Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Gum Discoloration Cost

Remove gum spots. Smile more confidently! Teeth whitening is what we often do at home but what about gums? Excess melanin can make your gums black or brown instead of pink. This gum condition can truly break the smile as great-looking teeth don’t only help create a beautiful smile; gums also participate.

At Dynamic Dental Clinic, we provide a treatment called Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, where stains on gums are cleaned, and the black color of gums is turned pink or red. This dental procedure is also called Gum Whitening or Gum Discoloration.

Read ahead to enlighten its further details including cost, procedure, and risks.

Aim of Treatment:

  • Discard black stains
  • Change black gums into pink (normal color)

Fast Facts:

  • Cost: AED 900 to AED 25,000
  • Treatment Duration: 30-60 minutes
  • Techniques: Laser, Bleaching, and Surgery

Gum Whitening Results:

With most Gum Depigmentation procedures, results are noticeable after a short period. A single session leaves brighter gums up to 20 years; sometimes even for a lifetime. Most patients do not need follow-up treatment.

Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE

Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE Clinic


The benefits of Gum Pigmentation Dubai are:

  • Confident smile
  • Healthy pink gums
  • Pleasing mouth appearance
  • Increased Self-confidence

Who Needs Gum Depigmentation?

Gum Depigmentation is best suited for people who have dark gums. Know that, your gums need to be overall healthy to get their whitening done. We can assess your gum health at a free consultation to find if gum depigmentation a good option for you.

Below three are major causes of dark and splotchy gums.

  1. Genetics
  2. Poor dental hygiene
  3. Medications

Gum Whitening Techniques:

Gum depigmentation is the procedure where our dentists cosmetically adjust the color of gums to a healthy pink tone. In some cases, when the shape of gum isn’t equal, we perform Gingivectomy (gum reshaping) using laser equipment.

Types of Gum Depigmentation in Dubai include:

Laser Bleaching:

No incisions, no needles, no drills. Lasers are so far reported the best treatment for gum whitening. Dentists apply specific laser beams on gums to treat the pigmentation. The laser light destroys the cells responsible for dark gums.


It’s the traditional method of Gum Depigmentation. The dentist prepares a specific solution and applies it gently over the gum surface. You might encounter sensitivity, irritation, or burns. Experts prescribe medications for it.

Gum Surgery:

In this procedure, the problematic tissue is removed by dental surgeons. It’s is a minimally invasive surgery that requires time for healing however results are extremely satisfying.

Gum Depigmentation Aftercare:

Whatever the procedure you undergo, healing doesn’t exceed 2 weeks. With laser and bleaching, patients can speak and eat immediately after the completion of treatment. But in case of surgery, you will be given specific instructions by our experts as per your dental health.

During the first 7-days of Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you need to stop,

  • Smoking
  • Hard Foods
  • Tobacco products
  • Alcoholic drinks

Go for a dentist’s check-up every 3 months

Gum Depigmentation Cost Dubai:

The cost of Gum discoloration (gum depigmentation) in Dubai ranges from AED 900 to AED 2500. These charges vary as per the procedure chosen by a dentist, duration of treatment, and associated complications.

At Dynamic Dentistry Dubai, we make Gum depigmentation affordable to you with our financial plans.

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Why Choose us?

Diagnosing gum discoloration at home might not let you tackle the root cause. Meet our expert dentists. We provide the quality dental care you deserve. Our professional team takes care of your dental needs and gives you a personalized treatment plan to help you smile more confidently with healthy pink gums.

We always advise the Gum Depigmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that works best in your condition. We and our team will reveal the attractive smile that you can flaunt with excitement.

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