Dental Tooth Calculus in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Teeth Tartar Cost

Dental Calculus—Called Teeth Tartar:

Over time, teeth are exposed to a number of forms. Just as after eating, the sticky layer begins on the coating of teeth. It’s called plaque. If it’s not removed quickly with brush or floss, it hardens and turns into tartar called Dental Calculus. Be aware, calculus is irreversible with daily brushing. It’s necessary to get Dental Calculus (Teeth Tartar) Treatment in Dubai at the dentist’s office so that calculus doesn’t impact negatively on the health of your teeth and gums.

At Dynamic Dental, we remove surface stains, plaque, tartar, and restore the pearly white luster you ever craved.

Do you know how calculus get on your teeth? And why it should be removed? What are the ways to remove it? Get the facts straight ahead.


Dental calculus (Teeth Tartar) Treatment in Dubai results lead to pure, vibrant teeth. No tartar, no plaque, just clean teeth, pleasant breath, and a beautiful smile will be yours.

Dental Tooth Calculus in Abu Dhabi  Dental Tooth Calculus in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  Dental Tooth Calculus in Dubai 

Why Need Treatment for Calculus?

Calculus or plaque is quite dangerous. It does not just stay on teeth but begin to spread gradually over the gum line with time. If not removed, causes gum disease (gingivitis). Beyond that, you can also lose one or more teeth.

Below three are dominant problems you can come across with calculus.

  • Gum diseases
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth loss

Dental Calculus Removal Treatment:

The bridge of calculus on teeth can’t be brushed off. Dentists perform a professional cleaning to remove calculus or any other existing bacterial infection.

The procedure of Dental Calculus (teeth tartar) removal Treatment in Dubai include:

  1. Cleaning and Scaling: The dentist carefully removes hard tartar and plaque present in teeth using a scaler or ultrasonic device. The scaler involves manual participation while the ultrasonic instrument has its vibrations with enough water supply to remove the calculus deeply.
  2. Planing: After scaling, dentists smooth out the root surfaces of the tooth using an ultrasonic tool. Repeated treatments are performed for more optimal results.

Our expert dentists take all the necessary precautions to make sure gum tissue is protected and safe. They use mouth guards and ensure that the treatment only reaches the tooth enamel that is claimed to be cleaner.

Prevent Dental Calculus:

When it comes to oral care, regular brushing must not be forgotten. But that’s not just the case. Everyone should carefully evaluate their oral care routine and discuss it with their dentists to ensure they’re making the correct choices.

American Dental Association recommends some cleaning practices for good oral hygiene and tartar-free teeth. Please check out:

  • Brush twice a day with floss in between. Spend at least two minutes brushing with good toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Always brush your tongue. It helps to freshen the breath and make the mouth bacteria-free.
  • Limit sugary food and stained liquids such as coffee, tea.
  • See the dentist regularly.

You can consider the above advice as so alternatives to Dental Calculus Treatment in Dubai, but don’t expect similar results. Because dentists always address the real cause of the problem professionally. Self-treating might not always benefit.


After having Dental Calculus Removal treatment, you can enjoy the benefits stated below:

  • Healthy gums
  • Cavity-free teeth
  • No fear of tooth loss
  • Beautiful smile

How much is for Dental Calculus Removal Dubai?

The cost of Dental Calculus (teeth tartar) Treatment in Dubai usually ranges from AED300 to AED 1500. You can expect variation in this cost estimate as per the tartar condition of the patient and availed number of sessions.

Why Choose us?

The team of professionals serving the best oral care to patients all around. We carry the best dental care in Dubai with hundreds of dentistry procedures. If it’s unwanted plaque or uneven tooth alignment or even a missing tooth—we hold an authentic solution to every problem of yours.

As per our dentists,” it’s crucial to opt for the problem timely to ward-off expensive emergencies”

So upgrade your oral care, don’t ignore mild calculus. Get proper treatment for it before it leaves a fatal impact on your oral health.

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