Damon Braces System in Dubai

Misaligned teeth? Underbite, Overbites, Crossbites? – Don’t want weird braces? Give a try to Damon system. It can surely help!

Damon system is the new way of treating orthodontic patients. Unlike traditional braces, it’s found more convenient, comfortable, and gives the most pleasant smile even quickly.

Damon Braces are unique, invisible, helps patients in moving teeth more easily. Dynamic clinic is the certified provider of the best Damon System in Dubai. Our orthodontists securely bring the outstanding teeth results with great dental care.

While Damon Braces System in Dubai & Abu Dhabi seems like traditional supports but it’s quite different. Self-ligating braces are used in it. This means they are self-adjusting. Brackets themselves hold the wire without the need for any elastics, metal ties, or further tightening. This invisible braces design gradually moves the teeth into a new correct position and makes them appear straight, aligned, and evenly settled.

Since it’s an intricate procedure that cannot be enlightened in one paragraph. Keep reading to find details in this regard.


These braces are extremely beneficial to people who desire immediate relief from misaligned teeth. It can improve oral health in less time.

With Damon braces at Dynamic clinic, you can adore the most beautiful smile for the rest of your life. It can challenge the most complex dental issues even more rapidly than any other braces. This is certainly the leading benefit of Damon system braces.

Here are the mentioned reasons why it is preferred over any other orthodontic treatment.

  • Faster results
  • Easier to clean
  • Flexible tooth movement
  • Require fewer appointments
  • Don’t need any post-adjustments

Results? How long Damon Braces take to work?

Damon braces results are simply amazing. While the treatment time varies on a conditional basis, but they work more often than traditional braces. The dramatic change in the mouth can be noticed shortly within a couple of months. At most, six months are sufficient for this. Depending upon the severity and complexity of the problem, this era might increase.

Our doctors can inform best, after how long they will be going to remove those braces.

Damon Braces System in Abu Dubai  Damon Braces System in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  Damon Braces System in Dubai

Damon Braces System

What is the right age for these braces?

Damon Braces System in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is perfect for teens, adults, and even self-conscious children.

As early as you notice such crooked conditions, don’t delay any longer. Everyone needs to understand that Damon braces work easily in younger patients. Because their bones tend to be more flexible and aren’t fully grown.

Anyways, the best way to determine suitable candidacy is the dental checkup. Arrange an appointment with our experts, so they can guide you accordingly.

Before treatment:

Before the big day, prepare yourself. Attend the initial consultation. Disclose your medical history and aesthetic concerns to our doctors. So they can collect your teeth impressions, x-rays, and photos.

You will be guided by the procedure details from our team. Note that, don’t panic before coming to treatment. There is nothing complex in it. Simply follow the prescribed instructs and feel comfortable.

How is the procedure performed?


During treatment, our orthodontists will clean your teeth and polish them. They also apply conditioning agents while preparing them for placing brackets.

Braces Placement:

Afterward, Damon system braces are placed on teeth carefully with some medicated cement. Braces are fixed even more correctly with the help of high-intensity light.

Finishing up:

For the final adjustment, an archwire is placed in the teeth.


The recovery period of the Damon System doesn’t exceed a few days.

Once you are done with the treatment, you are allowed to go home. Since Damon system braces are self-bending but still, there is a possibility of slight pain during the initial days of conduct. Take it normally. Our doctors usually prescribe pain killers for it. Get them if necessary.

You Must know:

Wear Damon braces for one year or perhaps more than this. Go for frequent medical checkups. As early as you get the straightened teeth, brackets will be removed. Later than, you need to wear retainers for permanent adjustment of teeth.

Please consider the following points for smooth aftercare of braces.

  • Keep oral health hygienic. Don’t forget to brush after every meal
  • Avoid the intake of stained fluids like coffee, tea, wine, etc.
  • Dental check-ups are necessary every one-month.

Cost of Damon Braces System Dubai:

The Cost of Damon Braces System in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 8,000 to AED 15,000.

This price range is not fixed for everyone. Based upon your orthodontic condition and the extent of treatment you will be charged accordingly. Our doctors will notify the actual treatment cost in the most initial consultation.

For easier payment of Damon braces, our clinic provides the installment plan with zero percent interest. Get in touch with our consultants to find details about our financing offers.

Free Consultation:

Old-fashioned braces have now been replaced with the latest Damon braces. Discuss your dental problems now enjoy the perks of a beautiful smile.

Our Damon braces results are quickly seen.

To get this dental treatment from us, fill in the consultation form or simply visit us.