Aqualyx injections in Dubai, Abu Dhbai & Sharjah

In today’s world, an ideal figure has become need more than any trend. Whenever we look ourselves in the mirror, for sure there is always the one fatty part that irritates us. Normally, it can be the upper arm or maybe tummy which upsets overall personality and self-esteem too. Of course, the very first thing we do is internet research, but it’s not certain that we get reliable results always. At most, exercises and diet plans are advised though we cannot deny the reality of their results. They work but slowly. We couldn’t call them a quick fix. No one has the time to wait for long by noticing the inch of difference in body, everyone demands straightforward outcomes.

Here we’re going to let you know about the most brilliant technique which can make your body slimmest and contoured quickly. It targets even those rigid fatty areas that are difficult to handle with workouts.

Aqualyx injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is an excellent approach to fight against stubborn fat. It will help you in contouring the specific parts of the body to transform them into proper shape. Fatty deposits get extracted out of the body through urine. The entire injection solution is comprised of natural substances so there is no side effect of delivering higher doses. But still, you should be aware of some realities associated with treatment, please continue reading to discover them.

Where it can be Used?

The water solution of Aqualyx injection is extremely safe can be used on any part of the body. Fortunately, the needle can touch even challenging areas too. Besides, men who’re dealing with gynecomastia (fatty nipples) can also have this injectable treatment for getting their chest into the regular form. Most commonly Aqualyx targets:

  1. Chin.
  2. Buttocks.
  3. Knees.
  4. Waistline.
  5. Stomach.
  6. Whitening.
  7. Underarms and armpits.
  8. Inner and outer thighs.
  9. Neck and many more.

Results: Will the Fat come back?

The wonderful results of Aqualyx Injections in Dubai will be observed as a contoured and perfect shaped body. You will no longer be a victim of rigid fatty pockets. However, the reduction in the targeted fat can be noticed after a couple of weeks and complete fallouts may continue to appear in the next 3-4 months. Generally, you may be needing to attend at least three sessions for achieving the desired results.

Fat will come back? In short, it’s up to you. This is because destroyed fatty tissues won’t come back but the rising of new ones is possible if you eat foolishly. So, the constancy of results is totally dependent upon the aftercare. As fat-dissolving is resistant to diet and exercises. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can preserve the results permanently.

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Who can have this Treatment?

Men or women, who’re interested in reshaping their bodies non-surgically can get this practice but they shouldn’t consider this as a weight loss procedure. It’s an entire body contouring technique. Though it’s found quite ideal for those who maintain exercises along with a healthy diet plan. Although, ensuring medical fitness also holds much importance.

Please avoid getting Aqualyx treatment, if you’re pregnant or on breastfeeding.

Things to Consider before Treatment:

Before you get the fat dissolving injection, inform your doctor in detail about the exact body shape you desire. Also, make him aware of your previous medical history whether you had some surgical treatment or not. So he can advise the preparation guidelines accordingly. But here, are the few things that must be considered by every single patient, please check out:

  1. Keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water before treatment.
  2. Assure medical fitness by going through all the essential tests.

What Happens during Treatment?

Aqualyx injections in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah claims to be an effective, painless procedure and gets completed within 15-20 minutes. Typically, the doctor will mark the injection sites and applies numbing cream on them for subsiding discomfort. Afterward, a very small needle is then used to deliver the water solution of Aqualyx. Once it’s done, the rigid fatty deposits break down and get liquefied to eliminate the fat from the body through a natural urine process.

Aftercare & Recovery:

Aqualyx injections aren’t indulged with incisions, stitches, or complex techniques which is the best thing about this procedure. Luckily, we cannot expect long recovery instructions or downtime from this injectable technique but still, some temporary side effects can be seen as swelling, redness, and irritation but there is nothing to worry about. They usually subside by having:

  1. Cold compressions on the injected site.
  2. Taking all the necessary medications advised by your doctor.
  3. Water at least 5-6 times a day.

The above-written instructions don’t need to be followed for more than 2-3 days. Though, we can consider the recovery period of Aqualyx treatment a maximum of three days.

Fat Reduction Dubai Cost?

The cost of Aqualyx injection treatment ranges from AED 1,000 to AED 5,000 maximum. However, the exact charges of treatment vary depending upon the size and number of the fatty areas where treatment is required. Of course, every person holds different concerns so the cost will be indicted accordingly.

You can feel free to consult our expert doctors to know the exact cost in your case.

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