Best Hair Transplant in Al Ain UAE FUT, Hybrid FUE Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant in Al Ain is the secret behind lifetime healthy hair 

The hair loss problem in the United Arab Emirates is rising day by day due to increased levels of pollution, high temperatures, and of course genetic factors. But with transplantation, it’s not an issue anymore.

FUE and FUT Transplantation in Al Ain UAE promote the lost growth in the scalp by moving hair follicles from the donor area to the bald area. It’s the delicate process of stimulating natural growth and has benefitted thousands of people with healthy, luscious, flourished, and shiny hair.

What’s the Procedure like?

The process of hair transplant is simple, performed under local anesthesia, and gets complete in four to five hours. It can be done with either FUE, FUT, or DHI. However, the extraction method differs from patient to patient.

By using the specified technique hair grafts are separated and then sorted one by one to pinpoint specific preservation in terms of ensuring the longevity of hair follicles. Following the natural scalp condition, hair follicles are placed at the proper angle deeply. These hairs are implanted so carefully so that patients don’t experience any pain or discomfort. However, recovery time is up to one week, with no major disruption to daily life.

It doesn’t require a fully shaved head always. Instead, small sections of the head are harvested to cover the bald area once.


  • Proved results
  • Minimal downtime
  • No Extreme risks


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What are the Complications?

Just like every cosmetic procedure, a hair transplant is also associated with some complications and side effects including bleeding, swelling pain, and nausea. Such conditions can get severe if post-instructions aren’t properly followed or if your doctor is inexpert.

Seek instant direction from our surgeons in any extreme problem.

Cost of Hair Transplant?

The price of Hair Transplant in Al Ain can range from AED 7000 to AED 15,000 or perhaps more. Instead of surgery time, the pricing factor mostly relies upon the follicles required and associated complications as well. You will be informed of the rough estimate of the cost in the initial session.

Those who can’t afford big amounts at once can avail of our interest-free installment offers. Consult directly with our team for further guidance regarding our financial plans.

What are the other Options?

Ingredients such as Minoxidil have been seen well in minimizing hair loss and encouraging thicker growth. Somehow it can be considered as a hair transplant alternative but that’s not universal for each case. The dominant alternatives to hair transplant are PRP, Laser, and Mesotherapy, etc. Minoxidil can be considered as a scalp care ritual just like weekly hair masks, monthly trimming, and somehow chemical treatments.

Remember, Minoxidil is mostly advised as post-care for hair transplant. 

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Our medical team is there to guide you on every step even after surgery. We offer the best personal care unless you cherish the final results from transplantation. This is the reason why we are perfectly unique from others.

To meet our specialist for your Best Hair Transplant in Al Ain call us or simply visit our clinic as a walk-in patient. However, booking an appointment prior can ease you from any fuss.

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