone, it is a good idea to consider injectables. Filler Injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah give the skin a more youthful, beautiful, and plumping appearance. The shots are safe and FDA-approved, and patients don’t experience downtime and complications while having them. However, the procedure does not produce permanent results, and you will require multiple treatments to get significant upshots.

Soft tissue fillers must be administered in the face by a board-certified doctor because only he can provide amazing results in the least possible time. If not, you might have to wait a lot of months to achieve the desired results.

What are Fillers? 

Fillers are synthetic substances available in injectable form. They have hyaluronic acid as the active ingredient that is responsible for hydration and moisturizing the skin.  These injections are injected within the skin to improve the texture and fill up the indentations present within the skin. 

The types of Fillers in Dubai are dermal fillers and facial fillers. The common ground in both fillers is they fight the signs of aging. Look out for the signs of aging: 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Dark patches. 
  • Skin tagging and folds.
  • Saggy skin. 
  • Uneven skin tone. 

What are the types of dermal fillers in Dubai? 

Dubai being a nation of luxurious lifestyle and beauty demands each and every person to be presentable and attractive. Keeping this phenomenon in mind are clinic has a range of different dermal fillers that include: 

  1. Nose Filler:

The nose fillers in Dubai injected around the nose are said to be responsible for eradicating wrinkles, especially around the nasolabial folds that occur as a person ages. 

  1. Under Eye Filler:

The under-eye fillers are essential to be taken when a person is concerned with the drooling and puffiness of the eyes. The under-eye fillers in Dubai are mostly taken by women around 35 years of age. 

  1. Lip Fillers:

Ever since Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian showed their plump lips the lip fillers in Dubai have become very common. The lip fillers plump up the lips and treat the chapped and cracked lines that occur on them due to the loff of water or dehydration in the body. 

  1. Juvederm Fillers:

People concerned with fine lines, creases, wrinkles, and loss of volume in their skin can benefit from Juvederm fillers in Dubai. The hyaluronic acid present in Juvederm filler is extremely potent on the skin. It is said to even out the skin smoothly. 

  1. Tear Trough Fillers: 

Tear trough fillers are slightly different from the other fillers. The technique of Tear trough filler in Dubai involves light tearing of the target areas and then the hyaluronic acid is injected into it.  Before the injection, the area is desensitized with local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain or sensations. It is responsible for the enhancement of collagen and replacing the volume within the skin. 

  1. Russian Lip Filler: 

The Russian lip fillers in Dubai are very hyped. The technique in Russian lip fillers is nothing but just creating a heart-shaped upper lip that is slightly plum and larger in size than the lower lip. It gives a very appealing look. 

  1. Facial Filler: 

The indentations and scarring caused in the cheeks after the acne has ceased can be treated by facial fillers and Dubai. The technique just fills up the indentations and pores by locking them and making them shrunken as a result a smooth skin without texture is observed. 

  1. Buttock Fillers: 

An ideal body is all about curves. Taking buttock fillers Dubai around the hip areas Instantly adds fullness to the hips. It can help one in having the kind of body every celebrity nowadays possesses. 

  1. Jawline Filler:

A well-contoured and perfectly shaped jawline can be achieved by taking the jawline fillers in Dubai. The hyaluronic acid-infused dermal injections work best in the case of jawline fillers. 

  1. Chin Filler: 

Having a double chin? Chin fillers in Dubai are to the rescue. They work wonders by eliminating the double chin appearance and evenly contouring the jaw both from the side as well as from the frontal profile. 

  1. Eye Fillers: 

Put an end to panda eyes, bulgy eyes, and creases around the angle of the eyes with wrinkles below the eyes by getting your hands on the eye Fillers Dubai. 

What is the Difference Between Filler and Botox? 


The dermal fillers contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid that is responsible for fading the wrinkles fully by filling them up.  This happens when the skin loses its thickness as a result of aging. They are injected only in the superficial layer of the skin. 


Botox is also a kind of injection that is injected into the deep layer of the skin and they are responsible for diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions. They work by freezing the muscles that are of poor tonicity. 

Who is the Right Candidate For Fillers?

Want to reduce your wrinkles, fine lines, sunken cheeks, etc. non-invasively? If yes, this injectable might be an option for you. Patients with an appropriate health status are ideal for it.

  • One who has a large number of Fine Lines and Wrinkles. 
  • People with signs of aging.
  • Candidates who are above 28 years of age.
  • Candidates with jowl lines and double chin.
  • Candidates Who want to get into the box office industry.

Pregnant women and individuals with allergies, bleeding disorders, and infections cannot be treated with this anti-aging treatment. 

Filler Injections Cost:

Filler Injections Cost in Dubai varies from AED 1,500 to AED 5,000. Surgical skin rejuvenation procedures tend to be a bit costly but Filler Injections treatment is not like them. It is reasonably priced and presents amazing results for most patients. However, it should be pointed out that the price of treatment is not the same for everyone. The doctor sets the price based on the severity of the skin condition and the objectives of the treatment. To know the exact cost of Filler Injections, contact any dermatologist near you.

What are the Benefits and Uses of Fillers?

The top benefits of Filler Injections are:

You will be surprised to know that the Classical Dermal Fillers Injections in Dubai have left everyone astonished and amazed. Some of their highlighted benefits are as follows:

  • They make your skin younger looking and glowy.
  • complete eradication of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • restore the sagginess of the skin.
  • plump up the lips by making them fuller and fading off the cracks.
  • lift up the cheeks by contouring them.
  • improve the facial profile completely.
  • give the face a completely natural look without any make up.
  • does not require any surgical intervention. 

What are the Risks of Dermal Filler Injections? 

The benefits of the dermal fillers always outnumber the risk factors however in case of choosing an inexperienced professional you can encounter some of the side effects such as :

  • Slight redness only on the first day.
  • Mild swelling. 
  • Mild pain in case of inappropriate administration of local anesthesia.
  • Rashes and itching  on patients who have extra sensitive skin.

Results of Filler Injections Treatment:

The results of Filler Injections Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi are not permanent. In many cases, the positive effects stay on the skin for only six months. Following that period, patients have to repeat all the treatment sessions.

Best fillers-injection in Abu Dhabi   Best fillers-injection Clinic in Dubai  fillers-injection in dubai

Best fillers-injection in dubai fillers-injection in Abu Dhabi   fillers-injection Clinic in Dubai


These tips will definitely help you in achieving the best possible outcomes after the injectable treatment:

  1. Avoid consuming blood-thinning medications for at least 7 days before the treatment.
  2. If you have had any skincare treatment recently, then it’s not a good idea to have filler injections.
  3. Do not have this treatment, if you are breast-feeding or expecting.

Filler Injections Procedural Steps:

This Injectable treatment involves injecting skin-plumping material into the thin areas of the face, neck, and chest. It is a quick treatment for glowing, and younger-looking skin but multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the desired results. And doctors recommend a healing interval of at least three months between each session. So, overall, it might take a long time to enjoy the final outcome.


  1. Bruising is very common after every injectable treatment. You can use an ice-pack on the treatment area to reduce it
  2. You should take only prescribed pain relievers for controlling post-procedure pain
  3. Do not scratch or massage the skin for at least a month after your injectable treatment
  4. Do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes because both these activities are capable of slowing the recovery process
  5. Sunscreen must be applied to the skin 15 minutes before going out in the sun

Life After Filler Injections:

Recovering from Facial, Cheeks, Jawline & Lip Fillers Dubai most often takes just 7-10 days since it is a non-surgical treatment. However, you may be asked to rest and relax after having it. Upon returning home, it’s important to avoid strenuous activities and household chores. You will be informed of other post-operative instructions at the initial consultation.

Even after you have taken all the recommended sessions, the upshots require routine maintenance. You will still need to see your doctor for assessing the progress of the treatment. However, it is also strongly advised to prevent the skin from the sun and other environmental factors for a month after having these injections.

A person who gets Filler injections remains at risk for further skin problems. At the absolute minimum, the sufferer still encounters an aging process, but yeah at a speed slower than usual. Weight maintenance, skin protection, and oral and topical medications may be needed to reduce the risk of future aging.

If you want to go into further details about Filler Injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, please contact us.

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