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Standards of Bariatric Surgery are only met by a licensed surgeon who is expert enough to achieve the expectations of bariatric patients securely. 

The Most Important Person:

Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai—is an important being who plays a dominant role in the management of obesity. When diet plans and workouts aren’t enough to discard excess weight, they are the only ones who can help via various stomach alteration techniques.

They perform complex bariatric surgeries to give a higher quality of life. Patients are helped walk through the process smoothly and help to achieve realistic expectations. From admit, to discharge and even post-recovery, bariatric surgeons ensure uncompromised care.

Remember, best bariatric surgeons carefully do analysis and then perform the surgery.

About Bariatric Surgery:

Bariatric Surgery aka Weight Loss Surgery, fights obesity by making changes in the digestive system and yields a slim figure. This way, it improves a couple of medical conditions like high blood pressure, joint and back pains, high cholesterol, and infertility. There are various ways in which this surgery is performed on an individual. These types include:

  1. Gastric Bypass.
  2. Gastric Banding.
  3. Sleeve gastrectomy.
  4. Duodenal switch.

Ahead, you can find the consequences of meeting the best bariatric.

Results of Bariatric Surgery:

bariatric-aaurgeon in Abu Dhabi  bariatric-surgeon Clinic in Dubai  Best bariatric-surgeon in dubai

bariatric-surgeon Clinic in Dubai  Best bariatric-surgeon Clinic in Dubai  Best bariatric-surgeon in Abu Dhabi

Manage your Obesity:

Weight loss surgeries are major, must be carried out by highly qualified doctors to have the best results. Only renowned experts with years of training can provide you the fantasized results. Being the best Weight Loss Surgery Clinic across UAE, we proudly offer the team of the best bariatric surgeons who perform thousands of safe Bariatric surgeries every year.

Below are the three important phases that the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai focuses on.

  1. Early Testing.
  2. Surgery Day.
  3. Recovery.

Early Testing:

This is the session, from where the game begins. Early screening tests, FDA approval, medical criteria, and much more. Each and every, aspect of your cosmetic and medical goal is identified and analyzed for ideal results.

There would also be a discussion of weak points that might hinder recovery. By the end of this consultation with the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you will leave the clinic satisfied without any inquiries or doubts.

Surgery Day:

The procedure of bariatric surgery is different for each individual. But in each case, anesthesia and endoscope camera is required, the difference only persists in incision techniques. The whole process won’t take longer than 1-2 hours. Patients can feel good even after the surgery if their bariatric surgeon is trained and hasn’t left any complicated happening behind.


Post-operatively, patients don’t report much discomfort. There is bearable discomfort of sutures that are controlled with medications and aftercare suggestions.

Best bariatric surgeons extensively put the ultimate effort in recovery to make the procedure as pleasant as possible. They give special tips to have the best wound healing and safest possible outcomes.

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya:

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is one of Dubai’s most experienced bariatric surgeons. He has been specialized in this surgical practice for more than one decade and is currently serving his precious efforts in the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. His attention, focus, and grip towards gastric weight loss surgeries ensure the highest level outcomes.

He believes that no one has to suffer to be skinny. Every single person has an equal right to have an eye-catching appealing figure. With this concept in mind, and skilled hands, his efforts are accepted worldwide.

How much do Bariatric Surgeons Charge?

Compared to typical dietitians and nutritionists, bariatric surgeons cost high. The average fees of meeting a bariatric surgeon typically range from AED 1,000AED 4,000. Based upon the analysis, desired results, and elected weight loss procedure, total charges are informed.

For hassle-free checkups, it’s better to book pre-consultation.

Why Choose Dubai for your Weight Loss Surgery?

Dubai is one of the most preferred locations for weight loss surgeries across the globe. Every year, thousands of people from various parts of the world meet the Top Bariatric Surgeons in Dubai. There are numerous reasons for this interest. Dominantly, the great services at truly reasonable rates stand out. The best part, even after adding up the expenses of traveling, accommodation, and food, the total cost will remain still economical than other countries.

Another thing that attracts the attention of people is the latest infrastructure, up-to-date medical technology, and their best use from bariatric surgeons! The skills and knowledge of experts here are world-famous and truly appreciable.

Meet the Best Bariatric Surgeon in Dubai!

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