Breast Lumps or Mass Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Spot your Breast Lumps Timely

Breast Lumps—are overly grown breast tissues. Usually, they are not associated with any danger, but their treatment turns necessary when they start to hurt. Painful lumps are a leading cause of cancer. Hands down, painless lumps aren’t safe either. Cancer being a silent disease can hit any breast lump at any time—you must get a proper diagnosis.

Be aware, a lump is the first sign of breast cancer. To treat lumps, we provide Breast Lumps or Mass Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It’s the most protective measure against breast cancer for women at risk.

Seek the below guide to enlighten every associated important detail

Three Possibilities:

Don’t quickly jump to the conclusions if you have a breast lump. It can be,

Later diagnosis, you will be informed of the treatment plan based upon the problem you sustain.


Researches are still trying to understand the one logical cause of lumps. Either it’s hormonal fluctuation or an infection; both are somehow proven in promoting lumps tumor.

Following are some other possible causes of Breast Lumps in UAE,

  • Breast Cysts
  • Phyllodes tumor
  • Injury or Trauma to breasts
  • Lipoma (harmless mass)
  • Mastitis (Infection seen during breastfeeding)
  • Fibrocystic breasts (Lumpy tissues)


After Breast Lump treatment in Dubai UAE, you would begin to notice a reluctant truce in breasts deprived of any heaviness, discomfort, and prominently destroyed cancerous tissue.

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breast-lumps-treatment Clinic in Dubai

When to see a doctor – Symptoms of Lumps:

Anytime, you notice a new lump in the breast that doesn’t go away, gets bigger consistently even after menses, see your doctor directly. Also, don’t ignore the below-stated skin changes in breasts.

  • Hard Breasts
  • Different-sized Bosom
  • Nipples pointing downward or Fluid discharge from the nipple
  • Breast pain, tenderness especially during your period
  • Other changes, such as red, dimpled, or pitted skin

Breast Analysis:

Patient’s analysis is utterly important in terms of realizing what problem they go through. At Dynamic we carry proper breast examination by going through the lymph and nodes. Such inquiries are typically carried via,

Treatment for Breast Lumps Dubai:

After determining the underlying cause of lumps, doctors formulate a unique treatment plan as per your certain condition. If a simple breast infection is reported, it can be treated with antibiotics. Else in the case of cysts, the draining process is carried. Lastly, if doctors suspect a cancerous lump, the Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Dubai might include:

  • Lumpectomy removes the cancerous lump directly via directed incisions in the breast.
  • Mastectomy involves the removal of complete breast tissue. (Preferred mostly in severe stages of cancer)
  • Chemotherapy is the medicine-injection process. The pill induced directly in the vein kills cancer cells.
  • Radiation treatment uses radioactive ways to fight cancerous cells. It is usually followed by Lumpectomy surgery or can be practiced stand-alone.

Depending upon the stage of cancer, you will recommend the suitable method

Important Notes:

All above procedures embrace different lengths, complexity as well as implementation technique. While opting for surgery, you will be kept relaxed under general or local anesthesia. Sparing 1-2 hours is enough but for smooth recovery take one week off from work. Prefer to bring some sensible adult who can drive you home safely.

Remember, these guidelines are meant for surgical procedures. Rest assured, no strict instructions were reported for radiation and chemotherapy.

Cost of Breast Lumps:

The cost of Breast Lump or Mass Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 25,000. The exact price is billed as per the diagnosis and acquired methods. On choosing radiation or chemotherapy you are expected to pay less.

Talk to our doctors directly for a perfect cost assessment.

Get the Best Breast Lump Treatment Dubai:

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