Menopause Treatment in Dubai

Menopause is not a disease and it should be considered as a normal phase in a women’s life. A lot of women approach it either in their 50’s or late 40’s. At times it requires a treatment because it brings about many changes in a woman’s body as well as her mind. Designs and symptoms of menopause start manifesting a few years before a female actually had her last menstrual cycle. There may be a massive hormonal shift which can end up causing hormonal imbalances as well as mental disturbances. There are many methods by which menopause can be treated but the best is to consider the hormone specialist Dubai so that it becomes easier to cope up with the new change in body. 

Here is a take about menopause it’s related facts and it’s treatment It will become easier for you to decide what you should do next in case you are also approaching menopause. 

What Is Menopause? 

When it was, it was the complete absence of the menstrual cycle in a women’s body that mostly occurs around 40 to 50 years of life. It causes complete infertility in a woman and it occurs as a result of lack of the hormones that are estrogen and progesterone in the body. These two hormones are the major that are responsible for maintenance of the menstrual cycle. A lot of women think that give menopause is better because it helps you get rid of the regular menstrual cycle but the truth is it comes about along with a series of signs and symptoms that are very hard to cope up with and in such a case you need a best kind Gynecologist. 

What is The Best Doctor To See for Menopause? 

If you want to know what is the best doctor to see for menopause then the Dynamic Clinic is just the right choice because they have a collection of gynecologists who are highly skilful and experienced in cases related to the menstrual cycle as well as the menopause. 


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What Are The Signs And Symptoms of Menopause?

  • Excessive sweating during the night
  •  hot flashes
  •  Abrupt changes in the mood 
  • behavioral cognitive changes in the brain 
  • Irritability and agitation 
  • disturbed bleeding or complete absence. 
  • Insomnia
  • vaginal dryness
  • Decreased sexual drive

What Is The Treatment of Menopause In Dubai? 

The treatment of menopause is not just confined within Dubai only but it is similar The word wide. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy 

The gynecologist will prescribe certain medications and therapeutic aid that will balance the hormones. It will limit the symptoms to a very minimum level and you will start feeling better. 

Induction of Synthetic Hormones 

Estrogen the main hormone that needs to replacement for the treatment of menopause A lot of the gynecologist will insert small doses of essential through the vagina root either in the form of a tablet, ointment or rings. This will treat the vaginal dryness that is one of the major symptoms and cause of concern in women with no cause. It also helps prevent painful intercourse which is the major complaint by most of the women in their 40’s who do not know that they might be approaching menopause. 


Since approaching menopause badly affects the mental health of a woman she will most likely have panic attacks, anxiety and will go into severe depression these will not heal up with without Medical systems and so taking anti the presence before hand will be beneficial both for the person and the body. 

Different doctors and gynecologists have different treatment options. However the treatment of choice is a hormone replacement therapy Dubai

Is HRT Available in Dubai?

 the hormonal replace therapy treatment however for those who want to know is HRT available in Dubai should know that luckily Dynamic clinic has some top notch gynecologists that deal with menopause and treat it efficiently. 

How Long Does Untreated Menopause Last? 

If you had experienced any of the above mentioned menopause symptoms, then it will be continued for about 1 to 2 years or even as short as 6 months it varies from person to person. You may not know that the absence of menstrual cycle is because of the menopause you often women take it as a hormonal imbalance. It can worsen if left untreated for more than 6 months.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for best Gynecologist for menopause near me then Dynamic Clinic is the best choice because of the highly professional team of Gynecologists. They are well versed and skillful in dealing with problems related to menstruation and menopause especially. 

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