Sutures Removal at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

When an individual suffers from an accident, injury, or any other trauma. Their body and wounds require time for proper healing. Each wound requires its own specific time to heal. Doctors use thin threads to close a deep wound or bind the skin together. These thin threads are made up of different materials. The medical term for these threads is sutures or stitches. Patients are often unable to properly visit a hospital to get their wounds checked, or to get their stitches removed. Our clinic offers Sutures Removal at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for the well-being of patients within the comfort of their homes.

Removing Your Sutures at Your Home:

When a person suffers from a certain wound or injury the area requires proper stitches to bind the skin together. These surgical stitches are often applied for certain days until the area completely heals. Their purpose is to sew the skin, and the tissues together until the area properly heals. These threads are either of silk, or polypropylene. The doctor selects the type of suture, based on the condition of the patient.

Types Of Sutures:

There are two types of sutures in the medical field. These are:

  • Absorbable:

These stitches contain absorbable material, and they do not need any type of removal method. They easily absorb into the skin after some days.

  • Non-Absorbable:

The non-absorbable threads have to be removed after certain days. They are not broken down by the body but have to be properly cut by a professional expert.

Visual Representation of Suture Removal at Home:

Sutures Removal at Home in Dubai Sutures Removal at Home in Dubai UAE Sutures Removal at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Candidates Eligible for Suture Removal Process:

Candidates who lie in the following criteria should be applicable for the removal process:

  • When an individual has undergone surgical treatment.
  • If a person has suffered from some sort of accident, injury, or trauma.
  • When your wound has properly healed.
  • Someone who has non-absorbable stitches, and it’s time to remove them.

What Happens When You Book Suture Removal at Home?

Our clinic provides this home health service for the ease of its clients. So the patients do not have to visit a hospital during their painful period. Here is a step-by-step guide for what happens when patients book an appointment with us:

  • Consult Our Clinic:

The initial step is to book an appointment at our clinic with our experts. Inform about the type of sutures you have. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic will provide you with a professional nurse/healthcare provider. 

  • Hygienic Measures:

Our clinic makes sure that all our healthcare providers and our doctors follow proper hygienic measures before starting any type of medical process. So when our healthcare provider reaches your home, they initially disinfect their hands and then wear surgical gloves.

  • Assessing the Wound:

When our professional reaches your doorstep, they start the process by initially examining the wound area of the patient. This is done to make sure that the injured area has been completely healed, and that the stitches can now be removed.

  • Disinfecting The Area:

The next step is to properly disinfect the region by using a proper disinfectant. The healthcare provider then arranges all the necessary tools and makes sure that the patient is laying or sitting in a comfortable position.

  • Removing the Stitches:

The nurse will then proceed to remove these surgical threads. He/She will carefully cut these threads by using proper medical tweezers, and scissors. The nurse will take out all the stitches from the skin after cutting them.

  • Bandage Application:

After the removal process, the nurse cleans the area. And at the end of the process, the nurse will apply a bandage over the area, to prevent any type of infection or bacteria occurrence in the region.

Ensuring a Proper Healing:

Patients must make sure to follow the necessary instructions of their doctor after their stitches have been properly cut and removed:

  • Properly clean the area with water daily to avoid any infections.
  • Do not apply any harmful products in the area.
  • If your experience pus, or bleeding in the region you should immediately consult your doctor.
  • In case the patients feel any type of fever, chills, or shivering then they must immediately consult their doctor.

How is Removing Stitches at Home Beneficial?

Sutures Removal at Home in Dubai service comes with many different benefits. Some of these are:

  • At ease in your home, you’re less prone to infections and bacteria.
  • The patients are more comfortable in their homes.
  • You won’t have to travel long distances while you’re in pain.
  • At hospitals patients get more stressed, so you won’t have to suffer from any anxiety, or stress in the comfortable environment of your house.
  • The patients won’t have to wait in long lines for their checkups.

Do Patients Feel Pain During the Suture Removal Process?

The process doesn’t hurt at all. However, some patients feel pain or a tugging sensation in the area. But do not worry the nurse will apply numbing ointment or will provide you with a painkiller to avoid the pain and discomfort.

When is the Right Time to Remove Surgical Stitches?

Different wounds require different times to heal. The removal time usually depends on the type of injury a person has. Usually, it takes a few days or weeks for the removal process. Your doctor will examine your wound, and after examining it properly they will inform you about the removal process.

Avail the Comfort of Our Services!

To ensure the proper healing and health of our patients Dynamic Clinic Dubai offers at-home health services for its patients. It is always the best and safe option to get your stitches removed by a professional expert. So if you want to avail our Sutures Removal at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah service, or if you want to have a free consultation with our professional doctors, then kindly fill out the form given below.