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Hair loss is not an individual issue; it is a global problem. Many men and women experience hair loss in their lives. Because there are many factors that contribute to balding. The primary factors are genetics, diet, aging, environment, and medication. But don’t worry, wigs can be an excellent solution for both men and women. If you don’t want to go for transplantation and other invasive methods. Wigs can help restore confidence and self-esteem and make people feel more motivated. The market for Hair Wigs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is wide, yet getting the proper wig can be difficult. There are many options available, but selecting a reliable one is critical. But here we will help you select the best wigs according to your needs and expectations.

What are Hair Wigs?

These are man-made hairpieces that can be worn on the head. These artificial hairs help conceal baldness or serve as a fashion statement. Wigs consist of diverse materials, such as synthetic fibers or real Human Hair. And also, they are available in all styles, lengths, and colors. It depends on your desires. But consulting with an expert will be beneficial. Because they will suggest the best option. Wigs are suitable for all age groups. It is an effective method because of its adaptability and ability.


The procedure is non-invasive and produces long-lasting effects. Hair wigs look and feel like real hair. Also, it allows people to look and feel their best. Wearing a wig can boost confidence in social situations. They are available in different styles, lengths, and hues. It helps people reclaim their full heads of hair without surgeries.

Types of Wigs:

Many types of hair wigs are available, each with its own qualities and advantages. The following are the most popular forms of hair wigs:

  • Full Lace Wigs:

    These wigs are made of lace and look like natural hair. They are more expensive than other types of wigs. Because they provide a more natural-looking hairline and a greater style of freedom.

  • Front Lace Wigs:

    These are alike full lace wigs, but they construct of lace only for the front hairline. But the entire wig is made of low-cost materials. They are made of synthetic fibers or a combination of real and synthetic fibers. It is suitable for those who can not afford full lace. It is a less expensive option.

  • Synthetic Wigs:

    It is made of synthetic fibers and also appears and feels like natural hair. They are less expensive than real Hair Wigs For Men & Women. This wig does not need any extra maintenance. But they may not last as long and are less adaptable.

  • Human Hair Wigs:

    These are the most natural-looking and adaptable alternatives. Because they construct original human hairs. They can be styled like natural hair, but they are more expensive. And it also needs more maintenance than Synthetic Wigs.


This procedure is suitable for everyone of all ages. But it is especially useful for people who are losing their hair for a variety of reasons. The following are the ideal applicants for the treatment:

  • Hair loss occurs in cancer patients after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  • individuals with medical issues, including alopecia, thyroid disorders, and lupus.
  • If you have androgenetic alopecia, it is a genetic disorder.
  • If people undergo hormone therapy.
  • applicants who desire to try alternative hairstyles.
  • If you wish to conceal baldness without invasive treatment.


The treatment is very convenient and time-saving for all candidates. But to get impressive effects, you need to prepare yourself. The following are the pre-procedure instructions:

  • Selection of the best wigs, either synthetic or human hair.
  • Tell your doctor about the accurate measurements of your head.
  • Measure the circumference of the head, from the nape of the neck to the front hairline.
  • Discuss your desire for color with your doctor as well.
  • Applicants must tell the expert about their medical issues.


The procedure for installing wigs is painless and takes very little time. But the positioning of a hair wig is critical for a pleasing appearance. The following are the key steps of the treatment:

  • The expert will clean and dry your natural hair.
  • Then will tie your hair into the back with the band.
  • If your wig includes a cap, the expert will ensure that it fits easily on your head.
  • The expert will place a hairpiece on your head by starting at the front hairline.
  • They will pull the wig back over your head until it sits comfortably.
  • After that, the adjustable straps or combs will be used to fix the wig on your head.
  • The expert will check that the wig is snug but not excessively tight.
  • The doctor will style it with heat tools according to your goals.
  • Finally, the expert will suggest aftercare instructions.


The reliability of the procedure depends on your aftercare. The following are the post-operative care instructions:

  • Brush your wig to remove tangles and knots in the hair using a wig brush.
  • Wash your wig with wig shampoo and conditioner.
  • Dry your wig with a towel to remove excess water.
  • Use a wig comb or brush to style your wig.
  • Always preserve it from dust and other environmental conditions.
  • Avoid exposing your wig to high heat, chemicals, or sunshine.

Cost of Hair Wigs/Hair Patch:

The Cost of Hair Wigs in Dubai is inexpensive. It ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 9,000. but this is not a constant cost. Because it depends on many factors. The following factors can change the cost:

  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • The selection of the wigs.
  • The condition of the applicants.
  • The location of the clinic.

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