TMJ Disorder Treatment in Dubai

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular joint. This joint unites the lower jawbone with the bones of skull and is in constant use. It allows us to speak and chew. When this joint is injured or damaged it results in pain as well as dysfunction of the jaw muscles and joints that control normal mouth activities. Cases like this are a dominant sign of TMJ disorder.

This joint disorder has many symptoms and causes. Generally, it occurs due to arthritis or any structural problem and causes a person to experience restricted jaw movement, stiffness, and even severe pain. To help you get through such problems, Dynamic clinic offers the best treatment of TMJ disorders in Dubai.

Consult our dental specialists to find out the way for smooth handling of the jaw bone.

Is TMD treatment for me?

Yes, it is for you. If you are diagnosed with TMJ disorder. And yet, you cannot decide this by yourself. This joint problem is quite difficult to diagnose even for doctors. There are no standard tests available. ENT specialists examine the jaw condition through regular X-rays and CT- scans to check if there is any symptom or bones are in their right place or not.

With this guide, we can only inform you of the symptoms as well as treatment and cost details. For a complete examination, you need to meet our experts so they can conduct a proper analysis of your medical history and can guide you further.

Don’t ignore Symptoms:

The most basic symptom of TMJ disorder is a frequent headache. Particularly while chewing or speaking. Even sometimes facial swelling is also seen. Indeed every person experiences new warning symptoms of this joint disorder. Here we have mentioned the most important ones, the majority goes through. Have a look.

  • Intolerable jaw pains
  • Difficulty while chewing
  • Ear or neck pain
  • Limited jaw motion
  • Unequal teeth fitting
  • Clicking sound while opening or closing mouth

If you notice any of the listed symptoms, get an instant dental check-up.

Treatment of TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorders rarely respond to home remedies. This way proper dental help becomes mandatory. At Dynamic clinic, we use the latest techniques to treat this problem. Depending upon your unique concern, our doctors recommend a variety of options ranging from medications to therapies to even surgeries.

Despite temporary-soothing medications, surgical solutions and therapies are most preferred for the Treatment of TMJ disorders in Dubai. Check out details.

Non-surgical therapies

Physical therapy (ultrasound and radio waves) – To relieve the joint discomfort, a heatwave is applied deeply into the directed area. It lets to boosts the blood flow and stretches the jaw muscles even more smoothly.

Mouthguards- People with intense jaw pains are advised to wear this mouth fitting. While it may not be much beneficial in handling joint-problems.

Counselling– Proper counseling and daily routine tips can help you get through joint problems. But it doesn’t work in intense mouth conditions.

Injections– In some cases, corticosteroid injections are found helpful in treating TMD disorders. Even at times, Botox is also used for jaw-muscle relaxation.


When non-surgical procedures can’t help, surgeries remain the only solution. The three main popular surgeries for treating joint disorders are:

Arthrocentesis– It is a slightly invasive process. The small needles are inserted into the specified point of the jaw so that fluid can flow out smoothly.

Arthroscopy– In this surgery, surgeons make a tiny incision in the front side of the ear and attach a small device that contains a camera and lens. This lets the doctor know the cause of TMJ disorder and a suitable technique to be used.

Open-joint – Unlike, arthroscopy, it involves the ample incision around-ear, so that surgeon can get better access to treat your TMJ. Many techniques are endorsed in this surgery too. Depending upon the type of concern, the suitable one would be practiced.

Note that all these surgical techniques are done at our clinic under anesthesia (either general or local). Always consult your doctor to ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your unique circumstances.


Patients are generally expected to pay AED 15,000 as the cost of surgical treatment of TMJ disorders in Dubai. This price figure might vary depending upon the severity of the jaw problem and proposed technique. If you get injections or therapies, the charges would be lesser.

Important Discharge instructions

Self-care plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy jaw and its movement as well. In some cases, the symptoms of TMJ disorders can be handled without any treatment but still, earlier prevention is better to get off severe complications.

If you have undergone the treatment for TMD disorders, wait for at least two weeks to notice the difference in your jaw. Most initial days are quite tough. There might be some discomfort but it usually goes off by taking prescribed medicines. To ease the difficulty after the procedure, consider some important post-guides. They certainly help in enjoying a smooth recovery period and guaranteed results. Please check out.

  • Eat soft foods for at least one month.
  • Lessen the jaw movements
  • Get prescribed exercises
  • Relax your jaw repeatedly
  • Use ice or heat for decreasing swelling or pain
  • Get the recommended medicines on time
  • Follow-up with health care provider as directed

Please contact our health-care experts, if you have a high fever or any intolerable discomfort.

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