Orthodontic Treatment in Dubai

Braces for young kids might always be the best!

Misaligned and crooked teeth are dominant symptoms of poor dental health. Starting the early orthodontic treatment during your child’s early years may help in preventing progressive dental problems. This one-time decision can benefit your child for life.

At Dynamic clinic, we offer early orthodontic treatment for kids, from ages 9 to 14. Because, in this period, a child carries both baby teeth and mature teeth. And their jaw is still in the development process. It means they are ideally prepared for braces.

Early Dental Help!

Early Orthodontic Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is for young children. It is specifically designed to stop the growth of improper teeth and further misalignment of the jaw structure. Teeth are moved towards a favorable position and greatly improves the child-mouth appearance and low-self-esteem. Ultimately, it also lowers the chances of protruding front teeth.

Hence, it is quite better to seek early dental help, before problems get worse.

Benefits of Early Orthodontics?

The timely orthodontic treatment lets the orthodontists design a particular treatment plan for the correct placement of teeth. It tackles the primary growth of teeth and guides the jaw bone into the correct path. This may also save your child from serious issues.

Note that, going for early diagnosis doesn’t mean your children’s needs at this age. But it allows the experts to determine whether your child can get benefit from this early finding or not.


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Don’t Miss Symptoms:

For parents, it’s not easier to tell whether their child needs orthodontic attention. Here are some signs that can help in addressing this issue. Please check out,

  • Mouth breathing
  • Protruded teeth
  • Irregular spacing
  • Uneven jaw-figure
  • Too far or too back teeth
  • Bite problems and so on.

When to Visit an Orthodontist?

After noticing such symptoms, go for the dental checkup at your earliest.

The ideal time for child evaluation is at the age of 7. At this time, an orthodontist can easily figure out if instant action is required. Our dentists may advise your child to have periodic monitoring every six months. Based on such particulars, appropriate treatment is recommended accordingly.

How is the Early Orthodontic Treatment Performed?

The process of early treatment is almost painless and gets completed in a maximum of two hours. It can be performed with numerous braces (either fixed or removable). Depending upon the personal preferences, comfortability, and dental condition, you can decide the best one.

During Early Orthodontic treatment in Dubai, the orthodontist inserts a device in the mouth to keep it dry. After some time an ideal surface gets prepared for bonding. Next, the braces will be placed on teeth through some sticky material. Later than a beam fixes those braces and creates a strong bond.

Once your child is done with braces treatment, go to a post-dental checkup for knowing the further dos and don’ts.

Take Care of your Child after Treatment!

Our team provides the personal care instructions, as this is part of our service.

During the initial days, your child might go through some discomfort but within a week, braces will settle down and pain will go away. The child will get used to it. You need to strictly follow the post-checkups for routine adjustments. Talk to the orthodontists frankly and inform them of every single problem so they can guide accordingly.

Please consider the following dos and don’ts for a smooth recovery from braces.

  • Gently brush teeth after every meal.
  • Elude sticky, stained foods and drinks.
  • Soft foods, fruit, and soups are good in the early days.
  • Go for a regular dentist visit.
  • Follow every prescribed guideline.

How Long Should your child wear Braces?

Braces should be worn for a year. Besides, your child might get free earlier, if treatment stays on right track. An orthodontist will tell the accurate time after a complete dental check-up.

Don’t rush while getting braces. Because this is a gradual process, simply puts balanced pressure into the teeth and moves them towards the proper position. This act may take longer than you think. But indeed, it works quickly on young patients.


Early Orthodontic Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi starts at AED 6000 and goes maximum to AED 15,000. Since each case is unique, one type of braces can’t suit everyone. Depending upon the particular braces and various dental aspects, patients will be charged accordingly.

Get in touch with our team for an ideal cost assessment.

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