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Our skin needs care 24/7 it is busy protecting our body from pollutants, UV sunlight, bacterial and fungal infections, and more. People, especially women want smooth, fresh, and flawless skin but it is a fact that no matter what regime, tips, and remedies we try our skin looks unhealthy and bad sometimes. It is because there are dozens of internal and external factors that can influence skin including hormones, genetics, sun exposure, stress, diet, etc. They all contribute to the development of skin problems.

Skin Concern:

5 Common skin concerns are,

  1. Acne
  2. Inflammation
  3. Aging
  4. Enlarged pores
  5. Dark spots


A common skin condition that both men and women are experiencing nowadays. Our skin is composed of hair follicles that contain oil, when this oil concentration rises, acne occurs. It usually affects the cheeks, forehead, shoulder, and upper back. Acne Treatment is usually painless but sometimes causes large, red, and pus-filled breakouts that cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The good news is that a wide variety of effective treatments are there by which you can repair your acne-damaged skin. The treatments we offer are FDA-approved and do not cause serious reactions so see a dermatologist at our clinic and wipe your acne completely.

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Inflammation causes red itchy patches or spots on the surface of the skin. This skin problem is usually caused when different foreign invaders enter the body. The body’s immune system fights against them inflammation appears as a reaction. It can be chronic so it is better to treat it when you notice the first symptom. See a doctor, diagnose the cause, and then go for its treatment. The doctor may ask you to have a skin biopsy especially when there is a fear that it might spread.

Skin Aging:

Aging is a natural process, everyone has to go through it. When we age, our skin becomes slack and saggy. Wrinkles, spots, creases, and lines start appearing on the skin and sometimes become so deep that they become very difficult to remove with home remedies. This is the time when you need to see a dermatologist. Different options can remove or reduce visibility e.g. you can go for medications, laser treatment, fillers, Botox, and more. 

Enlarged Pores:

Not only females, but a large number of males also suffer from large pores. People with oily skin tend to be more affected by this problem. It can be caused because of increased sebum production or loss of skin elasticity. Luckily, the concern can be solved. Common treatments of large pores include micro-needling, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Discuss your problem with the dermatologist he will help you choose the right treatment for your enlarged pores.

Dark Spots:

Also known as hyperpigmentation. Excessive sun exposure and aging are two major causes of this skin concern. They appear as black or brown oval-shaped spots. When a new spot appears in the skin see a doctor because it could be a symptom of skin cancer. The doctor will do a biopsy to examine the skin tissues under the microscope.

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