Mentor Breast Implants

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Starting from head to toe, women’s breasts termed as the prominent body part that is attractive to many. Healthy women enjoy this God-given blessing but when it turns into skinny ladies, smaller breast size comes out to be the most anxious and hated problem. To help you love your breasts, as much as your partner does, we bring famous Mentor Breast Implants in Dubai. It’s the choice that can empower you to confidently own each day, on your terms.

What are Mentor Breast Fillings?

All implants are unique, certified, and best in their own way, but when it’s about the best provider, the right choice just get ends on mentor. Recently, a popular source of the research reported Mentor Company as the leading provider of breast implants worldwide. For the last 30 years, this American-based firm is dispensing the best products for nearly all aesthetic problems.

Implants provided by Mentor in Dubai are silicone-filled comes in a variety of sizes. They enclose highly cohesive gel that outlines the durable shape of breasts along with adequate elasticity on disruptive space. These implants not only appear natural but gives flexible volume and leaves an abundant impact on your personality.

Here are the most popular kinds of inserts provided by Mentor.

  • Memory Gel
  • Counter Profile Gel
  • Saline Breast Implants

Note: Every implant is perfect to a certain extent. The ideal one can only be determined after private consultation.


Each mentor implant endorses a couple of benefits. Here the ones you can expect with all types of implants provided by the mentor.

  • Soft, natural, firmer feel
  • Flexible volume
  • Protected, secured results
  • Long-lasting benefits


Following the surgery, you can cherish firmer, softer, and fuller breasts.

We always suggest our patients have implants replaced every 10-12 years of the original procedure. But the specific life span of implants varies from person to person.


While considering Mentor Breast implants in Dubai, try different looks, explore product choices, and find the right surgeon. For this, prefer to speak to our expert breast surgeons. They can guide you with the details of the procedure after a proper diagnosis. Since there are many mentor fillings available, you will also be directed with the most suitable one that fits your specific needs.

Focus on your personal priorities but don’t forget to disclose your medical history. There are very few cases in which breast implants may not be right as it all depends upon the health and current lifestyle.

What happens in Surgery?

The surgery done for Mentor Implants in Dubai doesn’t differ much from the surgery performed for traditional implants. It only gets completed in an hour or two and you are good to leave the clinic after one night rest.

During the procedure, surgeons make an incision in the breast at a suitable site and place implants carefully. Later, the muscle layer and skin are closed with sutures to conclude the surgery. Our surgeons always emphasize inserting the implants with great care. They put you on general or local anesthesia and then perform the surgery.


Even though this breast augmentation is successfully famous but still the safety of patients remains the top priority. Our aftercare strategy certifies the best post-operative care. We insist on a full medical assessment of current health within the first week of surgery. Our team will be with you at every step of recovery. You are always encouraged to see us as many times as you like and beyond that, consider a few tips mentioned below for smooth recovery.

  • Relax, let your body heal, Wear loose clothes.
  • Take all the prescribed pain killers.
  • Sleep straight for the first month of surgery.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and physical activities like running.

Cost of Mentor Implants Dubai:

Mentor Breast Implants cost isn’t charged similarly to every woman. At Dynamic Dubai, the cost of breast Implant surgery varies from AED 30,000 to AED 45,000. You can expect to have minor rate fluctuation in this range depending upon the experience of the surgeon and the results you are looking for.

Financing Options:

We understand finance issues can often become a barrier in undergoing expensive surgeries. For this, we provide a range of financial plans including installment offers and various other special discounts. Talk directly with our counselors for more details.

The Bottom Line:

Whether your goal is to add subtle change or a more dramatic difference, Mentor fillings are just right for you. This breast implant company is committed to product safety. You can get the safe placement of these implants at Dynamic. Collectively our complication rate is less than even one percent and this is why we are the reason behind thousands of satisfied smiling faces. Not only in Dubai, Dynamic clinic helping women all over the world to empower them with exceptional results.

Free Consultation:

Appreciate the new you with Mentor Implants in Dubai! For further queries, consultations, and surgery details of Mentor Breast Implants in Dubai, book your appointment through an online form or contact directly at +971 588230420.