Home Health Care in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Getting the right treatment at the ease of one’s own home is a dream come true for many people. The majority of people around the globe are usually unable to properly visit hospitals, and clinics due to certain circumstances. This impacts their health and delays their treatment. But do not worry as with Home Health Care in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah you can now get the right therapy for your illness within the comfortable environment of your home. Not being able to visit a hospital won’t be a problem anymore as now you can avail of our best facilities and services at your doorstep.

Understanding Home Health Care:

People often require 24/7 medical assistance for their illnesses and mostly they are unable to visit hospitals. Our home health care service program aims at serving the people who are usually unable to visit hospitals, and clinics daily, or their health makes it impossible for them to visit a doctor. With our Home Care Services Dubai, you can easily get treated by our professional team of doctors, nurses, and healthcare providers at the ease of your home.

Who Needs Home Health Care:

The majority of people can avail of and facilitate our services, but they are most beneficial for the following people:

  • Elderly people who require proper 24/7 medical assistance.
  • Individuals with special needs, who are unable to take care of themselves properly.
  • People who suffer from long-term illnesses.
  • Pregnant, and new mothers should avail of this facility.
  • Infants who require special care.
  • People who suffered from an injury, accident, or trauma.
  • People with certain different chronic diseases.
  • Individuals who require tube feeding, etc.

Home Health Facilities in Dubai:

At Dynamic Clinic Dubai we provide a vast range of healthcare services for our patients. We aim to provide the best therapies and facilities to our patients in the most comfortable environment of their homes. Following are some of our main home health facilities:

  • Elderly Care:

When people reach old age, they are unable to properly perform their tasks. They often become weak, and prone to several diseases. Their family members don’t get sufficient time to properly monitor them with their work lives. Our professional team aims to provide the best services for the elderly members, in their home environment.

  • Ventilator Care:

Patients on ventilators require special assistance and monitoring of their health vitals. Our doctors and nurses aim to provide the proper assistance required for people who are on a ventilator due to suffering from a certain illness.

  • Full Body Checkups:

Regular full-body checkups are very essential for every other individual. Our health should always be our top priority. Not being able to visit a clinic for your full body checkups won’t be a problem anymore, now you can get these body checkups done at your home. 

  • 24/7 Nursing:

People who suffer from different illnesses and chronic diseases often require proper medical assistance. Our 24/7 nursing facility is very beneficial for people who have suffered from trauma, accident, or prolonged illnesses. We provide professional, trustable nurses who reach your doorstep to provide the required assistance.

Other Home Health Facilities:

Some other main and popular services we provide for our patients at their homes are:

  • Personal care and assistance.
  • Grooming, bathing, dressing.
  • Wounds dressing.
  • IV Therapies.
  • Skincare and facials.
  • Tube feeding.
  • Catheter care.
  • Dementia and Parkinson’s disease assistance, etc.
  • Pain management.

Advantages of Our Facilities:

Our home health facilities are very beneficial, some of the main benefits they provide are:

  • Not staying at a hospital prevents one from many different diseases, and infections.
  • You recover more quickly, when you’re in a comfortable environment, around your family.
  • The treatment cost is less.
  • You’re right in front of your family and friends.
  • We provide trustable, professional nurses, who properly monitor you or your elderly members with proper affection and compassion.
  • Elderly people no longer have to feel alone while suffering certain illnesses.
  • A more hygienic, and clean environment.
  • People with prolonged diseases do not have to stay at the hospital for a long time for their treatment.

Our Aim:

At Dynamic Aesthetic clinic, we aim to provide the following for making sure that our patients are in the right hands:

  • Professional, and expert doctors.
  • Trustable, and expert nurses, and healthcare providers.
  • Caregivers.
  • The right assistance and treatment.
  • Physical therapies.
  • Experienced babysitters.
  • Pediatric and palliative nurses.

How Much Does Home Health Care Cost in Dubai?

The cost usually depends on the type of treatment a patient avails from our clinic. The exact cost is determined by the patient’s needs and requirements. Our doctors will inform you about the final cost details, after properly examining your condition.

Factors Affecting The Cost:

  • The severity of the patient’s condition, and illness.
  • The location and reputation of the clinic.
  • The number of services a person avails.
  • Distance from the clinic.
  • Experience of the healthcare provider.

Let Us Help For Your Good Health!

At Dynamic Clinic Dubai, our main aim is to provide the best for our patients. We aim to help treat them with the best treatments. With our vast facilities, you can achieve high-quality health services in your privacy and comfort zones. If you want to book a free consultation about Home Health Care in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah kindly fill out the form given below and avail of our services.