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For a period of years Teeth Dentures in Dubai are the most widely used in method of teeth placement. It Is a very conventional method and still used till date. Its fabrication is quite complex and this shows how important every detail of your oral cavity is mimicked in the denture. The replacement is completely natural and it is not even noticeable that you are wearing something in your oral cavity which is actually not a natural structure. Though implants and crowns are very successful, the use of teeth dentures is still in consideration because of its cost effectiveness and conventional use. 

What are Teeth Dentures? 

Teeth dentures are a means of teeth replacement.  These prostheses are inserted into the oral cavity for the replacement of any tooth that has been exfoliated. It is not just for the replacement of a single tooth but for the entire dental arch either upper lower or both at the same time.  Unlike other teeth placement methods Such as implants, Crowns, bridges, etc.  Dentures do not require a very elongated procedure time.  It hardly takes a candidate two to three visits to receive a complete denture. 

On the other hand, Candidates don’t even need to keep it in their mouth 24/7 and they can remove it whenever they feel like. Having anything in the mouth is quite disturbing for  sleep. Therefore you can remove your denture during the night and sleep peacefully.

What are the Uses of Teeth Dentures? 

  • To smile wide without hesitation.
  • To replace the missing teeth and restore the long lost esthetics.
  • To improve the functional activities of the teeth such as chewing biting mastication etc.
  • Improve the facial height.
  • Prevents the bone from resorption.
  • Contributes and helping the candidate look younger.
  • Fills up the face and mostly targeting the nasolabial folds.
  • Prevents any put from drifting into an empty socket place.

Teeth Dentures Vs Other Prostheses:

 When Teeth Dentures in Dubai & Abu Dhabi  are compared with other prosthesis such as crowns and bridges they are not required to be fixed. Unlike bridges, dentures do not need any elective endodontic therapy( Root Canal Treatment)  of the neighboring Teeth.

In the case of implants they have a very long procedure time that normally ranges from three to six months. First of all, this is completely the counterpart to dentures. On average a dental lab takes about maximum four days for the fabrication of dentures.

Secondly, dentures do not require any surgical intervention and are completely non invasive.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Teeth Dentures? 

  • Candidates with recent extractions.
  •  Candidates who have decayed bridges and crowns.
  •  Old age candidates whose facial height has been completely decreased.
  •  Patients with one or two mobile teeth.
  •  Candidates with complete absence of death in the upper and lower jaw.

Types of Teeth Dentures:

Teeth dentures are categorized as removable and non removable.


These types of dentures are partially or completely removed. They are supposed to be removed especially during the night for cleaning purposes and you can wear it in the morning. It is important to follow brushing and flossing your oral cavity before wearing it as a prerequisite.

Non Removable:

Non-removable dentures are basically partial dentures. They are commonly named as cantilever, Maryland, Raisin etc. They are somewhat similar to the conventional bridges but not completely. 

What are the Important Considerations While Wearing Dentures? 

  • You are advised to wear partial removal 24/7.
  • Dentures are allowed to be removed only during the night.
  • Avoid eating hard food that can distort the structures and parts of the denture.
  • Try to refrain from eating food that has added chemicals or assets as it can be alternator proficiency of the prosthesis.
  • Any food that has added colorings and flavors should be avoided since the denture can be susceptible to absorb stains and colors.
  • Soak your denture overnight in the water.
  • Clean your oral cavity thoroughly before the replacement of the denture. 

How to Take Care of Dentures ? 

  •  You can purchase certain teeth denture cleaning tablets. Those tablets are supposed to be placed in the water and then you can soak your dangers into that water.
  •  Give a separate toothbrush for your dangers and brush them regularly
  •  Place them in a separate box why when carrying them
  •  Handling it safely to prevent it from fracture


Our clinic offers the Cost of Teeth Dentures in Dubai at the lowest prices that start from 500 AED to 5000 AED.  it totally depends upon the number of missing teeth, the type of your arch, age of the patient and certain other multiple factors also. It is better to refer to the Dentist for the actual cost based on your treatment case. 

Final Verdict!

Our clinic is considered as the most successful dental prosthesis island as we have been successfully providing such Treatments.  You can approach us for your detentions in the undoubtedly and we will be more than pleased to offer you with our exuberant services and treatment modalities. 

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