Best General Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi | General Surgery Treatments

Over a period of years our clinic has now become widely acceptable and famous for providing an enormous range of General Surgery in Dubai. The Surgeries provided are not just done by some top notch surgeons but the entire staff including the paramedics are well trained and have profound skills that are very less likely to be found in any other clinic. Here are the general surgeries done routinely in our clinic. 

What are General Surgeries? 

General surgeries are the surgery which is done on your body including any organ so stop it can range from head to toe it is important that the surgeon who is carrying out the general surgery should have sound experience and should be certified from the board of medical directors.

Why are General Surgeries Done? 

  • General surgeries are normally done in order to treat any existing disease in any organ.
  • They can be done for the removal of any tumor that is detected.
  • For the correction of displacements in the bones.
  • For the repair of wounds. 

General Surgeries in Dynamic Clinic:

Here’s a closer look on some of the commonly practiced general surgeries in our clinic: 


Elaborate scopic surgery is normally done in the abdomen for stop it targets the oh

Weight Loss General Surgery:

Our clinic is proud enough to share the fact that we offer weight loss surgeries at a very considerable cost. Some important weight loss surgeries we cater to are gastric sleeve surgery, Gastric Balloon, and liposuction.

Cardiac Surgeries:

Open heart surgeries and those that include placements of stents, correction of valves, problems in the arteries and veins are all corrected in the cardiac surgery. 

Thyroid Surgeries:

Uh for candidates who complain with an increased level of thyroid create a hyperthyroid or with low levels of thyroid then need to undergo a thyroid surgery often present to our clinic

Abdominal Surgeries:

We have a wide range of abdominal surgeries that can include a cholecystectomy that is a removal of gallbladder stone.

Gynecological Surgeries:

Cesarean sections, uterine fibroids removal, duplication and the other associated gynecological surgeries are all performed in our clinic by some of the top notch gynecologists of UAE.

Anal Surgeries:

If you have ever experienced hemorrhoids or piles etc then annual surgeries or colorectal surgeries become mandatory for stop you can avail such surgeries for a better treatment and of course pain relief. 

Urologic Surgeries:

Damage in the kidneys can be corrected by urological surgeries. 

Breast Surgeries:

We cater to thousands of cases with breast cancer and early detection of tumors. It can be removed through Breast Surgeries that are done on a wider scale in our clinic. 

Chemotherapy and Cancer Surgeries:

Apart from breast cancer surgeries we also provide an enormous range of cancer surgeries including tumors at any part of the body or organ irrespective of the staging. The goal of the surgery is to first get rid of the tumor to prevent its spread to distant areas. 

General Surgeries Cost in Dubai:

If you want to know about the cost related to the general surgeries then it is better to first get your disease or pathology identified and diagnosed. Based on the treatment planning you will be guided about the  type of general surgery that needs to be done.

Why Choose our Clinic?

We would recommend choosing Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic for any kind of general surgery because our surgeons and their entire team works really hard with using the ideal skills, their knowledge and thorough case study. 

 The Final Verdict!

General Surgeries in Dubai can save a lot of the diseases from spreading to distant areas of the body. This is especially important in patients with cancer. We suggest you visit our clinic in case of any unpleasant or  asymptomatic conditions.