Melasma Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Melasma is a skin condition that is characterized by small flat brown marks. These spots start appearing on the facial region, especially on the cheeks and nose. Most of the time, women are the ones who get affected by this skin condition. Melasma occurs due to pregnancy, genetics, birth control pills, sun exposure, or hormonal imbalance. Prolonged sun exposure is at the top of the list. They appear in the summer season. Worry no more! Melasma Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will solve this problem for you.

Undergo melasma treatment and get flawless, smooth, and glowing skin in a few days. It helps you restore natural skin tone without causing any harm or any major side effects. You will notice an improvement in the appearance of dark spots after the procedure.

What are the Causes of Melasma?

Melasma appears as brown or dim-colored patches on the face, fundamentally on the cheeks, temple, scaffold of the nose, and upper lip. While it can influence anybody, it’s more predominant in ladies, especially those with hazier complexions. The specific reason for melasma stays muddled. The following are the Causes of Melasma in Dubai:

  • Changes in hormones like those accomplished during pregnancy can set off melasma.
  • Bright (UV) beams from the sun invigorate the development of melanin.
  • People with melasma notice a compounding of their condition following sun openness.
  • There might be a hereditary inclination to create melasma, as it will in general spat families.

What are the Symptoms?

Melasma is recognized by brown or dark earthy-colored spots with distinct lines. It is the presence of dim, sporadic patches on the face. These patches regularly have a distinct line and may change in size and shape. Melasma causes no actual uneasiness or tingling except for can fundamentally influence one’s confidence and certainty. They can be single or many and generally show up on the brow, cheeks, and jawline. They can likewise influence the nose and upper lip. The sickness is ordered into a few sorts. The following are the symptoms:

  • The focal facial area is impacted by hyperpigmentation.
  • Spots are concentrated around the upper lip and underneath the nose.
  • Pigmentation is concentrated around the jawline.
  • The can shows up on the button.

Melasma Treatment Options:

Experts use different methods to treat Melasma. Common treatment methods include:

Chemical Peels:

The peels contain chemical agents to remove the top layer of the facial skin for a fairer and even skin tone. It produces wonderful results for fair-skinned patients. A controlled chemical burns eliminates unwanted melanin pigment from the skin. Chemical peel alone or in combination with other topical therapies can produce better results.

Laser Therapies:

If topical medications are not helping then you can consider Laser Therapy for Melasma Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Laser beams directed on the surface of the skin break down the buildups of melasma into smaller components. So that their expulsion is easy. Fraxel laser is the most effective treatment for melasma. It delivers significant results in 2-3 sessions. Laser Treatment also stimulates collagen and elastin levels in the skin.


In this Procedure, spray small crystals on the top layer of the skin to exfoliate the damaged skin. Only a few sessions are enough to get the desired results. New skin will be more even, fairer, and glowing. It is painless and side-effects are negligible.

IPL Melasma Treatment:

The treatment is minimally invasive and completely painless. It has gained a lot of popularity all around the globe because of its spectacular results. In IPL Treatment, a broadband light source is used to break down the pigmentation buildups into smaller ones. The smaller bits are then eliminated from the body effortlessly. There is no downtime associated with IPL treatment.

Results of Melasma Treatment:

The time required for the results to become clear varies depending on the technique used. Some treatments deliver immediate results while others take time. Yet, as a result of any melasma treatment in Dubai, you will notice a wonderful improvement in skin tone.

Melasma-Treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Sharjah  Melasma-Treatment in Dubai  Melasma Treatment Clinic Dubai

Melasma Treatment in Dubai Abu Dhabi  Melasma Treatment in Dubai Abu Dhabi  Melasma Treatment in Dubai Abu Dhabi


You need to take the necessary measures in advance to protect your skin from undesired discoloration. You have to avoid exposing the skin to direct sunlight by wearing strong SPF sunscreen and protective clothing while going out.

What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

The treatment choices accessible for melasma offer a scope of advantages, including comfort, viability, and flexibility across various skin types and seriousness levels. With their capacity to further develop pigmentation, surface, and tone, these systems can assist people with accomplishing clearer, more brilliant skin and lift their certainty and confidence. Here are a few key Benefits of Melasma Treatment in Dubai:

  •  Melasma treatment strategies are normally advantageous and painless.
  • They can be performed rapidly and without the requirement for medical procedures.
  • They have been displayed to target and decrease the presence of melasma.
  • It also gives recognizable enhancements in complexion and pigmentation.
  • The treatment strategies can likewise further develop general skin surface and tone.
  • It also brings about a smoother and more even composition.
  • The procedures are reasonable for people with different skin types.
  • They can be customized to address various degrees of melasma seriousness.
  • Patients going through treatment can hope to see noticeable outcomes.
  • They are frequently with insignificant margin time or secondary effects.
  • It also permits them to continue their everyday exercises not long after the technique.
  • It can make a synergistic difference, upgrading by and large outcomes.
  • The techniques use trend-setting innovation to target and treat explicit cells in the skin.
  • It also animates collagen creation in the skin, prompting extra advantages.
  • The procedure adds to a general upgrade of skin quality.
  • It also leaves the skin looking better, more brilliant, and more energetic.

What are the Risks of the Method?

While Melasma Treatment methods are by and large viewed as protected and compelling, likewise with any superficial strategy, there are innate dangers implied. It’s fundamental for people believing this procedure to know about likely complexities. Here are a portion of the significant dangers related to melasma treatment:

  • A few people might encounter brief skin disturbance, redness, or dryness.
  • These secondary effects commonly die down within a couple of days.
  • It may cause skin responsiveness or hypersensitive responses in certain people.
  • It’s vital to go through fix testing before starting treatment.
  • They can expand the skin’s aversion to daylight.
  • Treatment also makes the skin more inclined to sunburn and further pigmentation.
  • It can convey a gamble of complexities, for example, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.
  • It might prompt accidental pigmentary changes in the skin, like hypopigmentation.
  • People with hazier skin types might be at expanded hazard of hyperpigmentation.
  • There is a gamble of contamination related to specific melasma treatment strategies.

What are Post-Treatment Guidelines?

You need to take care of the treated site after the procedure. Following post-operative instructions will help you get the best possible results:

  • Apply topical medications on the treatment site to cut post-procedure side effects.
  • Keep the treated area moisturized and avoid touching it.
  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the skin for about 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure for a couple of weeks after the treatment.
  • Apply sunscreen to your face before going out during the daytime.
  • In some cases, scabs appear so avoid picking or scratching them.

Who is the Right Candidate?

Before getting Melasma Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you should check whether you are a good candidate for the treatment or not. Consult our experts, they will help you with this concern.

You can undergo the treatment if you:

  • Have realistic predictions about the results of the treatment.
  • Are bothered by these brown marks.
  • Are not suffering from any serious physical or mental illness.
  • You’re 18 years old or above and in good general health.

Cost of Melasma Treatment: 

We have competent dermatologists. They treat Melasma by using several different methods and offer cost-effective packages. Its cost ranges from AED 700 to AED 9,500. But Melasma Treatment Cost in Dubai may vary due to the treatment procedure you opt for and the number of sessions required to cure melasma. Your dermatologists will tell you the exact cost of the consultation.


Almost all these Laser Treatments have no downtime. You can continue routine tasks as soon as the session is over. Swelling might appear after the treatment but it will fade in 2-3 hours. Use ice packs to cut it.

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