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Family planning is one of the most  ignored and least concerned topics. It is mandatory to choose one of the contraception methods especially if the mother had delivered  through a traumatic birth. Our clinic offers some very reliable and authentic methods of Contraception in Dubai for the safety of both the mother and the father as well. 

What is Contraception? 

Contraception Is a birth control method that is taken in order to prevent any unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. It can be administered either through oral means, externally or through surgical methods. 

 They are widely used nowadays and their significance is quite important. The choice of the contraception one must use does not depend on their will but rather on their physician depending upon their medical state and condition.

Secondly contraception in the form of pills is medically used to regulate the menstrual cycle that often gets disturbed due to hormonal changes and imbalances.

Why is Contraception Important? 

The need for concert contraception is not just to limit the rate of pregnancy but there are other important aspects also: 

To Delay Pregnancy:

One of the prime reasons women choose contraception is to delay their pregnancy. It is very normal for couples to wait to start a family unless and until they are completely ready to do so. The best way is to choose a wise contraception so that it does not disturb the menstrual cycle of the female. 

To Prevent STDs:

Diseases such as aids HIV, syphilis etc. normally  transmit from one partner to the other through sexual intercourse. The use of proper contraception such as rubber based or latex based condoms can be very helpful to prevent any Sexually transmitted diseases.

To Regulate Hormonal Imbalances:

Problems related to ovulation and the menstrual cycle can be a result of a hormonal imbalance. This can be regulated by birth control pills that are also a form of Contraception in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The better your menstrual cycle is, the higher are the chances of fertility. 

To Postpone Ovulation:

In many cases women often choose to delay their menstruation period which eventually delays their ovulation ( fertility period)  as well.  This again can be done by the proper dosage of contraceptive pills. Note that taking contraceptive pills in order to delay your period should be done only after taking the correct advice and medicine from your gynecologist. 

To Maintain Gap After C- sections:

According to gynecologists it is suggested that a woman should wait for at least 2.5 to three years to get pregnant after giving birth through a cesarean section. This is because the scar and previous surgery takes time to heal and the uterus along with the associated structures take longer than usual to retain back to their original position. 

 In such cases  one must choose the right method of contraception to maintain a gap in between two pregnancies especially after undergoing a cesarean section. 

Contraception Methods Available in our Clinic:

Our clinic is well known for providing the best gynecology services including Contraception in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Some of the methods offered in our clinic include: 

Pills and Medications:

These include birth control pills that are responsible for the regulation of the menstrual cycle and delay ovulation. 

IUCD (Intrauterine Contraceptive Device):

An IUCD is a contraceptive device which is composed of a copper coil which is inserted into the uterus. It works by releasing hormones that can kill the sperms. It is considered as one of the safest and reliable contraception methods that can last for years. 

Tube Ligation:

A tube ligation is a permanent birth control method. It is done by cutting the fallopian tube of a female and tying the end of the tubes. This prevents ovulation and also seizes the menstrual cycle. The absence of ovulation as a result completely declines the fertility window of a female.


Implants are new and more improved methods that are used as Contraception in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi the treatment method includes insertion of a device into the arm of a female. The device is supposed to release certain hormones that act as a barrier for fertilization.


Vasectomy is the only method of contraception which is done on males. It is completely the choice of the couple who will go for the contraception. If the male chooses one, vasectomy can be done.  It makes a male completely sterile.  For more information on vasectomy you can visit our clinic and get a detailed overview from the surgeons.


Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the complete removal of the uterus in a female hence leading to infertility. 

Hysterectomy is not a contraceptive method but rather it is done in order to treat any disease or prevent its spread to the other part of the body. 

What Can be the Possible Risk  of Contraception? 

Contraceptive methods can have some possible side effects that are unavoidable such as: 

  •  Excessive weight  gain.
  •  disturbance in the menstrual cycle if the pills are not taken correctly.
  •  leaking or bursting in case of rubber based contraceptives.
  • Heavy and painful bleeding in cases of IUCD. 

The Final Verdict!

Your health should always be on the top priority over everything . Therefore it is important that you seek advice from a sound gynecologist for choosing the best Contraception in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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