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Protect your Teeth!

Imagine losing teeth during a sports game? Or grinding causing damaged tooth structure? Be aware, Teeth need to be protected. And one simplest answer is Mouth Guards. It’s a dental appliance to wear for your teeth’ safety.

About our Mouth Guards:

Mouth Guards in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, just as the name suggests they protect the mouth. While you sleep or from injuries when you play sports. Teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks are strictly secured to escape vulnerable dental problems in the future.

Who needs Mouth Guard?

Your healthcare provider recommends mouth guard in conditions like:

  1. Sports activities
  2. Teeth Grinding
  3. Sleep disorders

Talk to your Dental Professional about what is the right time to place mouth guards. Normally, our experts expose each important detail to our patients in consultation. So they can decide what to do further.

Types of Mouth Guards:

Mouthguards in Dubai are categorized into three types:

  1. Stock Mouth Guards
  2. Boil-and-Bite
  3. Custom-Fitted

These guards are further anticipated as night guards or sports guards.

Stock Mouth Guards:

A stock mouthguard is traditional, cheap, and easily available. You can find it at the nearest stores in small, medium and large sizes. Due to limited size and designs, these guards aren’t in high demand. Usually, people find them uncomfortable wearing.

Stock mouth guards mostly cover only top teeth.


This mouthguard is considered an advancement in a stock mouthguard. Boiling mouth guards are also available in the market and are somehow considered custom fitted.

Beside different sizes, boil-and-bite mouthguards come in one size so that you can adjust them accordingly to your teeth after boiling. Boiling involves softening mouthguards and further better fitting. Please strictly follow the guidelines written for appropriate adjustment.


These mouthguards are prepared in the dentist’s office. Dental professionals take the impression of teeth and prepare the guard of your mouth size. Their designs can also be chosen by you.

Precise adjustment as per the autonomy of teeth never results in any loose-fitting or perhaps any dental problem.

Be aware: Custom-fitted mouthguard gives a better fit than stock or boiling mouth guards. Its process is done under the dentist’s supervision, no complications are expected. You can consider custom mouth guards a bit pricey but completely worth it.

Which Mouth Guard is for me?

Different mouth guards are expected to be used in different conditions. But custom-fitted mouthguards apply to every dental problem. It’s always better to talk directly with a dental professional concerning unique problems and therefore expected results.


Following are some major benefits you can expect with Mouthguards in Dubai.

  • Secured Mouth
  • No Dental Emergencies
  • Low-cost simple penetrative

What are the Risks of not Wearing a Guard?

Our dental professionals highly encourage wearing mouth guards. Especially to people who are prone to play sports or encounter never going grinding habits. Not wearing mouth guards can cause tooth loss or even untreatable damage. This impact wouldn’t only affect your teeth but also your gums and even the entire jaw which can make things worse.

Dental emergencies are more susceptible to forceful blows expected in any football or cricket match.

Replacement of Mouth Guards:

Single Mouthguards aren’t supposed to benefit for a lifetime. To ensure adequate safety, this appliance needs to be replaced every six months.

Your dental professionals would guide you on replacement parameters. However, teens and children often require quick replacements because their mouth is still growing.

Following are some conditions that can cause replacement.

  1. Damaged mouth guard
  2. Growing mouth
  3. Ill-fitting

Post-Care Tips:

To remark long-term benefit from mouth guards, consider following tips advised by our experts.

  • Regularly clean your mouth guard with soap
  • Rinse it before and after using a brush or toothpaste
  • Bring your mouth guard on regular dental checkups
  • Ensure proper fitting to see if mouth guard needs replacement

How much Mouth Guards Cost?

The Average Cost of Mouthguards in Dubai UAE can vary from AED 750 to AED 2000. Prices vary depending upon the preferred mouthguard either custom-made or readymade.

Why Prefer our Dental Services?

Since mouth guards are available in the market as well as clinics. You should prefer consulting dental professionals to escape disasters. At Enfield Royal Clinic, we can protect the smile of you and your children. You don’t only get Mouthguards from us, but also the secret tips on preserving healthy teeth for life.

Usually, we don’t devote the same amount of attention to our dental care as we do with our skin. It’s our negligence that makes us consider expensive dental surgeries in the future. Hence, our dental care team suggest having oral check-up at least twice a year to prevent expensive emergencies in the future.

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