Mole Removal in Dubai

Quick Facts:

  • Price: 899 AED
  • Specialist: Dr. Mahmoud Akrama
  • Healing Process: 1 or 2 weeks 
  • Category: Both Surgical and Non-surgical 
  • Hospital Stay: No need to stay 
  • Follow-up: Yes
  • Back To Work: After 1 or 2 Days

Dubai’s Dermatologist-Led Mole Removal Solution for Clearer Skin

The need for this treatment can be both medical and cosmetic. Most individuals undergo this treatment for a balanced look and equal-toned skin. For medical reasons in some cases, mole can cause side effects on your body and also be cancerous in rare cases. But mostly moles are harmless and if you want a Mole Removal in Dubai, we welcome you to our clinic for a consultation in which our specialist will give you a thorough view.

Understanding Moles: What Will You Achieve

Moles are completely harmless in most cases and many individuals have moles. But in some cases, they can be irritating and dangerous for our health. You can visit our dermatologist for evaluation and removal. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Medical Reasons: Early Detection & Peace of Mind

We know that your top priority is your health and we are here to answer your questions related to moles and we will also solve them at our clinic.

  • Suspicious Signs.
  • Early Intervention
  • Peace of Mind.

Cosmetic Reasons: Confidence & Comfort

Mostly harmless but moles are irritating for some because the irritation they may cause or the discoloration of skin can cause a lack of confidence. The treatment will give you:

  • Boosting Confidence.
  • Farewell, Irritation.

Reasons to Get Treated:

Below are some of the reasons that mostly convince individuals to get treated:

  • Early Detection: You can get a mole checked for potential skin cancer with a biopsy during removal.
  • Worry-Free: Your anxieties will be eliminated and you will gain peace of mind by addressing a suspicious mole.
  • Boost Your Confidence: You can enjoy smoother, clearer skin by removing a mole you find cosmetically unappealing.
  • No More Discomfort: The irritation you feel from a mole rubbing on clothes or jewelry will be eradicated.

Mole Removal Dubai Price:

The price of this treatment may depend on the treatment area and other factors. The Mole Removal Cost at our clinic starts from 899 AED for a single session. The final price can be calculated after the factors below:

  • Type of Treatment.
  • Area being Treated.
  • Number of Moles.
  • Type of Moles.

Our Specialist:

Dr. Mahmoud Akrama is our dermatologist and he will be there throughout the procedure and help you to regain your confidence. He has very good reviews at our clinic and he works very hard with our staff and our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Methods to Eradicate Moles:

At Dynamic Clinic, moles can be lessened permanently in the following ways:


In this practice, the area that has a mole is burned. It is a minimally painful technique since heat is used in it. Well, to minimize this pain, a topical numbing cream may be applied beforehand.

Laser Treatment:

This option is ideal for people with flat, and dark-colored moles. During the procedure, the doctor uses the latest hand-held laser devices to target the moles. The laser reduces the excess pigmented cells as well as stops the production of new ones. It is relatively a quick fix to other mole removal techniques. Just 3-4 sessions will provide you with great results.

Hyfrecator Removal:

An FDA-approved safe and painless aesthetic treatment. In the procedure, electrical pulses are administered into the affected area to heat the problematic tissues. This may be not appropriate for a mole that is present in sensitive areas of the body.


It involves freezing a mole by utilizing liquid nitrogen. It can be done in the doctor’s office in just 15 to 20 minutes. Anyway, this is not a good choice for deeply rooted moles. For such moles, you should consider surgical options.

Your Mole Removal Journey: 

  • Consultation & Customization:

We listen to your concerns and tailor a mole removal plan specific to your needs and the unique characteristics of your mole.

  • Comfort & Efficiency:

You will get a comfortable treatment, our team ensures a smooth and efficient procedure in a relaxed environment.

  • Treatment & Recuperation:

Depending on the chosen method (laser, excision, etc.), the mole removal itself takes minimal time. You will need to be patient and let the treatment work properly.

  • Follow-Up & Lasting Results:

You will have to schedule check-ins to ensure optimal healing and beautiful, long-lasting results.

Preparing to Get Rid of Moles:

In the initial consultation with the doctor, a discussion about treatment goals and candidacy is essential. Anyway, once you fulfill the candidacy criteria and find out the reasons for the treatment, begin the preparation. These are a few important steps that you must take before having any mole removal therapy.

  1. A week before, you should stop taking medications, herbs, and vitamins that you regularly use.
  2. Smoking and alcohol consumption interfere with the treatment outcomes, so patients should break both these habits one month before.
  3. For optimal results, allow the Dermatologist to customize the treatment plan based on the needs.
  4. Be sure you are in the best possible health when you receive the treatment.

However, during the initial consultation session, our consultants will guide you more thoroughly about how to be well-prepared for this treatment.

What to do After Mole Removal?

For smooth and continued recovery, Mole Removal requires aftercare. Depending upon the treatment you have received, the dermatologist can prescribe different lengths of aftercare. However, the doctor may ask you to take the following steps to help you keep the effects as long as possible.

  1. The area that has been treated should be kept dry and make-up-free for a few weeks.
  2. Avoid sun exposure. And for that, it’s recommended to wear sunscreen before you leave home.
  3. You can utilize over-the-counter medications only if your doctor allows you.
  4. When you experience any major side effects, you should consult the doctor immediately.
  5. Take all the scheduled sessions otherwise, you won’t be able to get maximum results.

What to Expect After Mole Removal

Immediately following Mole Removal in Dubai & Sharjah, there will be some discomfort, pain, and swelling at the treatment site. Fortunately, these side effects can be controlled. A special pain management plan could be highly beneficial here. This plan will be discussed with you in the initial consultation.

The doctor may prescribe you some pain relievers, and antibiotics for recovering beautifully.

Satisfied Candidates:

We have consulted and helped many of our clients with this treatment and they had the most satisfactory results and had their confidence enhanced afterward. The images below describe the outcomes of the treatment:

best mole-removal in dubai  mole-removal in dubai  mole-removal in Abu Dhabi

mole-removal Clinic in Dubai  Best mole-removal Clinic in Dubai  Best mole-removal in Abu Dhabi

No time for Consultation? Check yourself:

We know some people are too busy to book an appointment and don’t take any symptoms seriously but when things get serious then it is too late for any quick action then you will have to wait for long treatments. You can check this by ABCDE method at home and after that, you can book an appointment if you see any severe symptoms. The method:

  • Asymmetry: 

Uneven halves? A mole shouldn’t look like two mirrored halves.

  • Border: 

Jagged edges? Watch for irregular, blurred, or notched borders instead of a clean, round shape.

  • Color: 

More than one hue? Be aware of moles with a mix of colors like brown, black, red, white, or blue.

  • Diameter: 

Growing bigger? Moles larger than 6 millimeters about the size of a pencil eraser warrant a check-up.

  • Evolving: 

Changing appearance? Monitor moles that show changes in size, shape, or color over time.

Choose Dynamic Clinic:

We are providing you with the proper care and positive outcomes for every treatment you undergo in our clinic in Dubai. When you choose our clinic you will have a treatment with higher success rates and proper desired outcomes.

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