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Being sick and not being able to visit a hospital can have a negative impact on your health. We know that it sometimes becomes difficult for people to visit a hospital or clinic to get the right treatment. Nothing should come between the health of a patient. With Doctors at Home in Dubai service you do not have to worry about not visiting a hospital. As with our home service, our professional doctors will visit your home to treat or provide you with your medication at the ease of your own home. Providing medical care and comfort to our patients in the comfort of their houses is our top priority.

Main Purpose of Doctors at Home in Dubai Facility:

Patients sometimes are unable to visit hospitals, and clinics due to certain circumstances. When they are unable to visit a proper doctor for treatment they neglect their health. Not getting the right treatment and medication on time can have a major negative impact on your health. When people who suffer from severe chronic diseases do not get the right treatment at the right time, this can cause them to have further future complications. The main purpose of our Doctors at Home Dubai service is that our professional doctors can visit your home to provide you with the required treatment, so our patients no longer have to suffer in pain.

Services We Offer:

The number of healthcare services that our patients can receive in their homes is limitless. You can avail of our different healthcare services according to your condition. Below are some of the home health services that we provide for our patients:

  • Treatment for certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and arthritis.
  • Providing assistance and treatment to people who have prolonged diseases.
  • Managing the symptoms and relieving the pain of the patients.
  • Proper consultation, treatment, and medication of a disease.
  • Changing the wound dressings, and bandages.
  • Providing post-surgical care for patients who have suffered from accidents, or other injuries.
  • Regular checkups and health screenings.
  • Providing vaccinations, and flu shots.
  • Nutritional support and many other medical services.

How Do Our Doctors at Home Service Look Like?

Doctors at Home in Dubai Doctors at Home in Dubai UAE Doctors at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Benefits of Dynamic Doctors at Home in Dubai:

There are several different benefits of our Doctors at Home Dubai service. Some of these are:

  • With being at your own home you’re less prone to several infectious diseases.
  • Elderly people can be treated in their homes and do not have to travel to the hospitals.
  • You do not have to stand in long hospital lines.
  • In hospitals, doctors have to treat many patients, so they are usually unable to give proper time to a single patient. With at-home service, the physician will treat you without worrying about other patients.
  • Patients feel more comfortable in the environment of their homes.
  • The benefit of being treated in a familiar environment.
  • The benefit of having multiple medical services in a comfortable environment.
  • Staying at the hospital is more costly while being treated at your home is quite affordable, as you do not have to pay the room bills and other bills.

What to Expect from Our At-Doctors at Home in Dubai?

When our patients book an appointment with us, here is what happens:

  • Doctor Visit: 

When you book an appointment with us, our specialist arrives at your doorstep in less than 99 minutes, with all the necessary medical equipment.

  • Hygienic Measures:

At our clinic, we make sure that all our physicians, nurses, and other staff members follow hygienic measures properly. When the healthcare provider reaches your doorstep, they make sure that they follow all the necessary hygienic measures for their own safety, and for the safety of their patients.

  • Initial Examination:

He/she will then properly examine the medical condition of the patient, in addition to properly monitoring all the vitals. They may also view your medical history.

  • Prescriptions and recommendations:

Then the healthcare provider will treat you according to your condition. After treating you. The patient will be prescribed their required medications or infusions.

  • Aftercare and Healthcheckups:

The last step will be the physician informing the patient about the proper aftercare to follow. This can include the medical prescription which consists the guidelines on how, and when to take certain medicines. If a patient requires further health checkups, the doctor will inform you about them.

How Long will it Take a Doctor to Visit My House?

When a patient books an appointment with us, our doctor arrives at their doorstep within less than half an hour.

Doctors at Home in Dubai Costs:

Dynamic Clinic Dubai offers quite affordable and beneficial services for the ease of their clients. At-home services are quite affordable compared to hospital visits. Being treated at your own house, and not staying at a hospital save you a lot of money. However, the cost may depend on certain different factors. Such as:

  • Experience of the healthcare provider.
  • The medical condition of the patient.
  • Distance of the clinic.
  • Cost of IV drips, medicines, etc.

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