Best Miradry Treatment for Excessive Sweating Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

No more Stinky Armpits! Of all the treatments that treat Excessive Underarm Sweating, Miradry is the longest lasting – up to six to eight years.

Humans have two to four million sweat glands in the body and the armpits only have one to two percent of those glands.

Is sweating good for me? Yes, definitely, but excessive sweating can pose a range of problems. Seek instant attention if the sweating affects your daily routine. To be specific, when you sweat too much that it even soaks through your hands and clothes, you should be concerned about it. It can be a sign of serious medical issues. Visit the physical therapist or a dermatologist to rule out medical conditions and schedule a treatment plan.

Miradry Treatment for Hyperhidrosis:

Unidrorm, founded over a decade ago, is a leading cosmetic dermatology practice. The company is widely credited with developing the best excessive sweating treatment – Miradry Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that offers a safe and long-lasting solution to hyperhidrosis.

In this article, we discuss everything about this incredible treatment. We also explore diagnosis, pre-op, and aftercare. Keep reading!

Fast Facts:

  • A non-surgical hyperhidrosis treatment which uses energy to reduce or eliminate excess sweat.
  • Most professionals use microwave energy based handheld devices
  • The energy heats and destroys the glands, resulting in a notable sweat reduction

Who is the Candidate?

Patients should see a doctor for sweating that is:

  • Excessive
  • Not improving
  • Causing skin infection


While everyone is different, most patients appreciate the results only after two Miradry treatments in UAE. However, for sweating that is too severe, up to four sessions may be needed. Dynamic clinic’s dermatologists will work with you to create a treatment plan to help you fulfill your goals.

best miradry-treatment in dubai  miradry-treatment in dubai  miradry-treatment in Abu Dhabi          

miradry-treatment Clinic in Dubai  Best miradry-treatment Clinic in Dubai  Best miradry-treatment in Abu Dhabi


Although antiperspirants can help, they usually have long-term side effects and leave marks on the clothing. Consider getting Miradry treatment: it can address underarm sweat safely and with no complications.

  • One miradry session usually lasts about 60 to 90 minutes
  • Local anesthesia is administered to the armpits before the procedure to avoid discomfort
  • There are no surgical cuts, or incisions required
  • Controlled energy is used on the armpit to destroy the sweat glands

Note: Patients enjoy an average sweat reduction of 70-80 percent after one miradry session. However, the results may vary depending on your condition. 


Thankfully, there is little to no downtime after Miradry treatment. Patients are allowed to resume casual day-to-day tasks immediately after. However, minor swelling may appear in your armpits but it will subside within a few hours.

Pros and Cons:


  • Provides a relatively safer solution to excess sweat
  • Offers lasting, drastic results
  • Requires only two sessions to give the desired results


  • Not suitable for minors
  • Cannot be used on other areas of the body

Cost of Miradry Treatment?

Depending on the severity of the sweating, Miradry Treatment in Dubai UAE may range between AED 1400 to AED 2400. Since this is considered an elective procedure, health insurance does not always cover it.

Why Choose us?

Patients choose Enfield Royal clinic for their surgical and non-surgical treatment for countless reasons. The most important ones are:

  • We usually perform treatments under mild sedation, so that your risks from procedures are impressively reduced
  • Most of our staff is available 24/7. They are caring, professional, and highly devoted to the exceptional care of patients
  • Our dermatologists, surgeons, and physicians have the top moral and ethical values. They will help you understand the complications, costs, and benefits of each option so that you are fully prepared to make the right decision.

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