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A female sexual dysfunctional always goes unnoticed as long as it is not paid attention. It is one of the common reasons why women normally avoid sex and feel no pleasure at all. Despite proper arousal and a good partner there is still a lack of satisfaction during intercourse.  note that this cannot always be physical but there can be other mental as well as psychological problems also associated with it.  Female sexuality issues are often not paid attention and this is the reason why woman enters into a state of complete shunt and unwillingness to sex. Here is a general overview about female sexual dysfunction in Dubai and how it can be treated smoothly for a better sexual life and living.

What is Actually Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is an inability to willingly perform intercourse or attempt. It can occur to any of the partners either the male or the female. A person who is suffering from sexual dysfunction feels no pleasure while having intercourse and there is a complete stand still of sexual response which often is seen in graphs in a form of parabolic curve. 

When the person shows least interest  then the sexual response cycle shows no changes as it should. Generally a sexual response cycle consists of four stages :

  • Feeling or desire
  • Arousal phase
  • Climax or orgasm
  • Resting or resolution phase

Failure in reaching the above stage from the desire to the resolution is actually termed as a sexual dysfunction. According to some researchers and stats females are more under threat of sexual dysfunction.


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What are the Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction?

 The sexual dysfunction is categorized into two physical and psychological.

Physical Problems Leading to Sexual Dysfunction

Underlying Medical Condition

Women who are well suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, joint pains or other cardiovascular diseases have a lower rate of sexual drive and the unwillingness can lead to sexual dysfunction. 

Reproductive problems

Certain  diseases like cervical cancer, special cysts in the ovary, fibroids and vaginismus are some common gynecological problems a woman encounters and it causes the vaginal muscles to tighten excessively. This may result in severe pain while intercourse and as a result leading to dysfunction.

Hormonal imbalances

Women especially those who are approaching menopause are more prone to hormonal imbalances. This causes a sudden drop in their hormones that results in their vaginal dryness as well as changes in their muscular anatomy of the vaginal muscles. They all contribute to making sex painful and eventually lack of interest.  It is important to seek a good sexologist or gynecologist for proper treatment.

Improper blood circulation

For a complete climax and orgasm it is very important for the blood to flow evenly to the clitoris. The sexual pleasure is only achieved when the female reproductive organ is well supplied with blood and is sensitive to penetration. Lack of proper blood flow leads to vaginal over drying and painful sensations during intercourse.

Traumatic history

One of the leading causes of female sexual dysfunction in Dubai is the psychosexual problems. Any woman who has had add  a traumatic experience in life such as domestic violence or rape often become sexually as well as psychologically disturbed and they need to undergo a psychosexual therapy for proper clearance of grime in their mind.  

What are the Treatment Options for Female Sexual Dysfunction?

The treatment options for female sexual dysfunction is categorized as a psychosexual therapy and therapeutic aid. 

Psychosexual Therapy

This is a very easy approach and the majority of the females can be treated with it showing 100% results. Psychosexual therapy Dubai includes a therapist counseling and talking openly to the candidate. The candidate is made to open up with any mental problem she is battling with. The therapist ensures that the candidate is well comforted and any emotional or mental barrier that is in between the candidate and her partner should be weaned off. Psychosexual therapists often do one to one counseling and make sure that the couple is appointed together. 

Therapeutic Aid

Medications and Hormone Replacement Therapies

There are a lot of medications that are given in order to increase the libido and improve sexual drive in women. Whereas for women who are approaching menopause will be advised with some hormone replacement therapies that will also treat their sexual dysfunction.  It is however advisable not to buy the medicines sold over the counter and always seek assistance from a specialist before using any kind of medication. 

Pain Managing Systems

Women who feel excessive pain while penetration will be recommended to use lubricants or gels that can moist their vaginal surface well. On the other hand there are other muscle relaxants also that keep the vagina well stimulated and well prepared for sex making intercourse pleasurable and demanding. 

What is the Female Sexual Dysfunction Cost in Dubai?

On average a single treatment of female sexual dysfunction cost in Dubai ranges from AED 999 to AED 4999


As mentioned earlier that female sexual dysfunction is not just a physical disease but it merely affects and hits on the mental state. Therefore It is better to open up with your female sexuality issues with a learned Psychosexual therapist and take the prescribed medications on the suggested time.  It is important that you choose a well versed clinic that is promising enough to keep your problems private and deals them under complete confidential terms.

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