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Women who become pregnant and then lose and gain weight may notice an increase in their pubic areas. The mons pubis is a soft, spherical mound comprised of soft tissue situated directly above the female genitalia. Aging, childbearing, and weight reduction can all alter the impression of this site, resulting in an increased mound. This augmentation can lead to problems for certain women, causing them to extend their clothes and restrict sexual activity. The pubis’ shape and structure are determined by the status of fat tissue and hormone changes occurring in the body. It may change as you become older. Sadly, no amount of massage, diet, or exercise can diminish the fat accumulation in the pubic area. This ugly characteristic can be eradicated with a surgical pubic lift, which includes liposuction to eliminate fatty tissue and skin stretching lift to create a flat, perfect pubic contour. Thus, surgical correction is the only option in this circumstance. Currently, Pubic lift Surgery in Dubai, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi is a very famous surgery that is used by both men and women.

The Aims of the Treatment:

For individuals who have extra tissue in the pubis, this treatment is an attractive option. Age, pregnancy, and major weight loss can all lead to sagging tissue in the pubic area. The objective of a Pubic Contoure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is to reshape the pubic cosmetically by eliminating extra fat and skin. Epiderms with stretch marks, cellulite, and flaws can also be treated throughout the process for a more even result. This process will not only improve the definition of your pubis, but it will also aid in hygiene in difficult-to-reach places. This procedure can be performed alone or in conjunction with an abdominoplasty if there are considerable fat deposits in other places of the body.

Outcomes of the Procedure:

The Results of the procedure are permanent and long-lasting without any negative consequences, The sagging and swollen pubis is returned to normal anatomical proportions. To achieve an attractive appeal, all types of disproportion and deformation are avoided. Abdominoplasty in Dubai shows visible outcomes straight away, however, they will improve as the body heals from surgery. Combining this process with a pubic lift is regarded as an enduring cure for the removal of extra fat, tissue, and epiderms in the stomach as prolonged as applicants preserve a nutritious weight after the procedure.

Pre-procedure Instructions:

Before undergoing the Pubic lift Process in Dubai, the patient must first confer with the expert, who will perform a general assessment to identify the proportions of the situation and treatment plan. Then the doctor will suggest you some instructions, which are given below: 

  • The doctor will order the appropriate tests to analyze the patient’s health.
  • It is strongly advised to refrain from smoking, alcohol, and medicines that alter blood clotting.
  • The applicants must not be suffering from inflammatory or infectious disorders.
  • Take proper rest and a balanced diet.


The procedure is very convenient and effective. The incisions, which resemble a C-section, are supposed to be fully hidden by a bikini bottom. When the targeted skin and adipose tissue are removed, the pubic skin is raised to allow the surgical wound to seal properly. As a result, your pubis will be more defined. Melting stitches will be used to close your surgical incisions. It is performed under anesthesia and is divided into the following steps by analyzing the condition of the patient:


In the first step of the procedure, the surgeon eliminates fat patches in the pubic area. If liposuction is performed with a lift, the lift is taken by a small groin prick, leaving no marks of the procedure.


A tiny stitch will be positioned in this step when an intimate surgeon removes extra skin in the pubic area. If a Caesarion section was previously performed, the reshaping of the target site is conducted with the excision of the old scar and the implantation of an intradermal aesthetic suture.


This procedure involves injecting hyaluronic preparations or the patient’s adipose tissue into the pubic area. This mixture is injected into the targeted site.

Post-procedure Precautions:

This procedure is very convenient and recovers within two weeks, and the eliminated fat will be permanently removed from the body. There are some instructions applicants should follow for better outcomes and avoid any infections:

  • Applicants should get proper rest until healing.
  • should take a proper diet.
  • Avoid sexual activity.
  • Skip workouts for at least a month.
  • They should avoid smoking and only use prescribed medication.
  • Do not touch and scratch the operating site.

Pros of a Pubic Lift

There are numerous benefits patients can avail of by getting this treatment. Some of these benefits are given below:

  • It results in a smoother, firmer pubis that is free of bulges and drooping.
  • The satisfaction rate is high.
  • Patients who have undergone the surgery unanimously agree that it is worthwhile.
  • Following surgery, some patients report enhanced sexual satisfaction.

The Cons of the Pubic Lift:

Every treatment has multiple pros, but to some extent, in exceptional cases, there might be minor disadvantages too, which are given below:

  • There will be a scar, but it will be low enough to be hidden by clothing.
  • Infections, bleeding, and scarring will occur.
  • Swelling and bruising will be felt for two days.


The Cost of Public lift in Dubai can range between AED 20,000 and AED 27,000. It is not constant; it can be changed The price of any treatment is determined by several factors, which are given below:

  • including the treatment technique utilized and the treatment’s complexity.
  • The expertise of the doctor will be high if he is highly qualified.
  • The clinical location is in a posh area; the cost will be determined by the quality of services.

Lastly, we advise you to not think about the cost and never compromise on the results because outcomes depend on the doctor’s expertise.

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