Protruded Teeth Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Protruded Teeth Cost

When the upper teeth stick out over the lower teeth, this is referred to as overbite or protruded teeth. It is one of the most common dental problems in the UAE, but it is normally the least severe. 

Protruding teeth are the malocclusion of teeth that is seen most often in children with NNSB. NNSB stands for non-nutritive sucking behavior – a behavior characterized by a sucking habit that does not provide nutrition. So that you know in some cases, protruded teeth are inherited characteristics.

Children with Protruded Teeth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi have a low quality of life because it is very distinct and it makes folks extremely self-conscious, Dr Rasha Mhanna, a renowned Dentist, said.

If you or your child has protruding teeth in Dubai, we can help. We offer a variety of dental procedures to improve smiles, teeth, and appearance. Keep reading:

Three Problems Caused by Protruded Tooth:

Protruded teeth can:

  • cause gum diseases, bad breathe, tooth damage, and difficulty chewing
  • Lead to serious TMJ disorders
  • Affect self-esteem

Bye-Bye Protruded Teeth!

It’s important to address protruded teeth at the earliest as it cannot only affect the smile but can also lead to serious oral issues. The top 4 protruded teeth treatments in Dubai are:


Both children and adults can get benefit from braces. These are dental tools that move the misaligned teeth into a straighter position. However, depending on your situation, your doctor may suggest you wear braces between one to three years.

  • Average Cost: AED 13,000


Veneers are thin coverings designed to cover the natural, unattractive, color, and shape of the teeth. They are permanently bonded to the front surface to hide the imperfections for as long as possible.

  • Average Cost: AED 900


For mild malocclusions, Invisalign can be used. It uses clear custom-made plastic trays to gradually move teeth to their appropriate position.

  • Average Cost: AED 8,000

Palate Expansion:

Another orthodontic appliance that is used to widen the roof of the mouth, creating space for adult teeth to grow. In general, it is a good option for those whose upper jaw is too small to accommodate permanent teeth.

Palate expansion provides a feasible solution but it is important to note that there may be slight pain and bruising in your mouth following the surgery.

  • Average Cost: AED 5,000

Note: when deciding which Protruded teeth treatment in Dubai UAE is right for you, it is helpful to discuss your concerns, requirements, and goals with a dental expert. 


The results following protruded teeth treatment, will, of course, vary between patients depending on the technique used, and severity of the protrusion.

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The Outlook:

With increased options for protruded teeth in Dubai, it has become easier and simpler than ever to restore the beauty of the smile

Try braces, veneers, jaw surgery, Invisalign, or Palate expansion to change the alignment of your front teeth

The Average cost of protruded teeth treatment can run anywhere from AED 700 to AED 13,000. However, if you are considering a surgical option, the costs may be much higher

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