Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

The only solution to save your tooth from extraction is to get a root canal done on time !

Do you know that your oral cavity is one of the major parts of your body that is highly prone to infections and bacteria? This is mainly because of the continuous ingestion of food and debris that causes a favorable condition for the bacteria to feed on. Little do you know that what remains within your teeth often leads up to cavities and as a result, it leads to severe infection. This infection can be treated by a complex Dental Treatment known as root canal treatment. However, a root canal is only valid when the infection is confined to the pulp chamber and has not damaged the roots. Here is all about a Root Canal Treatment in Dubai.

What is the Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a conventional technique that is performed in order to remove the decayed and infected part from the pulp chamber of a tooth and to prevent it from further entering into the roots. The pulp chamber is to be completely evacuated so that the dentist can have access to the canals present in the roots. 

The treatment involves a series of multiple steps which is to be done in several visits both for the comfort of the patient as well as the dentist.

Before & After of Root Canal:

Root canal results are permanent. Various insights into patients’ perceptions prove that teeth become infection-free right after the final session. But remember results can vary. Follow-up appointments are often advised to get more beneficial results.

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In most cases, treating an affected tooth will not create a problem again. However, in case of any pain, contact our dentists directly.

Ideal Candidates:

The major hint that indicates the need behind the RCT is severe toothache while applying pressure, especially in the cavity. If you’re noticing this problem in your daily life then don’t ignore it anymore. Save the functioning of your tooth with root canal treatment. But prefer having prior consultation with our dental experts to find out if this is applicable to you. In addition to this, the signs to look for a root canal treatment/ Endodontic treatment are mentioned below. Check out to know if you are going through them.

  • Bad Breath.
  • Swollen Gums.
  • Cracked or Injured tooth.
  • Increased sensitivity.
  • Extremely discolored tooth.
  • Pimple on Gums.

What Are The Conditions In Which A Root Canal Is Done? 

One just cannot simply go for a root canal treatment. They are certain limitations and conditions which demand root canal treatment on an urgent basis such as: 

  • Infection within a tooth.
  • A history of trauma that has injured the pulp.
  • A that will be providing support to the bridge.
  • A very mildly mobile tooth.
  • A tooth that has failed to work with Dental Fillings.
  • Candidates who do not have good oral hygiene.

Signs and Symptoms of Root Canal Treatment:

If you have experienced or are experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms below then know that you validate yourself for a root canal treatment immediately. 

  • A chronic history of pain that has been occurring for a very long time.
  • Swelling that has regressed and progressed over time. 
  • First discharge.
  • A severe pain that becomes unbearable.
  • Pain that spreads to other areas such as the head and the neck.
  • Pain mostly arises during deep sleep.
  • Discomforting situation. 
  • Extra sensitivity to hot and cold.


Once you think of yourself as a candidate for this treatment, arrange a meeting with our dentist. The dentists at Dynamic carry out Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah after a detailed diagnosis. This lets them detect the depth of the infected tooth. They conduct X-rays to determine if there is any infection present in the surrounding bone. Plus, they ask different questions regarding your teeth condition and the problems you face on a daily basis.

Based on such information they decide on a suitable technique to treat your tooth.


It requires a great deal of knowledge and skills in order to perform correct Root Canal Therapy.  Since the steps are very complex and technical we have a team of Specialist endodontists that strive to perform the best root canal treatment so that our candidates can go home pain-free.

Here is a closer look at the treatment step-by-step:

Tooth Examination:

The dental consultant will first examine your oral cavity. The main goal is to treat the infected tooth but the examination of the entire oral cavity is a prerequisite. 

The dentist will ask questions related to when and how you experienced the pain along with the nature and severity.

Radiographic Investigations:

A dental microscope will be used to visualize the cavity however, the intra-oral structures and the extent of the infection can only be visualized by taking a radiograph. A well was dentist can identify the location of the infection and its extent of spread. 

Pre-Operative Working Length:

The working length refers to the measurement of the canal that is required to be maintained throughout the treatment while cleaning and shaping. Exceeding the working length can lead to perforations and opening below the canal. 

Access Cavity Preparation:

This is one of the most important parts of a root canal procedure. In order to enter into the canals the dentist first needs access into the cavity full stop the access cavity preparation is done by a high-speed shanty that is also known as a dental drill. It removes the infected pulp that is present within the crown portion. 

Removal of Infected Nerve and Pulp:

The core foundation of the treatment depends upon the removal of the pulp. The pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for the perception of pain. 

Cleaning And Shaping of the Canal:

The dentist has completely excavated the pulp from the roots also then the canal is irrigated, filled and shaped. It is not as easy as it sounds and this entire procedure takes about 30- 45 minutes. It needs to be done very precisely and gently because there are chances of ledgers and perforations. The dentist needs to maintain the thickness and the flaring of the canal during this procedure. Any error occurring during this phase can end in the failure of the entire treatment therefore it is better to choose your dentist wisely. 

Our clinic is well saturated with root canal specialists that are very skillful in performing complex treatments like this. 

Filling the Canal:

After the completion of the cleaning and shipping of the canal, it is now time for the canal to be filled. The patient is not filled with the canal on the same day he had his giving and shipping done but most probably on the next visit.

The filling of the canal is known as obturation. On the day of obturation, the patient is expected to be pain-free and the infection has been resolved. The canal is obturated with a Canal filling material called Gutta Percha. Prior to the filling of the canals a Canal sealing material is also placed along with an intracanal medicament for the healing and dissolution of the infection. 

Core Build-Up:

 In the next visit the dentist will fill up your cavity with a filling material, mostly composite material is used. It is a tooth-colored filling material and has excellent aesthetics along with good durability and strength. 

Crown Preparation and Placement:

One of the biggest mistakes patients make is that once their core build-up is completed they normally do not go for a crown placement. Little do they know that not getting a crown placed can put them into trouble and can cause their treatment to go into relapse. The entire efforts of the dentist go in vain therefore we highly recommend that dental crowns are mandatory after root canal treatment. 

The crown is prepared by cutting the edges of the tooth. Validation of the dimensions and measurements. It is then sent to the lab for crown manufacturing.

Bite and Occlusion Check:

After the crown placement, it is very important for the dentist to check the bite and occlusion. The patient is told to bring the teeth and approximation and will be asked whether he or she is able to chew easily or not. Any high spots felt will be smoothened and cleared. 

Cost of Root Canal Treatment Dubai:

The Root Canal Treatment Cost in Dubai roughly starts from AED 2,000 to AED 5,000. The cost may vary according to the tooth position and levels of severity. Besides, it also depends upon the type of RCT if it’s single sitting or regularly based.

For an ideal cost estimate for your tooth condition, meet our dental experts.


Right after the treatment, pay close attention to your mouth. While it’s obvious that you should not chew or bite anything from the treated tooth until it’s properly healed. Plan meals carefully for the initial days. Soups, smoothies, and soft foods might be the best meanwhile you are recovering from the root canal.

Focus on hygienic oral health. Ensure to take all the prescribed medications timely and don’t forget the post-visits as well. Although the recovery time for a root canal is 7 days however you can pass this even more quickly with proper guidance from dentists.

In case you experience any sort of severe pain or any complication, reach us immediately.

The Takeaway:

Internal teeth cleaning needs RCT just as external cleaning routinely needs mouthwashes and various toothpaste. As stated above root canals can save tooth extraction. But in some severe cases, there is a chance of pulling out a problematic tooth and replacing it with an artificial one.

So far our specialists endodontic perform a root canal intending to save the tooth- You can trust our Dynamic Dental Clinic to get your procedure done.

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