Birthmarks Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Birthmarks are birth defects that appear as patchy, pigmented, and blemished skin. These skin conditions can be seen on the body from birth or may begin to appear within the first few days of birth. While some birthmarks fade over time, others remain firm and become more solid later on.

Above and beyond, not every birthmark is safe. Their removal becomes mandatory in most cases. A minor skin mole can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Newly-born babies can also have some intense birthmarks, indicating some internal problems. For such issues, Dynamic clinic offers the best Birthmarks Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah ranging from surgical conducts to lasers. Depending upon the nature and types of birthmarks, its removal technique is determined.

Let’s explore the detailed aspects of this removal treatment. Please continue.

Who Needs Birthmark Removal Treatment?

Anyone who feels embarrassed because of birthmarks can get this removal conduct. But in certain cases, birthmarks indicate some health disorders and indeed getting rid of them becomes mandatory. For instance, if you haven’t found your birthmark yet, you must check all body parts and perhaps ask the doctor to identify marks for you. This analysis will help a lot in knowing whether a birthmark is dangerous or not. Most probably, in this consultation, you’ll also get to know which removal approach is most suitable for your skin.

Expected Results:

The effective birthmark removal treatment in Dubai escapes the rigid birth defects safely. It carefully resurfaces the skin without any scarring.

The best laser results for birthmark removal can be noticed within the first two months of treatment. They get even better with every passing day. So keep showing patience in this regard. Besides, if you go for surgical excision, instant improvement can be seen but its healing might require a couple of days. Typically 7-days are enough.

To attain the best results from laser birthmark removal, go for its 4-8 sessions, each one should be spaced apart for at least a week.

Birthmark Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Birthmark Removal Treatment Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Birthmark Removal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

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Types of Birthmarks:

Birthmarks come up in two forms.

  • Pigmented birthmarks– These type of marks makes the skin pigmented and leads to discoloration. Moles, Becker’s nerve, spots, are its common forms.
  • Vascular birthmarks– This birthmark grasps the shape of clumps and emerges upon skin prominently. The specified types of these marks include stork bites, patchy marks, and Port Wine Stains, etc.

What’s the Procedure?

Different birthmarks require diverse treatments. Based upon their complexity and underlying defects, our doctors will notify you which suits you well. Hence it’s highly advisable to go for a complete examination check-up to identify the procedure details and also the associated complications.

At our clinic, you can remove the birthmarks through three conducts.


For instance, if a birthmark is a result of pigmentation. Laser therapy is advised. This is one of the effective ways among all Birthmarks Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Its procedure itself is simple and quick, focused on spreading laser beams. A customized light wave is moved on the birthmark which breaks its coloration and blends the skin with the surrounding skin, without leaving any scars behind.

Please note: the entire procedure is done under local anesthetic cream so patients don’t endorse any discomfort. 

Surgical Removal:

If severe moles or birthmarks need to be treated, this surgical removal is directed.

Surgeons numb the targeted area and then carefully picks out the birthmark from its underlying tissues. However, this conduct is preferred most rarely even when lasers fail.


Medications or ointments are considered to be the very first and least option. They work but only to a certain point. Their effectiveness is seen only in lightening the color of birthmarks.

Please seek our dermatologist’s help to get the best medical advice.

Consult our Surgeons:

Once you qualify as a good candidate for birthmark removal, must visit our experts. Let them know your previous medical history and also any difficulty you face with your birthmarks. Based on such aspects they will guide in preparing for the surgery. Comply with those instructs if you desire the safest birthmark removal.

Preparing Before Treatment:

Before the Birthmark Treatment Dubai, our doctors will direct you through some steps that will assist in becoming ready for the big day. Most likely, you’ll be recommended not to use cosmetics or any chemical product on the birthmark. They might also ask you to escape sun exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Inform your doctor if you’re already taking any prescribed medicine.

What to Expect?

The procedure for birthmark removal is minimally invasive. Patients might feel any discomfort but it can be easily managed through pain killers and aftercare guidelines.

The recovery time for birthmark removal treatment is greatly reliant upon the acquired technique and individual metabolic rates.

Cost of Birthmark Treatment:

Birthmark Removal Treatment Cost in Dubai depends upon the type of technique you take. For lasers, AED 2000, would be starting charges, and for surgical removal, it will cost around AED 4000 or perhaps more than this.

Please let us know if you want to know more about its charges details.

Free Consultation:

Never compromise the quality of the medical center from where you’re getting the treatment. Dynamic Clinic is equipped with the latest technological equipment, also the expert doctors to provide a solution for all types of birthmarks.

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