Best Teeth Whitening Strips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Whitening Strip Cost

“Keep Teeth Whitening easy and simple”. We all know stained teeth don’t go away on their ownDental cleaning is enforced. So, if the idea of scaling and polishing freaks you out, try Teeth Whitening Strips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. They are made of flexible material coated with hydrogen peroxide—when contact with teeth, bleaches out stains and expose whiter teeth. This teeth cleaning is assumed quick, painless, and effective.

Just so you know, you are putting bleach in your mouth—always pick a reputable source. Choose strips that meet EU regulations or consider seeking professional help from our dentists. They help you provide secure dental services with registered products.

See below the guide for accurate guidance.


Patients aren’t supposed to bluntly try strips. Each time, consultation is important concerning the best use of whitening strips and suitability in your dental condition.

At Enfield, we never advise treatment to our patients until they are medically fit for it. Besides, our initial consultation is free-teeth whitening won’t burden much on your pocket.

Results of Strip Teeth Whitening:

After two strips, you would notice brightened, sparkling smile. However additional placement of these strips can give more appreciable results.

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Applying Teeth Whitening Strips:

The procedure Teeth whitening strips is simple.

  • Strips come in two sizes. The shorter one is for bottom teeth, and the longer one is for top teeth. The bottom one should be applied first however both need to be aligned properly to prevent unnecessary discomfort.
  • In most cases, it’s recommended to leave these strips on teeth for thirty minutes.
  • You can place these strips at home but it would be beneficial if you receive these at the dentist’s office under an expert’s supervision.

What to Expect After?

Later on, receiving whitening strips:

  1. Squish your mouth
  2. Do dry brushing to wipe off the gel
  3. Avoid stained food and beverages for up to 48 hours

Do Teeth Whitening Strips work?

According to dentists, Teeth Whitening Strips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are effective but not in severe teeth discoloration. Patients are always advised to get whitening kits administered by professional dentists. They take all the necessary precautions to ensure gum tissue is safe and strips are only getting on teeth. Further, they impose strips with a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide—which leads to more noticeable, secure, and appreciable results.

One Whitening Strip won’t Be Enough:

Teeth-whitening strips are designed as a complete course for a couple of days. You shouldn’t assess the transformation after using one strip. Apply them daily however it’s better to take a photo of your teeth to differentiate the results.

Our dentists can inform the number of strips required in your teeth condition.

Whitening Strips Risks:

The ingredients used in whitening strips can cause:

  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Gum Irritation
  • Damaged Enamel

Above listed complications are temporary subside as soon as you stop using strips.

Best Teeth Cleaning/Whitening Procedure:

When it comes to comparison between whitening strips, home teeth whitening kits, and dental scaling and polishing, in-office procedures stand out. Any treatment you receive under professional supervision can benefit effectively compared to home remedies. However, for rigid dental stains, professional teeth cleaning is recommended mostly.

At the dentist’s office, there is less chance of tolerating complications and risks.

How Much is for Whitening strips?

Teeth-whitening strips are cheap and therefore cost-effective. The average cost of Teeth whitening strips in Dubai can lie somewhere between AED 100 AED 600.


The first step to a healthy smile is getting the fundamentals of an oral health routine. Even if you didn’t take a serious step towards dental care. Consider now. Becoming a victim of unconventional teeth color isn’t your fault but tolerating it for the rest of your life is definitely yours.

So what’s better, cheaper than Teeth whitening strips? Or are you considering In-office teeth cleaning? Go ahead with your favorite dental procedure and smile more confidently.

Free Consultation:

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