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We owe a  big thanks to the medicinal industry that has evolved some very refined and improved diagnostic tools for the detection and extent of diseases. Among all the diagnostic tools and imaging techniques ultrasounds have been one of the most reliable and in depth methods that give sound and brief illustration about any underlying problem or ailment. As far as Gynecological Ultrasounds in Dubai,Sharjah & Abu Dhabi are concerned our clinic has one of the best ultrasonic imaging machines that are available in our gynecology department.  

What Are Gynecological Ultrasounds?

Gynecological ultrasounds are a diagnostic method that is done in order to identify, analyze and study the diseases related to the reproductive system of a woman’s body. On the other hand it is also done in order to check whether the normal physiological systems are working fine or not.

Availability of Gynecological Ultrasounds:

Many clinics and hospitals do offer treatments related to gynecological problems but only some of them have the facility of the ultrasounds. They demand the patient to get the ultrasonic pictures from another entity and are then supposed to show it to them. This causes a major hassle for the patient. 

Nonetheless our clinic has the facility of providing Gynecological Ultrasounds in Dubai along with the treatments that are detected through them.

Diseases Detected & Treated Through Gynecological Ultrasounds:

Detection & Confirmation of Pregnancy:

The next step after beta HCG in a pregnancy is to get an ultrasound done in order to check whether the fetus is viable or not. Moreover the cardiac flicker and the heartbeat is also acknowledged in a gynecological ultrasound. 

Antenatal Scans:

One of the most commonly running ultrasounds in our clinic is for the antenatal Check ups. The fetal growth, heart rate , and movements are all clearly pictured through the antenatal scans. 


Women who report with sudden onset of bleeding either during pregnancy or after conception can be a sign of miscarriage. The best diagnostic method for its validation is through Gynecological Ultrasounds in Dubai. 

Bleeding Disorders:

Women who experience bleeding disorders such as irregular menstruation,  or any other should seek medical help. This can be an alarming situation, the best treatment is to first get it diagnosed through  The ultrasound technology available in our medical practice.

Egg Maturation:

If you are having problems in conception and conceiving then it is very likely that your egg is not getting mature enough or is insufficient to be fertilized. Your doctor will prescribe you certain medications and will then see it in an ultrasound whether your egg is matured enough for fertilization or not without the help of ultrasound the entire treatment can go in vain.  Therefore if your gynecologist has prescribed you medicines for conceiving and has called you for an ultrasound checkup then never try to miss it.

Fibroids and Cysts:

A multiple number of internal problems go unnoticed because sometimes the symptoms are not very prominent. In case of fibroids and ovarian cyst not all women report with bleeding therefore it is important that you should get gynecological ultrasound checkup done  every six months in order to rule out benign conditions such as fibroids and cyst. 

Ovarian Cancers:

The first and foremost diagnostic tool used for the detection of ovarian cancer is an ultrasound. The growth, extend, severity can easily be detectable on an ultrasonic film. 

What Are the Types of Gynecological Ultrasounds? 

The most commonly used Gynecological Ultrasounds in Dubai are TVS(transvaginal scan)  and abdomen ultrasound.

The TVS ultrasound is used for early detection of pregnancy when the yolk SAC is not visible easily. The device is entered through the vagina and the clear picture is then illustrated onto the scanning machine. 

On the other hand the abdominal ultrasound is done by running the device all over the abdomen. It is one of the least invasive and pain free methods of ultrasound.

What are the Benefits of Gynecological Ultrasounds?

  •  Early detection of diseases.
  •  Shows a clear picture of proper growth and development of fetus.
  •  Rules out any secondary disease.
  •  Helps in the treatment planning by the gynecologist.

What is the Cost of Gynecological ultrasounds in Dubai? 

Gynecological ultrasounds in Dubai normally range between 800 AED to 850 AED. However it may vary from clinics and various hospitals. 

Are Gynecological Ultrasounds Harmful? 

Gynecological ultrasounds are not harmful at all because the ultrasonic waves that are emitted are completely within the safer range subjected by the WHO and other medical authorities. 

The Final Verdict!

Avoid mishaps and undiagnosed diseases by choosing the Best Gynecological Ultrasounds in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offered in our clinic. call on our toll free number and book your appointment now.

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