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There are many reasons we may feel as if our skin is not on our side. From breakouts to dry spots. Most of us have dealt with a variety of skin issues in our lives. They try hard to achieve beautiful skin. But these efforts are worthless. Until you looking for good facials. Our facials are great for breathing a new lease of life into your skin. Because what better approach to help you meet your skin objectives? Then with a tailored treatment plan? But which Facial Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is best for you? We wrote this post to help you find out. First, we’ll answer a question that many people wish to know. Are facial treatments good for your skin? Even if you do not have hyperpigmentation or acne, your skin can enjoy a facial treatment. To maintain it healthy, radiant, and clear of potential problems. Also, receiving treatment from a professional. It will give you a deeper understanding of your skin.


The treatments comprise a series of beauty treatments. It aimed to achieve a healthy and clean complexion. As well as balanced skin that is soft and fresh, while making you feel pampered and relaxed. A salon or spa facial is much more than a simple cleanse, tone, and hydrate regimen. The treatments differ depending on the type of skin and the desired outcome. Extraction devices open the pores and purify the skin. The dead skin is then removed with scrubs or peeling. Its massages relax, drain toxins, and increase circulation. Masks aid to moisturize or brighten the skin. If you want to shine both inside and out, your facial can include high-tech. And full-body treatments that can revitalize your skin.


For good reason, a facial is the world’s oldest treatment. The results can endure for several weeks. It improves the tone, texture, all appearance of your skin. The effects of the facial usually last four to six weeks for most skin types. The precise treatment you use, as well as the steps you take with your treatment to care for your skin. It will determine how long your results last. The effects of a professional facial might endure longer than a month for many people. Regular facials enhance skin texture and reduce the fine lines. Wrinkles and acne scars aid in pore reduction and boost the efficacy of your home care regimen. It deep cleanses pores to help prevent future breakouts. And promote relaxation.

facial treatment in Dubai facial treatment before & after dubai facial treatment before and after in DUbai

Types of Facial treatments:

You will have many therapy alternatives to choose from. For people of different ages, skin tones, skin types, and cosmetic goals. And even for wellness goals. We provide a comprehensive selection of treatments to address many skin conditions. Among the treatments, we offer the best facial for you. It will depend on your specific aesthetic goals. If you have hyperpigmentation issues, for example, laser facial therapy may be perfect. If you want glowing skin, we will assist you in selecting the best face for your needs.

Our famous treatments are given below:


This treatment is a gentle exfoliation that eliminates dead skin cells. It unclogs pores. and infuses active substances into the skin. It accomplishes this in three simple steps. This includes cleansing, exfoliating, and infusing serums into the skin. To empty the pores. It transfers active chemicals into the skin. And uses a vacuuming or suctioning device. The extractions used in this treatment are mild and do not harm the skin. The procedure will need to be done every month, according to the doctors. The major advantages include acne therapy, wrinkle improvement, hyperpigmentation reduction, and inflammation reduction.

Deep Cleansing Facial:

In this treatment, the expert cleanses the skin. Because it removes dead cells while also increasing cell turnover. It encourages improved skin oxygenation. It will make your skin brighter, smoother, and younger. It eliminates wrinkles and dilated pores and gives you a more well-groomed appearance. The creams and treatments you apply later will penetrate more and be more effective. It involves cleansing, the removal of enlarged pores or blackheads, and peeling. Hydration and moisturization would be the last step.

OxyGeneo facial:

This treatment attempts to give you younger-looking skin. It enhances and restores the skin on the surface. The expert will combine microdermabrasion with oxygen-rich blood flow. Promotion. It removes dead skin cells. In this treatment, the chemical ingredients will be spread on the target side. The carbon dioxide bubbles will burst on the skin’s surface, improving blood circulation.

Red Carpet Facial:

Celebrities’ glow and vibrancy are boosted by these facial treatments. The treatments are not only available to superstars. Everyone is suitable for this option. It includes facial massage to stretch the features and improve the skin’s texture. At least three months before the big event, use fruit acid peels, dermabrasion, or lasers. The treatments are all-encompassing skin rejuvenation procedures.

Aqua Gold Fine Touch Facial:

It employs a micro-needling device to offer tailored treatment to the customer. Traditional treatment helps applicants by using vitamins to enrich substances. Then by utilizing a microneedle on top of it. The solution is applied to the skin using the device. It makes the therapy easier. It is a simple and rapid procedure. It removes the dry and pigmented layer of the epidermis.

Carbon Laser Peel:

A laser is used in this cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate and deep cleanse the skin. Because it uses a specific chemical, this process is also known as Carbon Peeling.” Laser irradiation stimulates the formation of own collagen in the epidermis. It enhances the flexibility of the skin. The biggest advantage of carbon peeling for the face is the rapid recuperation time. This process has fewer contraindications and side effects than conventional peels. The applicant will feel no discomfort.

Pumpkin Peel Facial:

This exfoliating treatment uses enzymes derived from natural pumpkins to improve skin texture. And firmness, regardless of skin type. It works by exfoliating and pumping vitamins and nutrients into the skin. Such as beta-carotene and vitamin A, which increase circulation and promote healing. For optimal outcomes, you need a sequence of pumpkin peels.

Glycolic Acid Peel Facial:

This treatment is helpful for acne, blemishes, textural difficulties, and greasy skin. This peel, which contains glycolic acid, helps to reduce oil and enhance skin texture. It also tightens pores, eases fine wrinkles, and treats acne and acne blemishes. And create a radiant complexion.

Back Facial:

The beauty of one’s back is as significant as the beauty of one’s facial skin. When you wear low-cut dresses and light clothing. And how we want our back skin to be lovely. A thorough back cleansing can remove comedones. It cleans sebaceous plugs and sebaceous gland function. Also, it narrows large pores. It aids in tightening, revitalizing, and moisturizing the skin.


  • The therapy stimulates the formation of a youthful look.
  • This treatment increases collagen and elastin formation.
  • It gives you firmer and smoother skin.
  • This therapy promotes tissue and epidermal texture remodeling.
  • It provides dermal restructuring to the skin.
  • It restores an even complexion and a more natural appearance.
  • It brightens the complexion.
  • After treatment, you may observe a de-contraction of the hyper-contracted muscles.
  • It is relaxing and tones certain parts of the face.
  • It improves the skin structure of the face by reconstructing more troublesome areas.
  • It helps to remove blemishes and Pigmentation.
  • It works as an anti-aging agent.


The Cost of Facial treatment in Dubai is inexpensive. It ranges between AED 399 and AED 750. It is not constant. It depends on many elements. The cost of each treatment varies depending on a variety of criteria. Such as the treatment procedures employed. The clinic level, and the location. Prices can be affected by the doctor’s expertise. And the selection of the treatment also alters the expenses. 

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