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Are you fed up with waxing, hair removal creams, and shaving equipment? Are you looking for a hair removal procedure that is quick, permanent, and affordable? All of your problems and fears will disappear when you visit Dynamic Clinic for the best Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Laser therapy is a technique in which intense light is used. Contrary to energy from other forms, light from a laser is tailored to precise wavelengths. As a consequence, it can be focused on more solid beams.

Let’s get familiar with the laser treatment for hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a technique for removing undesirable hair from the body. A focused laser beam is directed into the hair follicles during this process. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the concentrated light, causing the hair to fall out.

How Does it Work?

The technique involves stopping new hair from developing by heating the hair follicles. The hair follicles are pushed into a condition of hibernating for a long time far more significant than shaving and waxing. The hair that do eventually grow will be thin, shorter and lesser. The entire process is done by experts. There can be more than one treatment session required.

Results of Laser Hair Removal:

Believe it or not but you can now achieve a smooth hair free skin without the hustle of waxing and shaving. Yes! Laser hair removal instantly damages the hair follicles in your skin and limits the rate at which they grow.

You will be left with a perfect radiant and smooth skin with just a single session.

Check out our clinic’s best Laser Hair Removal outcomes below:

Best laser-hair-removal in Abu Dhabi  Best laser-hair-removal Clinic in Dubai  laser-hair-removal Clinic in Dubai

laser-hair-removal in Abu Dhabi  laser-hair-removal in dubai  best laser-hair-removal in dubai

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas:

Using powerful pulsed light to damage hair follicles and fully eliminate them can be a quick and easy technique to get rid of undesired hair. And this sort of laser hair removal has a lot of common target areas. These are some of them:

  • Upper lip
  • Neck
  • Bikini Region
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Belly Line
  • Full Face
  • Full Body
  • Fistula
  • Ear
  • Beard Line


The laser hair removal procedure is an excellent option for almost anyone who has attractive body hairs that they would like to get rid of completely. This technique is a secure and reliable approach to getting here development comma while the outcomes will be based on the quantity of the year in the area and the patients complexion. 

This treatment is best for dark hair and fair complexion. It permits the laser to concentrate its beam on the pigment present in the hair rather than conflict with the skin pigmentation.There are all  particular lasers that could be used effectively on darker skin tones. 

However individuals with blonde or white hair are not ideal candidates for this procedure because they like the pigmentation required. It’s also essential to avoid skin problems, infections, open wounds ,or tanned skin, relying on the device to be used. 

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Cost of Laser Hair Removal:

The Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai is determined by the area to be treated and the number of sessions necessary. Patients choose how much time they want to spend on each session. The cost of laser hair removal for the Full body is as follows:

  • AED 799 for one session.
  • AED 2,200 for three sessions.
  • AED 4,400 for six sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Dubai Price List:

Body Parts 1 Session (AED) 3 Sessions (AED) 6 Sessions (AED)
5 Areas (Full Arms, Full Legs, Bikini, Under-Arms, Face) 599 AED 1500 AED 2800 AED
Beard Line 200 AED 399 AED 499 AED
Bikini Line 200 AED 499 AED 850 AED
Face 200 AED 399 AED 499 AED
Full Arms 250 AED 699 AED 999 AED
Full Back 300 AED 699 AED 999 AED
Full Bikini 299 AED 699 AED 999 AED
Full Body 799 AED 2200 AED 4400 AED
Full Buttocks 250 AED 599 AED 999 AED
Full Chest 150 AED 350 AED 500 AED
Full Legs 350 AED 899 AED 1500 AED
HalfArm 200 AED 499 AED 899 AED
Half Legs 250 AED 599 AED 999 AED
Lower Body 500 AED 1200 AED 2100 AED
Underarms 99 AED 250 AED 350 AED

Sessions Required For Laser Hair Removal?

2 to 6 laser hair removal treatments are typically required .  The time between treatments will differ based on where you are. It may require repeating the treatment in 4 to 8 week in regions their hair over grows, such as the upper lip.


After laser treatments, your doctor will offer you precise instructions on caring for your skin. To enhance skin healing and avoid adverse effects, you should practice the following in general:

  • Clean, soft washcloth on the treatment area and dampen it with iced water over several mins at a time.
  • Your doctor might well prescribe steroids ointment to help alleviate potential soreness that may arise from the treatment.
  • One should stay out of the sun for a month before and after the surgery. After that, apply sunscreen to the treated region daily.

Laser Hair Removal Techniques:

The five most common Hair Removal Laser Techniques in Dubai are Ruby, Alexandrite, IPL, Diode, and Nd: YAG. The best laser therapy is highly dependent on the sessions, precisions, expertise, and immediate results within a reasonable budget.

The following are the specifics of the laser as mentioned earlier treatment:


The Ruby Laser was among the first laser beams to be developed to remove hair efficiently simply. It is becoming obsolete; although it is noticeably slower than most other methods, it is becoming obsolete. It’s great for darker, coarser hair, but it’s also great for lighter, fine hair on fair skin.

The positive thing with such lasers is that they’ve been around enough for a lot of investigation and information about their effectiveness and unforeseen repercussions to accrue.


The Alexandrite Laser is the most widely used of the four laser methods. This laser is currently suggested with lighter skin tones considering it is said to cause less difficulty than other lasers.

Meanwhile, as the laser’s spectra are shorter, it doesn’t travel as profoundly and hence causes less pain. Over this, it may be necessary to schedule extra visits to achieve permanent hair removal. Although the hair removal isn’t permanent, it lasts much longer than other hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, or threading.


IPL is not a laser but rather a form of light. As the title suggests, a high-energy visible beam damages hair follicles like lasers do in a range of interventions. IPL is highly flexible to the needs of each individual.

The skin tone and hair characteristics could adjust the frequency or amplitude outputs to meet unique needs. If the hair is encouraged to expand in the target location, this method will demand more sessions.


Due to the general powerful light rays and significant effects, diode laser treatment is highly effective for coarser hair and moderately darker complexion. This laser hair removal method is very customizable.


Due to technical advancements, it will now be a virtually pleasant therapy. Compared to other forms, this procedure typically entails lesser sessions. The time frame required will vary based on the client’s arrangement.

One of the most contemporary laser hair removal techniques is the Nd Yag laser. As a result, it is far more beneficial and effective on all skin tones, especially tanned skin, while IPL and other lasers cannot do.

Such lasers can result in a considerable slowdown in hair regrowth and a reduction in hair growth in the treated area. It is most effective on thick, black hair. It will not work since there is no melanin in blonde, reddish, or grey hair. The Nd Yag laser becomes less effective with fine hair, but it can still yield significant results.These laser Treatments are handled by a skilled dermatologists who can assure guarranteed results.

Benefits and Side Effects:


In Dubai, the Laser Hair Removal can be used on any body part, including the arms, underarms, legs, face, entire body, and bikini area. There are several positive aspects to this, but the following three are the most important:

  • Precisions
  • Efficiency
  • Plausibility

Side Effects:

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai might cause minor side effects, which are as follows:

  • Swelling around the hair follicles is mild.
  • Pigment alterations, especially in people with a darker complexion, can occur; however, these changes are usually only transient.
  • The skin has a slight redness to it.
  • Blisters, crusting, scarring, or other changes in skin texture are all signs of temporary discomfort.

What it’s like to Recover after Laser Treatment:

It’s very typical to have minor skin sensitivity after each laser hair removal session. You may have some lingering irritation, discomfort comparable to razors burnt, and skin inflammation for the next 24 hours, depending on your skin’s susceptibility.

Note: It is recommended to consult the laser expert for the exact cost of Laser Hair Removal.

Why Choose Hair Removal at Dynamic Clinic?

Each laser system is distinct in its way. Specific lasers are better for different hair textures. Various lasers are healthier for persons with darker complexions. Furthermore, specialized laser technology is more effective on multiple body areas than others.

The Dynamic Cosmetic Clinic Dubai is the epitome of luxury in Dubai’s Jumeirah region. The ambiance, vibes, and displays in this clinic make you feel happy and refreshed. There are no charges for the consultation; it is entirely free. These may look a little too perfect for the services we offer. You have a wide range of options to pick from. Our clinic’s most popular Laser procedures are underarm Laser Hair Removal, full leg Laser Hair Removal, and face Laser Hair Removal.

Apart from treatments, the environment is excellent for relaxing after a long day. The clinic’s extensive infrastructure is particularly appealing. The specialists here are well-trained and qualified to give you the best available care.

Free Consultation:

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