Slimming Surgeries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost & Price

With the passage of time the need of having a slim and perfect body has become high in demand.  Keeping the necessity of an ideal weight in consideration the residents in Dubai choose Slimming Surgeries in Dubai undoubtedly.  The results achieved after slimming surgeries are just remarkable and very significant. You don’t need to spend enough time on workout or gym to attain your targeted body weight. All you need to do is just take the right recommendation of a Slimming surgery from our top notch surgeons. 

Why are Slimming Surgeries Done? 

Slimming surgeries are done in order to reduce the risks that are often triggered by the excessive weight and the presence of fat in the body. The major threat due to excessive weight loss is to the heart and the liver.

The deposition of fats and its derivatives into the arteries often ends up blocking them. This blockage results in the uneventful blood circulation leading to hypertension and in severe cases can often increase fetal distress risk of heart attack.

On the other hand, people choose weight loss surgeries as a mode of glamor and to improve their overall Physique.  Not to forget, weight loss surgeries or slimming surgeries are a track for those who want an attractive body shape. 

What are the Types of Slimming Surgeries? 

Our clinic offers a wide range of Slimming Surgeries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah some of the most including ones and highly recommended by surgeons include: 

1) Liposuction:

Liposuction is a kind of weight loss method in which the excessive paths from the adipose tissues of the body are removed. 

Moreover it is now widely done by a range of methods that include Removal of a fat from the body through surgical means and laser. This means that losing weight is now easier not just by going under people or the knife but by non-invasive methods as well. 


  •  Helps in attaining an ideal body type.
  •  Lowers the risk of secondary diseases such as cholesterol and hypertension.
  •  Laser liposuction as an invasive difference reduces the healing and recovery period. 


  • History taking and examination.
  • Application of local or general anesthesia.
  • Incising the areas and removing the fat from the target sites.
  • In case of laser liposuction, the laser device has brushed all over it through the fat deposited surfaces. 

2) The Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

Gastric sleeve surgery is an invasive method in which a portion of the stomach is removed to shrink its original size. The sleeve that is then formed is sutured back.

The end result includes smaller sized stomach that gets filled up way too often first stop as a result the candidate feels the less need to eat


  •  Helps in portion controlled eating.
  •  Allows a weight loss at a very faster rate than any other kind of surgeries.
  •  Limits the candidate from intake of unhealthy food.
  •  Makes metabolism a lot more easier than before.


  •  History taking and examination.
  •  Administration of general anesthesia.
  •  Removal of a portion of the stomach forming a sleeve.
  •  The leftover and stomach is then knotted back using fine threads.

3) Gastric Balloon:

One of the most commonly running Slimming Surgeries in Dubai is a gastric balloon. It is also widely carried out in our clinic because of successful outcomes. The surgery is done by the insertion of a balloon with the summer which inflates taking up the entire space off your stomach.  It again creates a sense of fullness just like a gastric sleeve. 


  •  Gives the perception of fulfilled stomach.
  •  Does not restrict the use of any kind of food.
  •  It’s not as invasive as in other weight loss surgeries.


  • Initial history taking an examination.
  • Lab investigations.
  • Preparing the patient for endoscopy.
  • Placement after balloon into the stomach at the right place.

4) Gastric Bypass:

Gastric bypass is just a modification of the gastric sleeve surgery. The only difference is that although the stomach is reduced in size, a small portion of the small intestine is also removed. 

The leftover portion of the small intestine and stomach are then tied back to maintain the regular functional movements first of the reason why some small intestine is also involved in the surgery is because it is responsible for the absorption of the food and the nutrition for stop the lesser the size is small and this time the lesser food will be absorbed into the body.


  •  Aids in weight loss.
  •  Does not absorb unhealthy nutrients and so they pass out from the body at a faster rate.

5) Fat-melting Injections:

Keeping the consequences of surgeries in consideration, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic now also offers non-invasive methods of slimming surgeries. 

There are fat melting injections which are composed of deoxycholic acid injections when inserted directly target the fat cells in the targeted areas. Eventually they are made and are released from the body through the bile.  


  •  Less invasive.
  •  Does not have any major side effects unlike the other invasive surgeries.
  •  Desired results are achieved from one to two sessions only.


  • History taking and examination.
  • Laboratory investigations.
  • Identification of the target sites such as the arms, the jawline, double chin, stomach, thighs.
  • Insertion of the fat melting injections at the target sites.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Slimming Surgeries? 

People who are conscious about their excessive weight gain and have multiple failed attempts at the gym for weight loss are the good candidates  for undergoing slimming techniques.

However this still does not qualify them to attain medical Slimming Surgeries in Dubai. In order to get these surgeries done your BMI should be beyond the required limits and only then the surgeon will recommend you to go for them. 

However in cases of personal preferences and choices the surgeon might recommend them. 

What are the Costs of Slimming Surgeries? 

If you want to know the Cost of Slimming Surgeries then you can visit our clinic at any time of the day. Our front desk officers are always ready to guide you about the appointments. However the costs can be decided only after scheduling an appointment with the surgeons.

The Call for Action:

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