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Not all of us can stop increasing age, but it’s possible to slow down its progression. Have you ever thought about why you experience wrinkles or frown lines in your 40s? Why not earlier? Let me tell you. Our muscles constantly wake up with every single facial expression even when we smile or frown. This repetitive contraction can eventually result in permanent lines on the face. It hits severely to the aged ones because their body cannot produce enough collagen as required.

Many years back, surgeries and topical ointments were the only solutions for reversing aging effects but nowadays, you can go for more easy injectable techniques. Here we’re going to let you know about the Xeomin treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. It’s a great choice for treating every sort of wrinkles and frown lines. Though, you can also consider this as an alternative to Botox Injections but not completely. It’s a somewhat more pure form of Botox. Please continue reading to explore its cost, side effects, and post complications.

Xeomin Treatment:

The Xeomin treatment provides a magical touch to the face by fading off wrinkles and frown lines. It works on the concept of blocking the muscle movement that’s responsible for creases or folds. A specified amount of botulinum injection is delivered into the forehead, typically between the brows for softening frown lines. That’s why we consider this practice as frown line removal. Besides, it’s quite a good alternative for those who think that Botox isn’t working on them.

However, you should get this conduct from a trusted and Qualified Dermatologist for assured consequences.


Xeomin treatment is excessively targeted to relieve yourself from frown lines, wrinkles, and facial tiredness. Normally, it’s intended to handle:

  1. Glabellar lines.
  2. Crow’s feet at eyes corners.
  3. Irregular muscle movement.
  4. Forehead lines.

Results? Are they Permanent?

The results after Frown line removal, Xeomin treatment in Dubai can be expected to appear as smoother frown lines along with lifted eyelids. Overall, it would make the entire facial expression relaxed and younger than your actual age. However, such effects would begin to appear with a week and lasting for a maximum of three to four months.

Therefore, we cannot consider this as a permanent technique. But if you want to preserve such comforts for a long period, there is nothing much tricky to get worried about. As early as you notice frown lines are coming back, book an appointment with the doctor. You will only have to visit the consultant hardly 2-3 times a year because acquired results can last for a few months.

Through this strategy, you can enjoy smooth and youthful skin forever.

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Can I have this Treatment?

Surely yes. If you’re tired of bearing jokes and becoming self-conscious due to aged looks. But having a medical assessment is also an important part. Please make sure that you’re not having any history of neurological disease, paralysis, or serious allergies.

Visit your nearest doctor at once for examining health details completely.

Things to keep in Mind while Getting Xeomin!

Be prepared. A healthcare provider will advise you on some specifics that you must follow. Normally, you will have to quit smoking and alcohol intake. Furthermore, it may not be safe to use Xeomin injections while pregnant, it might harm your baby. To avoid further complications, please consider the following standards,

  1. Go for treatment with clean and make-up free skin.
  2. Discuss your looks and aesthetic demands with the doctor.
  3. Don’t get Xeomin interchangeably with botulinum products.

Xeomin Procedure:

It’s extremely simple. Physicians will perform the Frown Line Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in just fifteen minutes. First of all, targeted facial sites are being marked depending upon the extent of frown lines. A precise dose of botulinum solution is delivered straightway into muscles through a very small needle.

For subsiding the anxiety of pinch, a numbing cream is used. Sometimes, the doctor gently massages the treatment site for better absorption of injections.

What to Expect after Treatment?

Straight after having Xeomin Treatment in Dubai, the injected area will most likely to appear as a mosquito bite for a few hours. The skin may also get red with some bruising. You’re advised to stop taking products that contain aspirin and a high dose of vitamin E supplements.

Fortunately, you can also apply makeup right after the treatment but it would be more beneficial if you avoid using cosmetic products for some time. Medical facilitators usually advise doing facial muscle exercises several times a week in order to speed up Xeomin absorption.

Possible Complications & Side Effects:

Frown line removal, Xeomin treatment is an FDA-approved technique. But in some circumstances, it can result in adverse reactions. Delivering this product in large amounts can cause side effects like clotting. Though, in the case of wrong muscle injection, it may result in displeasing consequences you might haven’t wished for. Following are some rare risks associated with it. Please check out,

  1. Headache.
  2. Tiredness in muscles.
  3. Neck pains.
  4. Diarrhea.

Cost of Frown Line Treatment:

The Cost of Frown Line Removal Treatment in Dubai starts with AED 900 to AED 2,000 maximum. For determining the exact cost in your case, you’ll be needing to book a consultation with us.


Frown lines are becoming harder to deal with? Curios to see improvements in your face? Want to know more about Xeomin? No problem at all. You’re at the site of a leading Cosmetic clinic in Dubai, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. This injectable treatment can be availed from our trusted doctors at reasonable rates.

Please feel free to consider us for best Xeomin treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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