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A perfect set of teeth is not just having them whitened every often. Rather it is about having them properly aligned with the proper spacing and regularity. You must have been aware by now that dental braces are the perfect solution to straighten your teeth and alignments that one encounters,  but little do you know that the treatment is very lengthy and painful as well. On average orthodontic treatments for the correction of alignment ranges from two to five years. This is a complete counterpart in the case of Aligners in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.  This  article addresses everything about teeth aligners you should know before choosing it as your treatment of choice. 

What are Teeth Aligners? 

Teeth aligners are invisible acrylic-made mouth guards whose main purpose is to perfectly align the teeth. You need to wear them for the whole day and night, and can be removed while sleeping or eating. Their mode of action is similar to the regular orthodontic braces however the only difference is in their appearance.

Types of Teeth Aligners:

According to orthodontic studies these aligners do not have any subtypes and only a single type of teeth aligner is widely available which are the Invisalign Aligners in Dubai.

Benefits of Invisible Teeth Aligners:

Before you go for teeth aligners as your treatment of choice, have a closer look on the benefits so that you are well convinced. 

The  benefits mentioned below are all summarized after getting them noted by a sound Orthodontist from our clinic. 

Naturally looking:

The normal, regular conventional orthodontic braces consist of metallic brackets and wires.  as the metal itself can corrode and rust just imagine how it would look when you smile with it on.

Keeping this property of corrosion in mind the production of the teeth aligners came into being. They are closely related to the natural appearance of the teeth. All you need to do is just put it on and smile widely. 

Pain Free:

Unlike the conventional metallic braces or clear aligners for Invisalign are completely pain free. a little to moderate level of pain will be felt in the first few days but as you get used to it the pain will seize and so will be the discomfort. 

Hassle Free:

In contrast to the conventional metallic braces, aligners do not require to be tightened or loosened. You just have to remove it while eating and sleeping. It is easy to carry however you should keep it safely because it is made on the exact impression of your oral cavity before the treatment. 

Has No Complex Dental Amendments:

Stainless steel wires often need trimming or modification. This is because of the changes occurring in the teeth movement. 

On the other hand if any of your bracket breaks off you have to go all the way back to the dentist and every bonding the bracket is another elongated story.

 As  for the case of teeth aligners they do not require any changes or amendments as such.

Does Not Require Multiple Visits:

Your orthodontist must have recommended you to pay a visit every week in order to straighten and tighten your metallic braces first. It seems to be very hectic for the patient and so to limit such visits the advent of Teeth Aligners in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a better option. 


Every dental treatment is expensive because of the materials used and of course the skills of the surgeon. However in the case of teeth aligners they are not very expensive unlike metallic braces or orthodontic surgery. 

How is the Procedure for Teeth Aligners Performed? 

  • Initial history taking and examination by the dentist.
  • Investigation through x-rays to analyze the roots of the teeth, jaw and the bone .
  • Treatment planning.
  • Initial impression to record the dimensions and size of the jaw.
  • Fabrication of the teeth aligners using clear acrylic dental lab.
  • Placement of the aligners.

The Cost:

If you want to know the Cost of Aligners in Dubai, then visit our clinic to have a scheduled consultation with the dentist. They will guide you about the payment based on your treatment planning.

Final Verdict!

If you want to get the best service for Aligners in Dubai, Abu dhabi & Sharjah then book your appointment right now and avail a free consultation by our senior dentist.