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What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a disorder in which skin changes its color. The problem arises due to the increased or decreased levels of melanin within the skin – melanin is a special pigment responsible for giving color to it. When our skin is too much exposed to the sun, UV rays alter melanin levels under the skin and eventually cause dark spots on the surface. Pigmentation is harmless, but it negatively alters physical appearance.

Is it Possible to Treat Pigmentation Permanently?

In an era of high technology, having a fairer and smoother skin is not so difficult. Different types of lasers can be used to provide people with the type and color of skin that they actually like. Dermal Pigmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is the most effective solution to produce glowing smooth and beautiful skin.

Dermal Pigmentation Treatment:

There are several effective treatments for eradicating light and dark spots from the skin. Skin Pigmentation with Picolase is the quick, safe, and non-surgical treatment for removing unwelcoming pigmentation. It removes those layers of skin that have excess melanin and abnormal melanocytes. It is an affordable, and painless treatment so does not involve serious side-effects.

Who is It for?

If the uneven skin tone is a source of embarrassment for you, then you can receive Dermal Pigmentation. This treatment helps people get rid of this skincare concern permanently. At Dynamic clinic, dermatologists use Q-Switched, Picolase, and alexandrite laser devices for brown spots. These devices work by targeting the problem area with laser light, splitting these spots up. It offers a long-term solution to an uneven skin tone and gives you the freedom to walk proudly wherever you want.


Results are different for each individual. They vary based on the severity of skincare concern and type of the skin that the patient has.

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Dermal Pigmentation Dubai has the following benefits:

  • Simple aftercare.
  • An affordable treatment.
  • Can treat all types of pigmentation.
  • Works on all the skin types and tones.
  • Minimal side-effects with zero downtime.

Preparing For Your Treatment:

Dermal Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjahis the most effective and easiest way of reducing melanin amount under the skin but patients are strictly advised to correctly follow these instructions to achieve the best results out of this treatment.

  1. Limit sun exposure, protect your skin from harmful UV rays especially from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. During these hours, you should keep your face covered with high SPF sunscreen.
  2. Drink 3-4 glasses of lemon juice every day for at least a week before the treatment.
  3. Quitting smoking can prevent further damage to the skin.

What to Expect?

Dermal Pigmentation removal is a quick, and simple procedure. It may be done under local anesthesia, which makes the problem site numb for a few hours. While performing this treatment, the Dermatologist moves the laser device over the part of the skin that has the problem. The beams of light destroy the damaged layers within the skin and replace them with new healthy ones. Once removed, these brown spots do not return.


You can use these tips on your road back to recovery from Dermal Pigmentation Treatment:

  1. Use cool compressors and over-the-counter medications as per the instructions of the doctor.
  2. Wash your face with an anti-bacterial soap twice a day to minimize the risk of infection.
  3. Avoid tanning the laser-treated area for at least a month.
  4. Adopt healthy sleep habits as it is a simple, easy path to improved health.
  5. Keep your skin hydrated and for this, utilize heavy moisturizing creams.


Like results, recovery is also different for each patient. Some individuals recover within 48 hours while some take up to a week to get back to routine activities. Another important thing is that during recovery, there will be swelling and redness on your skin but fortunately, these side-effects do not last longer than seven days.

Is it Worth it?

To have a glowing, bright, and even-toned skin is what the people of today want, right? We want to make our complexion lighter but the products available in the market do not offer long-term solutions. Thanks to Dermal Pigmentation with Laser, now, you can have an everlasting perfectly smooth even skin that you’ve always desired.

Dermal Pigmentation Cost:

The price of Dermal Pigmentation varies based on type, severity, and location of pigmentation Such as Starting Price AED 500 to AED 5000. The doctor will provide you with the exact cost after assessing the treatment site.

Why Choose Dynamic Clinic?

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic has successfully served more than 100,000 patients. By receiving our treatments, you can get up to an 80% reduction in your dark spots. Dermal pigmentation treatments that we offer are FDA approved and completely safe to use on all types of skin textures and tones. Moreover, we use advanced lasers for removing pigmentation more gracefully.

Walk into our clinic and let our dermatologists know your goals, severity of symptoms, and your health concerns. In this session, the doctor will also inform you about his credentials, and background and show you before and after photographs of his previous customers, so that you can guess what type of results you are going to have from this treatment.

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