Cosmetic Ear Surgery for Children and Adults

Otoplasty refers to the surgical improvement of the outer ear shape. The method of the surgery varies depending on the age and requirements of the patients. It is common for people to feel dissatisfaction based on their physical appearance. Many of these people are not content with the shape of their ear especially if the ears are larger in size or too protrusive. It is commonly noticed amongst children with more prominent ears to be mocked or even bullied for their appearance. This cause emotional distress, increase body dissatisfaction, and may lead to lowered self esteem. To overcome such problems, parents consider otoplasty to be a viable fix for their children.

About Otoplasty: Ear Restructuring Surgery

Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure of reshaping the ear, also called the pinna, to mend any irregularities or deformities in the shape. The disproportionality can be a defect by birth or may arise later as a child grows. The otoplastic technique helps surgeons to repair the defect once patients are at the recommended age for the procedure.

Surgeons further suggest the procedure to those whose ears have grown to their full size for ideal results. Children from age five and above, as well as adults, qualify for the treatment.

Dynamic Clinic provides ear reconstruction surgery in Dubai. Conducted on both ears, our service also helps in reconstructing the cartilage to add previously missing folds and moving the position of the ear closer to the head.

Types Of Otoplasty

The three most common procedures of otoplasty are:

  • Otoplexy: This technique helps to make bulging ears flat.
  • Ear Augmentation: Focuses on pinna, the first part of the outer ear’s anatomy, if it is missing (anotia) or underdeveloped (microtia).
  • Ear Reduction: Reduction is the size of a large pinna (macrotia).

Patients can look for ear reduction and ear correction surgery in Dubai at Enfield Royal Clinic.

Otoplasty Surgery Eligibility

As previously mentioned, the following people qualify for an otoplasty:

  • Healthy children with no chronic or life threatening conditions
  • Children above five years, when the cartilage is completely developed.
  • Non smoker adults

It is recommended that parents take their children’s input in the procedure .

Surgery Risks

Like most surgical procedures, otoplasty has some risks associated, that are mentioned below:

  • Infection: Although small, the risk of infection can be treated with antibiotics.
  • Bruising: In one to three days of the surgery, a risk of a blood clot appearing
  • Pain: Post surgery complication
  • Recurrence: The ears might protrude after the surgery, increasing the need for a second.
  • Displeasing appearance: Post surgery results may not be as per the patient’s requirements.
  • Numbness: Post surgery numbness around the ear region for several days

Procedure Of Otoplasty Surgery

Ear Correction surgery focuses on bringing the ears closer to the head, reshaping ears, removing or molding the cartilage of the ear, and flattening protruding ears. For those worried, the surgery does not affect hearing as it is performed solely on the outer ear, i.e. the pinna.

The surgery starts with an opening behind the ear where it joins the head, it is followed by the removal of skin or cartilage to achieve the desired shape; cartilage is further modified with surgical stitches that lock the desired shape in.

Post Otoplasty Recovery

Post surgery recovery includes a dressing over the ears to prevent bleeding. The dressing is to be kept clean and dry to avoid infections. Surgeons strictly recommend not touching or scratching the ear region, avoiding a sleeping position that presses against the ear, not wearing pull over clothes to avoid fabric contact with ears. In some instances, stitches are surgically removed. However, they also dissolve without external involvement. Children are strictly prohibited from activities that may result in an injury. All patients must rest for a week before indulging in physical activities.

Cost of Otoplasty Surgery

Ear surgery cost in Dubai requires roughly around AED 7,000 depending on the procedure & patient situation. The cost of surgery varies according to patient condition and depends upon the several factors like hospital bills, tests, surgeon fee, prescription and type of anesthesia used . The cost of ear reconstruction surgery in Dubai is not covered by most health insurances.

The permanent results appear after a few days of surgery and it is highly recommended that patients follow their surgeon’s guidelines to avoid further complications.

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