IV Low Laser Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

There are a lot of treatments available to cure different diseases. But everyone is not suitable for invasive treatments. So advancements in medical science launched organic and non-invasive treatments. Regenerative Medicine is one of the best-known medical techniques. That miracle is producing incredible effects. It helps in curing all the inflammatory disorders produced by ageing. One of these treatments is IV Low-Laser Therapy in Dubai. It helps in dealing with depression and vitamin D insufficiency. The treatment also improved heart functioning, immunity, metabolism, and wound healing. It uses low-powered lasers to promote cellular function in the body. The treatment helps you stay younger and healthier. Keep going to find out more about the treatments.

What is IV Low Laser Treatment?

Therapy entails the application of low-level lasers to specific body locations. This treatment helps promote cellular function. And also increases ATP generation, the body’s energy source. IV Low Laser. The laser beams are delivered into circulation via an intravenous (IV) catheter. The light energy then interacts with cells in the body. And it facilitates healing and regeneration. It is a newer therapy that has grown in popularity in recent years. It helps with a wide range of medical disorders. Including chronic pain, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and others.


It is a non-invasive medical treatment that stimulates healing. And also reduces pain and inflammation in the body by using low-power lasers. The treatment is effective for a variety of medical problems. Including autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, and chronic pain. Unfortunately, the data for this treatment’s efficacy is currently limited and ambiguous. Some studies revealed encouraging results. But it is very effective in unique ways.

Target Area:

The primary goal of this technique is to benefit those who are tired of taking medications. And want to solve their medical problems using. The following concerns can be treated with this treatment:

  • Improves blood immunology.
  • It helps with distress and anxiety management.
  • Make sure you get enough vitamin D to keep your bones strong.
  • Promotes cardiologic health.
  • It also aids in tissue metabolism normalisation.
  • Combat the signs of ageing.
  • Enhances healing properties of the body.

Ideal Candidates:

The treatment is delivered via intravenous infusion. While IV LLLT is a potential treatment for a variety of medical disorders. It may not be appropriate for everyone. The following are the ideal applicants:

  • Applicants with diabetes.
  • If you have chronic liver and kidney diseases.
  • The candidates with lipid metabolic issues.
  • If you have a heart condition,
  • Applicants with allergies, and multiple sclerosis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, skin issues.


The procedure is non-invasive and requires little preparation. Even though candidates must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Avoid using all medication.
  • Skip blood thinners and drugs.
  • Applicants must discuss their condition with the doctor.
  • You must discuss all your allergies with the doctor.


The laser device will inject low-level laser light into your bloodstream. It will work via the catheter. The operation takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your condition and the dosage needed. This therapy treats the blood using a simple catheter put into the arm, similar to a blood draw. A tiny fibre-optic wire delivers laser energy to the blood. As it flows through the vein. Various types of photons are involved in travelling through the veins. All are helpful for different purposes in this treatment. The following are the primary function of each:

  • Yellow Light:

    It helps to improve serotonin and vitamin D metabolism. Serotonin also helps to treat depression. It boosts the hormones that are in charge of happiness. Whereas vitamin D is effective in strengthening bones and connective tissues. And also for immune protection. This detoxifying effect lowers anxiety and despair. The procedure is also effective for fatigue disorders and chronic infections. Resistance to germs and viruses.

  • Blue Light:

    This type of laser has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Blue lasers have a good impact on the immune system. And also boosts the body’s ability to repair wounds.

  • Red Light:

    This light boosts the production of ATP, which leads to improved blood circulation. It also increased energy, immune defence, and improved neuronal function. Boosting macrophage and T-cell production enhances the immune system. It can help with coagulation and platelet aggregation.

  • Green Laser Light:

    This light has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Green laser therapy is used to prevent infection and cure inflammatory swelling. It also helps to treat ulcers and infectious malignancies. Improves blood oxygen absorption and enhances cellular ATP synthesis. Which increases energy.

All lasers are effective for different treatments. The expert will advise you on what works best for you.


The procedure is very convenient, but aftercare is the reason for effective results. The following are the post-procedure instructions:

  • The patients should continue to consume plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • Applicants must rest and avoid strenuous activities following the treatment.
  • Applicants should consult with experts to assess the success of the treatment.
  • Patients should keep an eye out for any adverse reactions.

It is critical to understand that, for the treatment, you must select a competent doctor. Patients must follow the expert’s guide.


This technique has a variety of advantages. The following are the major advantages of the treatment:

  • Therapy helps treat neuropathy.
  • The treatment helps in promoting muscle relaxation and providing relief from muscle spasms.
  • The procedure aids in reducing minor joint stiffness, aches, and pains.
  • It is effective to treat skin conditions such as wounds and scars.
  • It also helps to ease arthritis symptoms.
  • The procedure aids in blood circulation.
  • It helps treat both acute and chronic diseases such as tendonitis or knee injuries.
  • Treatment is effective in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • While also increasing nerve regeneration, muscle relaxation, and immune system response.


The Cost of the IV Low Laser Treatment in Dubai is inexpensive. It ranges from AED 1,299 and AED 1,499. The cost of regenerative medicine depends on the applicant’s condition. And also the client’s needs. The cost of the operation varies because of a variety of factors. Including the experience of the doctor delivering this service. The quality and reputation of the clinic, the doctor’s qualifications. The basic goal of the procedure, and many more.

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