Laser Gum Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Gum Surgery Cost & Price

Give your Gummy Smile a Little Lift with Lasers! 

Do your gums expose more when you smile? Well, you no longer have to bother Gummy Smile. Despite opting for intense orthodontic surgeries, prefer Lasers. Today, the advent of the laser in modern dentistry has allowed us to reshape, redefine and sculpt the gums—without a scalpel in a sight.

What is Laser Gum Surgery?

Laser Gum Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is generally a cosmetic dentistry procedure. It treats gum diseases, gives gum new contours, and eliminates gummy smiles. Exposing more of the upper teeth instead of gums is the basic purpose of this surgery.

At Dynamic Dental clinic, we ensure premium results. By using laser technology, there is no bleeding, faster healing, and reduced risk of infections.

Read on to learn how the procedure is done, what’s the cost and recovery time. 


As with all dental procedures, we begin with a consultation. Our dentists discover the true cause of gummy smiles before advising the treatment for it. They clear everything earlier to transform your smile into a more attractive one.

  • Your smile goals and desires are discussed earlier as per your facial symmetry.
  • Experts check whether if you are suitable for laser gum surgery so they can proceed.
  • Your treatment can be performed at the same appointment or at a later time.

What’s Involved in Laser Gum Surgery?

The procedure of Laser Gum Surgery in Dubai is performed for both aesthetic and medical concerns. Depending upon the issue, procedure steps may vary. In general, it entails a few steps.

  • First, the periodontist uses a laser to access the gum tissue.
  • Then, scaling and root planing are done to remove the tartar and bacteria using high laser beams. It leaves the gums pink and healthy.
  • To fix a gummy smile, the necessary adjustments are made around the tooth with lasers and some tools. This tones and sculpts the gums and reduces the size.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, typically finishes in 1-2 hours. In case of a severe gum problem, you may need two visits.

What to Expect after Surgery?

Healing from Gum surgery typically requires 1-2 weeks. The complete recovery period depends upon the individual capability to heal and followed aftercare. Some patients improve quickly while others may need a few weeks.

  • Usual activities can be continued on the next day.
  • Intake of only liquids on the treatment day
  • Gentle brushing and soft foods are recommended later on.

Laser Gum Surgery Results:

As a result of laser gum treatment, your gums would begin to appear less while smiling. This change is noticeable instantly.

best laser-gum-surgery in dubai  laser-gum-surgery in dubai  laser-gum-surgery in Abu Dhabi

laser-gum-surgery Clinic in Dubai  Best laser-gum-surgery Clinic in Dubai  Best laser-gum-surgery in Abu Dhabi


  • Soft tissue dental lasers require no stitches
  • There is less loss of blood than traditional surgery
  • High energy beam makes infection unlikely

Alternatives to Laser Treatment:

The patients of a gummy smile who don’t find the idea of lasers tempting can try a couple of other alternatives. Below are some major ones offered by us.

  1. Veneers
  2. Crowns
  3. Botox Injection
  4. Gum Surgery (Gingivectomy)
  5. Lip Stabilization

How Much is Laser Gum Surgery?

The average cost of Gum Laser Surgery in Dubai typically lies between AED 500 to AED 4000 per tooth. Prices do vary for each individual depending upon the extent of work done by the dentist.

Why Choose us?

Perfect teeth don’t only contribute to a beautiful smile. There are gums too! This concept is greatly accepted by our experts which let our dentistry services extended to hundreds of Gum Treatments. We deliver our patients solutions that perfectly match their dental needs. Every cosmetic, medical procedure is planned with strict safety protocols to ensure the best results.

Our team of professionals helps designing perfect smirks. Hence, make the right choice today and escape the embarrassing, gummy smiles!

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