Gummy Smile Treatment

Your smile should be framed by shapely, and well-proportioned gums!

A gummy smile is a name that dental professionals give to the smile that opens up more gums than you’d like. It affects both the perception and aesthetics — makes the smile less attractive and lowers self-esteem.

Gummy Smile Causes:

In general, the gummy smile can be associated with:

  1. Poor oral health
  2. Abnormal eruption of teeth
  3. Hyperactive upper lip

Regardless of the reason, teeth covered with excess gum tissue always appear shorter and make the smile less attractive. Sometimes it even destroys a person’s self-esteem, which is also detrimental to his sexual, social and professional life.

Am I the Candidate?

Gums are one of the key components of smile aesthetics. If you are unhappy with your gummy smile in Dubai, Dynamic clinic can help. We are proud to announce that a number of procedures have been launched that can alter the appearance of more prominent gums. However, to find out if you are a candidate, please contact us.


Gummy Smile Treatment in Abu Dhabi  Gummy Smile Treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi  Gummy Smile Treatment in Dubai

Gummy Smile Treatment

Treatment Options:

Gummy smile is usually harmless but some people may want to fix it. So that you know, there is a range of treatments to fix this issue.

The Best Gummy Smile Treatments 2021 include:

  • Among the least expensive of all gummy smile treatments, veneers and crowns can improve the smile. They make the teeth appear larger, and smile less gummy in the long run.
  • Although it sounds a bit weird, it is possible to fix gummy smile with Botox. Botulinum toxin type A can be injected into the area between the upper lip and nose to improve the appearance of gummy smile. But it should be pointed out the results of botox are temporary and last about few months.
  • Gumminess in the smile can be fixed with a gingivectomy. Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of extra gum tissues to expose more of the teeth, improving smile aesthetics overall. It provides long-lasting results and has a quicker healing period. However, it is important to note that choosing the wrong provider can cost your dearly.
  • You may want to try laser gum contouring to treat the gums that extend too far down. During the treatment, the professional will use a soft tissue laser to resculpt the gum line. So that you know, the length of treatment will vary depending on the degree of the gumminess and the amount of modification that’s needed.

Note: Before the treatment, the cosmetic dentist will assess the main cause of your gummy smile in Dubai because understanding the cause always plays a fundamental role in determining the best solution.

How Much Does it Cost?

The average cost of Gummy smile treatment in Dubai is AED 7,000, the minimum price is 5,000 and the maximum price is 9,000.


One of the biggest advantages of gummy smile treatments is that there is no downtime needed. Patients are allowed to continue with their daily life right after the treatment. This fact also makes these treatments very suitable for those with busy, hectic schedules.

Pros and Cons:


  • Fixes uneven gum line
  • Lifts tissues that extend lower than usual
  • Makes the teeth look longer
  • 100% safe dental procedure


  • Possible side-effects include teeth sensitivity, gum bleeding, and discomfort

Key Takeaways:

  • Gummy smile is usually a cosmetic concern rather than a medical problem.
  • There are several different treatments that can help you improve that obvious gummy appearance when you smile.
  • You need to speak to a cosmetic dentist to find the right option.

Why Choose Us?

Our main objective at Dynamic Clinic is to make the process of undergoing dental procedures as quick and smooth as possible, from the time you contact us virtually to the payment process. We know what factors are important in picking the right cosmetic dentists. From the dental expert’s credentials down to the quality of resources, it all plays a role in finding the appropriate dental practice you can trust. Here are the top three reasons you should choose Dynamic Clinic:

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Team of experts
  • State-of-the-art facilities

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