Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai

Pediatric Dentistry – The Best Oral Care for Kids:

Pediatric dentistry is the dentistry branch that deals with the analysis of oral health in children from birth to teens. Our Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai & Abu Dhabi focuses on the aligned formation of tooth and jaw by guiding parent’s penetrative oral-care tips, and proper nutrition as well.

Even sometimes, our experts also advise a unique treatment plan based upon your child’s age, concerning the problem and other suitable aspects.

At Dynamic, We consider all the important aspects and then advise the best care for your child. Our pediatric team is trained in managing mouth damages, irregular jaw growth, and even complex problems like cleft lip. We ensure to make your child’s treatment more comfortable and contended.

We delight healthy smiles of our young patients.

Why Need Pediatric Dentistry?

Your Child needs Dental Care even from birth! 

Good and timely teeth handling is truly important for ideal oral health. Your child needs dental analysis from birth through the teen years. This certainly ensures the proper growth of teeth and jaw as well. But unfortunately, the majority is not aware of this concept. This is the reason that kids wear braces on their enjoyable days.

Around 60% of children go through teeth problems just because of a lack of oral health awareness in parents. Indeed every parent must get enough dental knowledge for their babies. Because without proper dental care, your child might go through lifetime pains and complications.

Don’t feel anxious about visiting a pediatric dentist. And don’t let even your child do so.

Results of Pediatric Treatment:

Early pediatric dentistry treatment in Dubai provides lifetime oral comfort for your kid. It builds the foundations of a healthy smile and saves your kid from lifetime-complications.

Parents shouldn’t expect instant results from this dentistry procedure. Just wait for a couple of months to achieve the best oral health deprived of any teeth and gum issues.

Best Pediatric Dentist Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Pediatric Dentist Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE Pediatric Dentist Clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

At what Age, my Child Should get a Pediatric Check-up?

Dentists usually recommend pediatric analysis at the age of six months. Because during this era, a baby’s first tooth comes out so a proper inspection can be made in this regard. Further, this examination is continued until the adult teeth get appeared.

This check-up session typically involves the complete examination of the child’s mouth. Our dentists also ask about the baby’s oral health from parents. Later than, the ideal advice is preferred accordingly.

How Pediatric Treatment is Performed?

Our Pediatric dentists perform various dental-techniques under any anesthesia as a short-day procedure. Plenty of procedures offered in this regard but not every technique is suitable for all children. So far every kid is different having diverse mouth problems so, the way of treating also differs. At first, guidance plans are advised within the first year of the baby’s life. If still, a problem occurs, our trained dentists proceed on to suitable treatment.

  • We make the dental-plan that is tailored to your kid’s needs.
  • Following are the most common Pediatric Dentistry Procedure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, done by us. Please check out.
  • Dental cleaning– This is the first most aspect considered by our experts. After initial x-ray requirements, a proper hygienic plan is implemented by following the child’s medical history.
  • Stainless steel crown– These crowns are typically used to restore the back teeth that are badly decayed. Further, it also lets the teeth hold fillings.
  • Cavities, fluoride– Fluoride prevents the teeth cavities and also discards the colored spots.
  • Tooth-colored fillings– It fills out the tooth hole with some ceramic or gold material. This also overcomes the problem of food stuck in teeth.
  • Extractions– When severe tooth decay needs to be treated, extractions are implemented.
  • Space maintainers– They hold the place for a permanent developing tooth. If the primary tooth is lost or extracted, these space maintainers are positioned accordingly.
  • Plump treatment– This therapy is intended to treat infected nerves. It is typically advised in severe tooth decays or any injury.
  • Sealants– These are thin, plastic coatings usually placed on the backside of teeth for preventing tooth decay.

Aftercare of Pediatric Dentistry Treatment:

At Dynamic, we teach the parents and children how to take care of teeth for good oral life.

Remember that only regular check-ups at monthly intervals ensure the correct development of the tooth. This certainly detects the minor tooth concerns and let the dentist offer solutions for them.

Parents Should take at Home for a New-born Baby?

As soon as your baby is born, clean the gums after each feeding with a soft cloth. Make this a part of your routine. This way, your little ones can adore lifetime hygienic oral habits.

Aside from early care, don’t forget to get the pediatric check-up after your baby’s first milk tooth. Go for the dental appointments often and let our experts analyze if your child is orally fit. For instance, if there is some problem, a suitable treatment is recommended by our trained dentists. This way your child’s early teeth problems are controlled and he/she can simply escape lifetime dental problems.

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Cost of Pediatric Dentistry Dubai:

The Average Cost of Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi fluctuates from AED 450 to AED 900, per dental check-up. Depending upon the nature of the problem and treatment plan, these rates might differ. For accurate cost assessment in your child’s case, please contact our dentists.

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