IV Ozone Therapy for Sports Injury and Muscle Strength

Before heading towards the treatment let us put light on the injuries that occur because of sports. Sports is a kind of intensive workout that people usually embrace in their daily lives. It includes numerous activities like cricket, basketball, volleyball, and many more. Individuals not only play these sports as their passion but it is also a source of contentment for them. The athletes use several procedures to treat these injuries but it takes them a very long time with complete bed rest. However, according to new research, IV Ozone Therapy for Sports Injury in Dubai is a very quick and effective method for making the healing process faster.

What is it?

Activities like sports mostly cause injuries to the muscles and their surrounding structure. Simultaneously, the injured area swells and the fluid starts to accumulate in it. Any deformity to the musculoskeletal reduces the mobility and capability of doing daily life activities. 

This treatment involves the administration of ozone through the veins. When it enters the blood it increases circulation. The increase in circulation causes the fluid to move from the injured part. In this way, it reduces the swelling that ultimately causes a reduction in soreness and pain in the area.

Aim of the procedure:

It aims to treat sports injuries in a more frequent way. It increases the circulation of the injured area and eventually helps to remove toxins from the area, reducing swelling and tenderness. Moreover, it decreases pain and improves the mobility of the person. The healing process of the wound also fastens with this treatment. It also enhances the immune system which speeds up the recovery from sports injuries.

Ideal Candidate:

IV ozone therapy is eligible for several complications like pain relief, detoxifying the body, and boosting the immune system. Still and all doctors have set some criteria to be suitable for this treatment to avoid any sort of impediments during the procedure. The following are the characteristics of being eligible for this treatment.

  • Should have a normal amount of hemoglobin.
  • Not deficient of Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase.
  • Is not anemic.
  • Wants to strengthen his muscle.
  • Need speedy recovery from the sports injuries.
  • Is not allergic to the treatment.
  • Wants to improve overall health condition.

Pre Procedure:

Before initiating the treatment, the doctor suggests some measures to follow to make the treatment risk-free. Moreover, he also checks out your past medical history to see whether you are eligible for this treatment or not.

  • Have a complete set of information about the treatment, its consequences, and benefits.
  • Consult with your doctor and discuss the results you want to achieve.
  • Brief your doctor about any health condition you have.
  • Make your doctor aware of the medications you are taking.
  • Get your required blood and other diagnostic test done.
  • Consume a lot of water.
  • Intake nutritious food.
  • Take proper sleep.


Ozone therapy not only helps to heal the injury faster but is also obliging to reduce muscle spasms and fatigue. When an individual makes exertion or plays a sport muscles start working harder and their oxygen need increase. To fulfill the requirement for oxygen they start anaerobic respiration. As a result, muscles release lactic acid as a by-product. The accumulation of lactic acid in muscles causes them to fatigue and tender. 

However, ozone therapy also helps with the removal of lactic acid with an increase in immunity to speed up the recovery process. Doctors perform this treatment in the following steps

  • After the confirmation tests that you are not anemic and have an adequate amount of blood in your body, the doctor takes out the prerequisite amount of blood from your body.
  • He mixes this blood with the ozone and then injects it again into the body through the vein.
  • The cells utilize the ozone for oxygenation and increase the circulation of blood.
  • This process needs a different number of sessions according to your condition.
  • Though the doctor examines your condition in the gaps between sessions.


Most of the patients do not follow the aftercare measures and then complain about their incomplete recovery. The aftercare measures are a must to follow to make treatment worth trying. They not only help you to make results more efficient and long-lasting. But also halts the condition from recurring. The doctor suggests following aftercare measures:

  • Take proper rest after the treatment.
  • Use the phenomenon of RICE. It states to take rest, apply ice and compression and then elevate your injured area to reduce its swelling.
  • Take your medications as your doctor prescribes.
  • The doctor may recommend physical therapy in more severe cases to strengthen the weak muscles and increase mobility.
  • Drink a substantial amount of water.
  • Eat healthy meals.
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks.
  • If you see any kind of side effects like an increase in swelling or pain, consult your doctor immediately.


Ozone therapy is reaching the zenith of success these days. It has numerous functions that collectively improve the overall condition of the body. Furthermore, doctors are also using this treatment in healing sports injuries and reducing muscle fatigue and spasm.

  • Reduces the oxidative stress.
  • Breaks the lactic acid in the muscles and relieves the muscle pain.
  • Improves the circulation that eventually reduces the swelling.
  • Decrease the pain and tenderness.
  • Soothes the muscle spasm and fatigue.
  • Stimulate the immunity that results in rapid healing of the injury.
  • Increase the oxygenation of tissue.
  • Makes the healing process faster.


IV Ozone Therapy for Sports Injury in Dubai is a cost-effective and beneficial procedure. Our clinic in Dubai serves this treatment under the supervision of experts. The cost is variable for every patient depending on the condition of the patient and the number of sessions. Nevertheless, you can contact our doctors as they can guide you in the best manner about the treatment and the cost. 

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