Voluma Juvederm in Dubai

We cannot deny the loss of volume in cheeks and surrounding areas due to aging. A long list of anti-aging treatments is available which makes the choice quite tough. However, we all have heard about Botox but you know what? It’s now being replaced by the Voluma Juvederm in Dubai & Abu Dhabi due to its excessive advancement in the cosmetic industry. Thousands or millions of people are getting into this approach due to its tremendous comforts along with completely natural results.

Voluma is the latest Juvederm Filler technique mainly used to overcome aging flaws. It’s basically comprised of hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler to add enough volume into the cheeks, nose, and under the eyes. This Juvederm procedure is considered an immense approach to fight against the displeasing symptoms of growing age.

Among all dermal fillers, it’s one of the great deal of options anyone can have.

What Exactly is Voluma?

Like all dermal fillers, Voluma is also an injectable treatment responsible for restoring the lost health and volume of the skin. It’s vaccinated deeply into the skin with the purpose of adding more volume into the face by making it fuller and plumper. We can also call this procedure a skin rejuvenation technique.

Though, it’s the modern fashion FDA-approved procedure offered at almost every clinic in UAE.

A recent study has proved its efficiency by showing positive feedbacks among 85% of patients. Besides the beauty concerns, it has also been found good enough to treat the depression signs too.

Results After Voluma:

An attractive improvement in the face can be noticed even after 2-3 weeks of treatment as filler demands some time for settling into the skin. Generally, the acquired results can last for a maximum of 1-2 two years or perhaps more than this. It’s entirely dependent upon the care you take and sessions you attend as a series of injections might be required for more desirable results.

However, the best thing about Voluma Juvederm or Volite Filler is that its outcomes get better with every passing day. After six to eight months of the procedure, you will start looking five times younger than your actual age.

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Is Voluma Suitable for me?

Definitely yes, if you’re seeking the best treatment for getting back youngness in the face. But nowadays, there is a huge list of techniques available to make people look more attractive and beautiful even in their aged period. So, deciding to get the best conduct becomes tricky however it’s greatly dependent upon personal preferences and unique demands. So, before you come to any final decision please discuss your health concerns with the doctor so he can suggest better advice.

What’s the Procedure like?

The whole process of Voluma in Dubai & Abu Dhabi works similarly to dermal fillers. A specified amount of injection is delivered into the face by penetrating it more deeply. The doctor then sums up the process by massaging the injected site evenly as instant settling of filler requires some attention and some manual practice too. It’s just the all in one procedure to get back the lost volume in cheeks with a plumper appearance.

Currently, this practice isn’t approved to use on lips and surrounding areas, you can just have it on your midface and cheeks.

Aftercare & Recovery:

After experiencing the Voluma, there may be some pain, redness and swelling on the injection site which goes away within 4-5 days of treatment. However, the outcomes will become more visible once the swelling subsides.

Patients are highly advised to follow the prescribed aftercare guidelines for the perseverance of long-lasting results. Most commonly, escaping physical activities and use of cosmetic products are extremely endorsed.

Is There any Serious Risk of Voluma?

Till now, no serious side effects have been reported after having Voluma Juvederm Fillers in Dubai. As it’s also a matter of proper dose and correct administration however at Dynamic clinic of Dubai, we’re holding a 100% success rate of Voluma as every patient leaves positive feedback with tremendous fruitful results.

Which is Better Voluma or Sculptra?

When we compare the Voluma with Sculptra injections, voluma would be an effective approach for those who demand long term consequences without even attending the enormous number of sessions. On the other hand, when we talk about Sculptra, it has been revolving around in the cosmetic industry for a long and people are aware of its well-known name. Conversely, voluma is relatively new in the market which is a great concern for many patients as majority fear experiencing new techniques. But in actual Voluma is the best approach in dealing with excessive aging concerns safely.

How Much Does Voluma Cost in Dubai?

 The cost of Voluma starts from a minimum of AED 200 and AED 3000. It’s a rough estimate of cost as several factors are affecting its price range entirely. Have a look at them:

  1. Facial condition
  2. The total number of sessions
  3. Procedure complexity
  4. Expertise of doctor

Free Consultation:

No one likes the deformities in the skin due to aging. But thanks to the Voluma for Cheeks and Lips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, without even going under any surgical procedure, you can now make your face plumper and fuller, and not only this but wrinkle lessening is also a great comfort of this procedure.

Moreover, if you’re living in Dubai considering getting the best Voluma in UAE, get in touch with our experts by filling in the consultation form or simply visit us!