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A Crown that can cover your Smile Beautifully!

Dental crowns are tooth covers. They give the tooth a naturally beautiful outlook by hiding all defects. Cracked, chipped, broken, discolored; whatever the concern, tooth cap will cover it. Know that these caps are made of various constituents—a dentist’s choice Zirconia. It is made of a special computerized system that assures excellent results. The capped tooth will function like your natural healthy tooth—with normal biting and chewing.

If you think your tooth needs Zirconia Crowns in Dubai , meet our dentists or read this guide first. It has entailed each important concept related to Zirconia Crowns. Continue ahead.

6 Reasons You Might need Zirconia Crown:

  1. Restoring broken or damaged tooth
  2. Preventing the falling of large filling
  3. Covering the root canal tooth
  4. Protecting the weak tooth
  5. Holding a dental bridge
  6. Concealing misshaped or discolored teeth


  • Solid, strong, and long-lasting
  • Don’t contain metal, so suitable for patients with metal allergies
  • Can handle the pressure of teeth grinding
  • Beautiful outlook of teeth

Techniques We Use:

There are two techniques for fixing Zirconia Crown in UAE. Either on the same day or perhaps with two visits. If your dentist has the upgrade technology and equipment to create the crown in the office then you can get your procedure done on the same day otherwise two visits are required.

One-day Procedure:

  • Dentists prepare the zirconia crowns in the office (as per your tooth shape and size).
  • Then, they cement those crowns into your mouth on the same day.
  • This intact process claims for less than one hour to complete.

Two-visit Procedure:

First Visit:

  • The dental team will take x-rays of your teeth and prepare them for the procedure.
  • Local anesthetic is given for a comfortable experience.
  • The dentist then takes an impression of your teeth and sends it to the lab to mold the producing new crown.
  • In the meantime, you will be issued a temporary crown to protect your tooth.

Second Visit:

  • Later a few weeks, you will be called back to the dentist to have your crown fitted.
  • Final fitting takes place by making minor adjustments if needed.

Note: Procedure might differ in your case. At times, the part of the outer tooth layer is detached for the best natural fitting of caps. Prefer to clear everything earlier with the dentist to evade post-surprises.


Later receiving the Zirconia Crowns in Dubai ,

  • Your mouth may be still numbed, so avoid chewing on lips.
  • Don’t chew hard or sticky foods until crowns settle in completely.
  • The new dental crown would be a little strange at first until the adjacent teeth are used to it.


Zirconia Crowns results are straightforward and instant. No temporaries, no waiting around. After the procedure, you are ready to roll.

Best Zirconia Crowns  Best Zirconia Crowns in Dubai  Best Zirconia Crowns Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Zirconia Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


There are very few common issues seen with a crown.

  • Initial pain
  • Allergic reaction
  • Loose chipped or falling off the crown

Note that, these problems are rare usually occurs when your dentist is untrained, or perhaps you aren’t a good fit for the procedure.


For single Zirconia Crown in Dubai, you are expected to pay somewhere betweenAED 2,500 to AED 3,500. The cost of zirconia crown is high owing to the technology used to create an exclusive crown. However, the prices of Zirconia crowns vary as per the skills of the dentist and level of dental problems.

Why Choose us?

Dynamic Dental clinic offers the upgrade version of zirconia. Since these crowns are a little hard to match with the rest of the teeth; we combine porcelain on the top layer of zirconia. This gives crowns a more natural look that certainly matches your adjacent teeth.

A crown fixed by our professional dentist will never leave you in any trouble. We make everything clear before treatment and even after that. You can ask us anything anytime.

Free Consultation:

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