Vaginal Atrophy Dryness

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As we age, each part of our body, from head to toe, starts going into the ageing process. Most of us only like one thing about it: we will finally get rid of that bloody menstrual cycle that has been with us since our early teens. That’s correct. We don’t have to bear period pain and rivers of blood every month. When the women get no periods for continuous months, their menopause time begins.If you could know the menopause consequences, you would never wish for the periods to stop.

If we think apart from menopause, many other reasons cause your vagina many problems. Vaginal Atrophy Dryness is the central issue you have to face. 

Below is the something that you might relate with your condition and, in the end, making the right decision for the self-betterment

What is Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness, vaginal walls, redness and thinness occur when the estrogen levels start getting low or the woman’s body makes low estrogen. Generally, vaginal atrophy dryness occurs after the menopause phase of a woman’s life as the estrogen levels decrease during and after the menopause period. Vaginal dryness makes sex painful and less pleasurable for the woman, but it is also the reason behind many worst urinary conditions.

There can be following several causes of Vaginal Dryness:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Smoking
  • Childbirth 
  • Excessive Stress and Depression
  • Tough Exercise
  • Having no ovaries or womb or uterus(removed).
  • Use of antidepressants and taking birth control pills.
  • Immune System Disorders
  • Chemotherapy to cure cancer or Hormone therapy

Symptoms of Vaginal Atrophy Dryness

  • Itching and burning sensation in the vagina when urinating and otherwise, too
  • A yellow coloured vaginal discharge
  • Shrunk Vagina
  • Bleeding
  • Spotting
  • Vulvar Itching 
  • Paler than usual,vulva
  • Pressure
  • Painful and unpleasant sex
  • Urgent and frequent need to urinate
  • Keep getting UTIs (urinary tract infections)

Best treatment For Vaginal Atrophy Dryness

Autologous PRP! This therapy excellently treats vaginal dryness without surgery, medications, side effects and complications, But with the fibrin and highly concentrated patient’s own growth factors. 

What is Autologous PRP?

It is the latest revolutionary treatment in the cosmetic and health field, based on autologous blood donation with high platelet counts. The treatment stimulates and handles the body’s natural power, rejuvenating its organs and tissues. PRP is the body’s genuine growth factor which regenerates the vagina and its tissues by correcting the issues of vaginal atrophy dryness.

 This autologous blood fraction diminishes the chances of infections in the patient with blood diseases, helping in correcting and curing other diseases. 

Autologous PRP Therapy

 You must have heard about the use of PRP in the skin and hair rejuvenation. You won’t be amazed but satisfied knowing that PRP for Vagina!

The process is the same, the ingredient is the same, but the new target is to correct the vaginal atrophy dryness.

The healthcare professional draws a blood sample from the client’s arm and then puts it in the particular device where the separation of the components gets done. 

The process starts by applying the local anesthetic to the vagina. After the platelet-rich plasma gets separated, the practitioner collects it and then injects it into the specific vaginal areas.

When the patient’s platelet-rich plasma gets infused into the vagina, it results in the stem cell multiplication and production of fresher and younger tissues, and the collagen production increases to a new level.

Over time, you will feel the vagina hydrated, moist, soft and younger providing you with a sex life full of stronger and multiple orgasms without pain. 

Benefits of PRP Therapy for Vaginal Atrophy Dryness

  • The PRP treatment is 100% safe, effective and efficiently works in making the vagina youthful and easily wet with the sexual enjoyments and the orgasms you used to get before. 
  • The treatment has no side effects or complications as it uses the client’s own blood for their betterment. Also, there is no allergic reaction as prp is the body’s growth factor.
  • There are no other medications or creams used for making the vagina damp, but the natural lubrication of the vagina does wonders. 
  • The primary benefit that will make you happier is the treatment has no recovery time, and you are heartily allowed to get back to the sexual life right after the therapy. 
  • The treatment is pain-free as the doctor uses a local anesthetic on the vagina. 
  • The PRP therapy cures and corrects the female orgasm issues and sexual dysfunction due to vaginal dryness. 
  • It is an FDA-approved treatment with higher success rates.  

Essential Tips to Avoid Vaginal Atrophy Dryness

  • It is good to use estrogen topically.
  • It’s better to avoid wearing synthetic underwear(made from polyester and nylon).
  • Stop taking contraceptives and birth control pills if you are.
  • Make sure to use the cleaners for the vagina with 0 pH.
  • Use vaginal moisturizers and water-based lubricants to keep the vagina moist.
  • Make sure to engage in sexual activity regularly.
  • Foreplay is the best and helpful in arousing before sexual intercourse. 

Cost of Vaginal Atrophy And Dryness Treatment Dubai

The Vaginal Atrophy and Dryness Treatment cost in Dubai starts from 9500 AED to 10,500 AED for a PRP with 3 laser treatments + Vaginal H.A Boosters.

This is the estimated cost as it differs from person to person, and many vital elements also affect it. The actual total price of the patient gets finalized in the first consultation after examining and analyzing their problems.

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